Welcome to EISCO 2010!

We are pleased to welcome you to the 8th European Information Society Conference, EISCO!

EISCO conferences are a major European event bringing together politicians and experts from local and regional administrations to discuss on e-Government and Information Society strategies, evaluate achievements, exchange experience and learn from each other.

Since June 2005, the guiding theme of the conference is the implementation of the Digital Local Agenda (DLA), a strategic plan for good governance and local/regional development of the Information Society in European municipalities, cities and regions.

EISCO 2010 will assess the progress made by the DLA in Europe since 2005, and discuss, with the participation of the European Commission, the new challenges that public administrations must face in the future decade. The conference will also showcase different pilot implementations throughout Europe connected to the DLA and how effective they have been to modernise administrations and serve citizens using ICT-enabled solutions.

EISCO 2010 is organised by EUDEL (Association of Basque Municipalities) and the ELANET network supported by the CEMR, Council of European Municipalities and Regions. As the conference addresses all local and regional governments in Europe, other main European networks are invited to participate in the programme.