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May 20, 10 by sharky   2,112  views  

GazelleGames - you probably guessed - is a titillating all-platform games tracker based upon Gazelle RC2 sourcecode. Still in a late developmental stage, GazelleGames began coding about two months ago and is *almost* ready for its initial launch. Here’s what you need to join this incredibly stylist site.

Direct recruitment to is being offered through in this thread (you must be PU or up to access the link). Here’s the pitch:

New games tracker on the ’scene’. In late development, this is the first opportunity for new members to gain access.


We track games of all platforms, with an emphasis on making older games more accessible too.


Despite only 50 members, of which about 5 are active, we’ve managed to accrue nearly 1000 posts in the last 2 months we’ve been developing.


We’d love to get some new members from somewhere we know you’ll be interested in making a contribution, as we take on board any ideas you’ve got to help improve it.

There’s no telling how long this will last, but potential members can get a sneak preview of the tracker in action. (This account has limited access to only certain areas of the site)

Additionally, GGn has an IRC #invites channel:

A snippet of the torrent browse page:

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  1. 01   •   Black3d Says:

    nice “stealthed” page and login, but hosted by OVH? no, thanks!

  2. 02   •   Steve Says:

    Its an aright tracker right now i got an invite from TPS a while ago and i think i will become something good. The Staff is nice and helpful. And the site looks great. I want to see what this tracker will become in the next few months

  3. 03   •   xFyrios Says:

    BLACK3D, no worries. It won’t be hosted by OVH for very long. The servers will be changing.

  4. 04   •   Daedy Says:

    Alright colonel WHOIS/BLACK3D!

    Wasn’t expecting an article to go up so soon after starting promoting. Yet to move the site onto better hosting, the Kimsufi server is for initial seedboxing and the development.

  5. 05   •   YO! Says:

    After initial impression the site looks amazing — for now the tester login stills works. Gazelle FTW!! Any hype for an open registration coming up? Not soo sure if I wanna hit up the invite chan just yet.

  6. 06   •   sharpie Says:

    I browsed around with the tester account and it actually looks really good (and I’m a new tracker skeptic by nature). The style sheet is particularly well laid out and the site speed was good as well. Of course there is currently not many torrents, but if the staff are not douche nozzles and can build a good community, these guys could be the first legitimate challenge to BCG I’ve seen.

  7. 07   •   Random Says:

    Im not joining until there’s open signups or invites available :)

  8. 08   •   Random Says:

    Edit: nvm, invites on TPS.

  9. 09   •   cpx Says:

    The only good thing about them yet is only stylesheet. I doubt this tracker will compete with bitGAMER and BCG, and what about new games any Scene site will beat them unless they have fast upload bot…

  10. 010   •   heu Says:
    Hey LIW blog has some invites to this tracker

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