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The 3G auction in India has raised a whopping $11 billion by selling licenses to some of the country’s major telecom carriers. But I think the big winners of India’s 3G buildout are going to be Apple, RIM and Google. Read More »

Asking potential customers to buy a mobile app instead of a free one is a huge mistake, said investors on a panel at Google I/O about the freemium business model, where companies give their product away for free and charge for premium features and services. Read More »

Last week, I explored the birth of the “superfan” in social media, drawing from the superfan concept at sporting events. This week, I’m going to discuss how to harness the passion of the superfan and convert them into an ambassador for your brand. Read More »

Google’s developer conference today in San Francisco is offering a range of announcement across the company’s products. Here’s your quick guide to the news, which we’ll be updating Wednesday and Thursday. The freshest news is at the top. Read More »

Google has tweaked its App Engine platform as a service to make it palatable for business customers. Today at its developer conference Google launched App Engine for Business, but Google still has a ways to go before it can offer a truly competitive platform. Read More »

Talking and texting on cell phones while driving might be banned in many states, but will it some day be the norm to use social networks and communication applications on screens embedded in vehicles? Some new apps offer a glimpse into the future. Read More »

A group of companies have formed an alliance aimed at removing all the annoyances around unified communications, dubbed the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum. Notably, the group is made up of Cisco competitors, and does not include the maker of unified communications hardware. Read More »

Blip.tv has raised a $10.1 million round of financing aimed at rapidly growing its business for the distribution and monetization of web video shows. The funding round, which is the company’s third, was led by Canaan Partners and included existing investors Bain Capital Ventures. Read More »

Amazon will offer a lower-priced, less reliable storage tier of its popular Simple Storage Service for folks who don’t need the full redundancy of the traditional S3 service, the retailer said today. The service is another way Amazon is changing its pricing as cloud computing matures. Read More »

Silicon Valley companies are on a shopping spree and if you’re a startup, that is really good news. Today alone blogs were filled with news of five deals that together were worth over $1.4 billion. What’s going on and why it is good news for startups? Read More »

More Must Reads

Video: Togetherville Tries to Make a Safe Social Network for Kids

Launching its public beta today, Togetherville is tackling the tough job of creating a safe social network for kids by involving parents (without losing any of the fun). CEO Mandeep S. Dhillon explains how his company will do it in this video interview and demo. Read More »

HP, to Get Greener Data Centers, Thinks Brown

Give Hewlett-Packard 10,000 cows, and the computer company will give you the means to power a data center. HP today presented research from its HP Labs division showing how a data center that needs 1 megawatt of generation capacity can power its servers using cow poop. Read More »

Flash Co-creator: Apple Is Destroying the Open Web

Jonathan Gay is fed up with Steve Jobs calling Flash a closed platform while at the same time preventing cross-platform development for the iPad and iPhone. He also thinks Apple’s move to support H.264 web video via HTML5 is a danger to the open web. Read More »

AT&T’S Slow Road to Fast Broadband

AT&T wants to push its wireline networks to 80 Mbps downstream networks in a trial this summer and talked up its ability to extend fiber closer to the customer, but it isn’t sure its customers need or want the FCC-mandated 100 Mbps broadband by 2020. Read More »

What You Should Be Reading Today

Every weekend, I try to collate some of the best posts and articles I’ve read on the web and share them with all of you, but for the past few weeks I’ve been remiss in my duties. Here are some links that are worth reading. Read More »

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