Ivory Talks Lesbian Angles, Life After WWE, Current Plans, Her WWE Run, & More
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    Show: Weekend Warriors of Wrestling (www.WrestlingEpicenter.com)
    Guest: "Ivory" Lisa Moretti
    Date: 2/6/06
    Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, Nick Lane, & Josh Diaz
    Recap By: TerraRising from the WrestlingEpicenter.com Forums

    It's been quite a few months since "Ivory" got released from the WWE. So, where is she at? In the studio with Nick Lane of the Weekend Warriors of Wrestling, of course!

    Nick and good friend JD had a chance to talk to "Ivory" Lisa Moretti in person... They gave her the microphone and let her go on a tear. And, it sounds like she had fun with the personable style of these two.

    Also on the show, Patrick Kelley and Nick Lane (the traditional hosts of the Weekend Warriors of Wrestling) get into a lovely discussion about the week in wrestling including the new WWE DVD releases and so much more. All of this plus a little chat about Duck Tales... Who could ask for anything more?

    To listen, visit http://www.WrestlingEpicenter.com.

    "Ivory" Lisa Moretti (Conducted by Nick Lane and Josh Diaz)

    Live, in studio at Palomar College, is former WWE women's champion,
    former WWE Diva, former Tough Enough Trainer, Miss Ivory, aka Lisa

    After a little college talk, they begin the "interview." As they ask
    the typical "How did you get into the wrestling business?" Ivory,
    playfully, threatens to beat the the two questioners up! Then, she
    goes into a little rant about "top radio show hosts don't ask the
    stupid questions everybody else asks!"

    Next Topic: Around the time of "Right To Censor," Ivory said the
    Women's title was a joke cause it was "defended in slop matches."
    Lisa confesses it was a total shoot, but wrestling in gravy was fun!

    The conversation then takes a turn to how "wrestling" is no longer
    considered "entertaining." They then to into a discussion about how
    the WWE know what they're doing by pissing off the "fans" who bitch
    online. They discuss the Edge/Lita "live sex" segment and go way off
    track with Lisa saying "I thought you were going to say 'Flair and
    Cena had sex." A few Cena-like whoops from Lisa later, and the topic
    goes back to that RAW being one of the highest rated shows for a

    The conversation segues to the XFL, including Lisa's bit as a
    cheerleader in the USFL, before going into when she started in WWE.
    It was the Sable era, where the women were blondes with big boobs.
    So, instead of looking like that, "Ivory" and "Black Jackie"
    (Jaqueline), would actually wrestle ("She'd hand my ASS to me"), but
    the crowd would still say "show us your puppies!" Jaqueline, Lisa
    recalls, simply said "We have to go out there and change their minds."

    The next topic is how Lisa and Nicole Bass were supposed to start a
    lesbian storyline (and how Trish and Mickie were supposed to start one
    of their own). They then go into how Nicole's husband was weird and
    laugh. The conversation then goes into how, when given the proposed
    angle, Lisa said "I have no problem playing a lesbo, but I would
    probably pick someone cuter."

    Torrie Wilson's name is brought up and Ivory goes into how Torrie got
    yoga and came back from an injury with the "hottest body in the locker

    "WWE Experience" and why Ivory was made a "personality" instead of a
    "wrestler" is the next subject. Lisa says "I think my ass was saved
    for another year." She then goes into how, in Stamford, Conn. there's
    the WWE offices and their studios a few blocks away. Lisa then shoots
    on "The thinkers of the shows" not being "the thinkers who create the

    The "WWE Holocaust," where lots of wrestlers were released, is next.
    The women who were released were eventually replaced by girls from the
    "Diva Search." They go into how Ashley Massaro might become another
    Trish Stratus and how Christy Hemme was released and why she "should
    go into movies or TV."

    What's Lisa doing at the moment? She's got many things going on, none
    of which makes sense. She says she's "very handy with power tools,"
    then chides the hosts with "and don't get excited about that, little
    perverts!" She then puts over her college education and how she's had
    adventures with the WWE, including playing with lion cubs in Africa.

    Lisa says that when she was canned, she was telling everybody that it
    was "the most exciting day of my life!" She also says that being part
    of the WWE family "Sometimes you feel like you're getting dumber
    because, quite frankly, you're hanging out with a bunch of wrestlers!"

    The final word from Lisa is "Get your education!"

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