Eagles sign Boo Robinson to three-year deal

Defensive tackle agrees to terms Aaron Wilson

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The Philadephia Eagles have signed rookie defensive tackle Boo Robinson to a three-year contract, according to his agent, Albert Elias.

Robinson chose the Eagles over a competing offer from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Robinson considered leaving school after his junior year at Wake Forest when he was advised he would go in the third round, but stayed in school.

However, he was hampered by a back injury as a senior.

"I think the Eagles really found themselves a diamond in the rough," Elias told National Football Post. "He's doing great. He's back to his quickness and speed and we look for big things to happen for him."

Terms weren't disclosed, but it's believed that Robinson received minimum base salaries.

The 6-foot-1, 295-pounder runs the 40-yard dash in 5.0 seconds and bench pressed 225 pounds 33 times.

For his career, he recorded 145 tackles, 19 1/2 for losses and 12 1/2 sacks.

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May 17, 2010
10:28 PM

He was a good pick up if he can stay healthy. He has his work ahead of him to make the team, but he has the skills. He is also more of a run stuffing DT than a Pass rushing situational DT. Welcome to the Eagles Boo.

Mike in MD
May 17, 2010
11:50 PM

Daaaamn....I remember when I was checking on Robinson he was listed at just over 325 lbs. I was shopping for 3-4 NT's. He dropped to 295??

Sounds like he definitely could be a diamond in the rough. Since paying closer attention to the Draft the last couple years one thing I've concluded is I'd have someone keeping a close eye each year on once premier prospects having untimely injuries the year they plan to come out & still stay with it or are Seniors who have no choice despite having an injury. Those are high possible strong "diamonds in the rough" you can try to steal at the later rounds.

There was a player from Syracuse that fell into that category who was previously rated as arguably the top 3-4 DE who I plan to keep an eye on in the next couple years. I was wondering what ever happened to Boo Robinson. Man I totally forgot about the guy after getting so wrapped up on what my team (the Niners) were doing to improve our team. Good luck to you Boo.... hope you get back on your feet 110% & get your career back on track my man.

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