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 1950 Arsenal
 1951 Newcastle Utd.
 1952 Newcastle Utd
 1953 Blackpool
 1954 W.B.A.
 1955 Newcastle Utd
 1956 Manchester City
 1957 Aston Villa
 1958 Bolton Wanderers
 1959 Nott'gham Forest

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Wembley - Saturday 7th May


Newcastle United 3 Manchester City 1


Newcastle United

(Milburn, Mitchell, Hannah)

Simpson, Cowell, Batty, Scoular, Stokoe, Casey, White, Milburn, Keeble, Hannah, Mitchell

Manchester City


Trautman, Meadows, Little, Barnes, Ewing, Paul, Spurdle, Hayes, Revie, Johnstone, Fagan

Referee: R Leafe

Attendance: 100,000


Newcastle had the same dressing room as when they met Arsenal in 1952, plus the knowledge and confidence gained in two recent Final victories. There was another coincidence ‑ City lost right back Meadows as the result of a twisted knee, in a way almost exactly paralleled in 1952 when Arsenal lost Barnes following his attempt to stop the very same player, Mitchell, in the very same corner of the field. 

Milburn scored for Newcastle with a header from White's corner kick within a minute of the start. With City's 'Revie plan' operating so precisely and effectively, City played some great football in the twenty minutes after Meadows' untimely departure, and Johnstone even levelled the scores in the last minute of the half with a diving header.


Newcastle's counter move to City's plan had been for the defence to move upfield very quickly immediately Revie, well behind his own forwards, got the ball. City forwards found themselves in offside positions before the pass was made.

Hannah (2nd from right) scores Newcastle 3rd

Trautmann stops Keeble



Meadows did not return, and it was not surprising that Newcastle, with the extra man, started the second half confidently. Within fifteen minutes they had scored twice. Mitchell cut in and shot from a narrow angle under Trautmann's dive, and then Mitchell's dazzle‑dance took him past two City players and allowed him to lay on a fairly simple chance for Hannah.






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Round By Round


NEWCASTLE UTD v York C 1‑1, 2‑0; MAN C v Sunderland 1 ‑0


Sixth Round

Huddersfield v NEWCASTLE UTD 1‑1, 0‑2; Notts Co v York C 0‑1 , Birmingham C v MAN C 0‑1; Sunderland v Wolves 2‑0


Fifth Round

 Nott'm Forest v NEWCASTLE UTD 1‑ 1, 2‑2, 1‑2, Liverpool v Huddersfield T 0‑2; York C v Spurs 3‑ 1; Notts Co v Chelsea 1 ‑0; Luton T v MAN C 0‑2; Birmingham C v Doncaster R 2‑1, Swansea T v Sunderland 2‑2, 0‑1, Wolves v Charlton Ath 4‑1


Fourth Round

NEWCASTLE UTD v Brentford 3‑2; Hartlepools Utd v Nott'm Forest 1‑1, 1‑2; Torquay Utd v Huddersfield T 0‑1; Everton v Liverpool 0‑4; Bishop Auckland v York C 1‑3, Spurs v Port Vale 4‑2; Sheff Wed v Notts Co 1 ‑1, 0‑ 1; Bristol R v Chelsea 1‑3, MAN C v Man Utd 2‑0, Rotherham Utd v Luton T 1‑5; Birmingham C v Bolton Wand 2‑1; Doncaster R v Aston Villa 0‑0, 2‑2,1‑1, 0‑0,3‑1; PNE v Sunderland 3‑3,0‑2, Swansea T v Stoke C 3‑1; Wolves v Arsenal 1 ‑0, WBA v CharIton Ath 2‑4


Third Round

Plymouth Arg v NEWCASTLE UTD 0‑1; Brentford v Bradford C 1‑1, 2‑2, 1 ‑0; Sheff Utd v Nott'm Forest 1‑3; Hartlepools Utd v Darlington 1‑1, 2‑2, 2‑0; Huddersfield T v Coventry C 3‑3, 2‑1; Leeds Utd v Torquay Utd 2‑2, 0‑4; Lincoln C v Liverpool 1 ‑1, 0‑1; Everton v Southend Utd 3‑1; Blackpool v York C 0‑2; Ipswich T v Bishop Auckland 2‑2, 0‑3; Gateshead v Spurs 0‑2; W. Ham v Port Vale 2‑2, 1‑3; Middlesbro v Notts Co 1‑4; Sheff Wed v Hastings Utd 2­1; Chelsea v Walsall 2‑0; Bristol R v Portsmouth 2‑1; Derby Co v MAN C 1‑3; Reading v Man Utd 1‑1, 1‑4; Luton T v Workington 5‑0; Rotherham Utd v Leicester C 1 ‑0; Hull C v Birmingham C 0‑2, Bolton Wand v Millwall 3‑1; Watford v Doncaster R 1‑2; Brighton & H Alb v Aston Villa 2‑2, 2‑4; Sunderland v Burnley 1 ‑0; Fulham v PNE 2‑3; Blackburn R v Swansea T 0‑2; Bury v Stoke C 1‑1, 1‑1, 3‑3, 2‑2, 2‑3; Grimsby T v Wolves 2‑5; Arsenal v Cardiff C 1 ‑0;Rochdale v Chariton Ath 1‑3; Bournemouth & Bos Ath v WBA 0‑1


FA  Cup Winners
11 Manchester Utd 
10 Arsenal
8 Tottenham Hotspur
7 Aston Villa
7 Liverpool
6 Blackburn Rovers
6 Newcastle United
5 Everton
5 The Wanderers
5 W. B .A
Bolton Wanderers
4 Manchester City
4 Sheffield United
4 Wolverhampton Wanderers
4 Chelsea
3 Sheffield Wednesday
3 West Ham United
2 Bury
2 Nottingham Forest
2 Old Etonians
2 Preston North End
2 Sunderland
2 Portsmouth
1 Barnsley
1 Blackburn Olympic
1 Blackpool
1 Bradford City
1 Burnley
1 Cardiff City
1 Charlton Athletic
1 Clapham Rovers
1 Coventry City
1 Derby County
1 Huddersfield Town
1 Ipswich Town
1 Leeds United
1 Notts County
1 Old Carthusians
1 Oxford University
1 Royal Engineers
1 Southampton