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Report of Committee on Undergraduate Life -- May 3, 2001

Attachment A -- Staffing at Comparable Institutions

InstitutionProfessional StaffOther staffStudent StaffEnrollment
Amherst1 Director4 area co-ordinators53 resident counselors1700
Babson1 Dir of Campus Life/
1 Assoc Dir
2 resident directors371692
Bates2 Assistant Deans 50 junior advisors/
res. coordinators
Bowdoin1 Director3 Asst. Directors who
are recent graduates
39 resident assts1605
Bryn Mawr1 Director;
1 Asst Director
 35 hall advisors1886
Carleton1 Director2 asst dir [live in]54 resident assistants1858
Colby1 Dir/1 Asst Dir10 Faculty Residents45 resident assts1753
ConnecticutAssoc. Dean/Asst Direct. 21 housefellows1650
Emerson3 Assistant Deans4 residence directors [live in]32 resident advisors1207
Macelester1 Director/Assoc Dean1 Program Coordinator
3 Hall Directors
1 Operations Manager
35 student staff [appr]1774
Middlebury1 Asst Provost/1 System Co-ordinator5 'decentralized deans'
5 faculty associates
5 CRA's [recent grads]
60 student staff2176
Oberlin1 Assoc Dean/Director2-3 Asst Dir/5 area coordinators52 resident coordinators2024
Sarah Lawrence1 Director 3 grad assistants/24 ras1388
Smith1 Associate Dean1 housing coordinator/
several residence coordinators
[10 recent grads]
31 head residents/house coordinators
22 community advisors
Swarthmore1 Asst Dean/Dir of Residence Life 29 Housing Comm Members1370
Trinity1 Associate Director -
reports to Dir. of Campus Life
5 live in residential fellowsnot available2215
Vassar1 Director /1 Asst DirectorFaculty House Fellows [9]10 proctors
house presidents
student fellows
house interns
Wellesley1 Director/1 Asst Dir1 Staff Assoc./14 live-in resident directorsnot yet available2319
Wesleyan1 Director/1 Assoc Director3 Area Coordinatorshead resident/
resident advsiors/
house managers
Wheaton1 Dir , Student Life
1 Associate , 1 Assistant Director
4 Area Coordinators43 Student Mentors1443
WPI1 director;
2 assoc directors
6 student hall directors [students]35 student advisors1226

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