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Income & Wealth

A key indicator of economic performance is Gross Value Added, or GVA.  Basically, this measures the value of goods and services after taking away the cost of the raw materials and other inputs used to produce them, before taking into account taxes or subsidies. 
The Excel data GVA trends per head of population plus comparisons with other core cities.  We have also provided a text summary in Word format.
Also available here is information on wage levels in the city and on average household incomes.  The latter is available for our 100 Neighbourhoods.

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Summary information about GVA in Sheffield  (500 KB)
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Data on GVA per head of the working age population in Sheffield  (159 KB)
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A summary of information about average wage levels in Sheffield  (77 KB)
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Average household incomes in 2006 for Sheffield and its Neighbourhoods  (205 KB)