May 20 2010 08:14 AM ET

Breaking: The CW's new fall schedule

cw-fall-lineupImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The CW; Brian Bowen Smith/The CW; Frank Ockenfels/The CWThe CW just unveiled its brand new 2010-11 schedule, and here’s what you need to know now: 90210 is shifting to Monday (paired with Gossip Girl), One Tree Hill is moving to Tuesday (paired with Life Unexpected), Supernatural is relocating to Friday (reunited with former time-slot companion Smallville), and new action-drama-reboot Nikita has nabbed the plum post-Vampire Diaries slot on Thursday. The complete M-F schedule is below.

8:00-9:00 PM  90210 (New Night)
9:00-10:00 PM GOSSIP GIRL

8:00-9:00 PM  ONE TREE HILL (New Night)
9:00-10:00 PM LIFE UNEXPECTED (New Night)

9:00-10:00 PM HELLCATS (New Series)
Watch a clip!

9:00-10:00 PM NIKITA (New Series)
Watch a clip!

8:00-9:00 PM  SMALLVILLE
9:00-10:00 PM SUPERNATURAL (New Night)

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  • Matt

    expected that

    • Brian

      I was expecting to see info about Nomads and ‘Betwixt/Changelings’ but nothing??

  • Alec

    Exactly what I hoped the schedule would look like but would rather see OTH at 9/8c…. :\

    • Tiffany


  • Julie

    Wow… this is really really sad… Supernatural on Fridays at 9pm?! Yeah I’m guessing they REALLY wanna end the show with this season…

    • Jason

      You’re absolutely wrong about that. There are five nights in a week, 10 total timeslots. Would you rather see a weak encore on Fridays? The CW has a lot of faith in both Smallville AND Supernatural. What’s so wrong about wanting to make a fifth night of programming relevant, profitable, interesting and, frankly: AWESOME!?!!

      Stop looking at every programming move as negative. The network fully supports these shows, and trusts that they can deliver on a very tough night. Not every show can survive and thrive on Friday, but these two—with loyal fanbases—have the best shot of any shows on The CW. Kudos!

      • J29

        well i can see julie being worried… usally with channels when they move to fridays its the kiss of death and a show gets one season and is gone well least with fox n few other major channels is idk about cw.

      • Mariah

        Jason, thank you. My god. SOMETHING has to be on Friday night and pairing Smallville and SPN back together is a great move. Obviously being on Friday night didn’t kill Smallville. This whole mentality of a network actually trying to kill a show is just mindboggling. If they wanted a show dead they would CANCEL it. There’s nothing and nobody preventing them from doing so. Especially SPN which just aired a finale that could easily have been series instead of season.

      • Andrew

        smallville survived really well this season no reason SN can’t

      • Wilson

        Ugh…I still don’t like it.

      • AJ

        Jason – I couldn’t have said it better. People b*tch and moan about EVERYTHING instead of being happy that their show is still on TV. If not for Friday @ 9, maybe Supernatural would have been canceled!

      • donkottz

        Smallville barely survived. Their numbers were hovering around a little over 2 million. I think the only reason it got picked up was due to dvr watching and downloading numbers were great. They should have given Smallville the respect of a final season on Thursday since it’s the only show that has survived the damn network.

      • Bob

        donkottz, you’re ill-informed and factually incorrect. Smallville did NOT “barely survive”. The show did very well for a Friday night. There were many times during the season where the network openly bragged about the numbers, even before DVR.

        But the fact that you say “the only reason it got picked up was due to DVR watching” means you don’t know what you’re talking about. So you’re saying the show got picked up… because people watched it?

        DVR numbers matter. They matter more and more every season and they started mattering a LOT the past year or so. Times have changed and networks are starting to realize this. There are multiple ways to watch television.

      • AshleyBrooke

        Yeah, I’m a little worried about it being on Fridays, which is really quite annoying, But since I already watch Smallville on Friday, sitting there for an extra hour to watch Supernatural isn’t going to bother me too much.

      • Nise

        Hate to say this but Smallville got move to Friday night because of it’s poor performance on Thursdays. After it’s drop in ratings this past season with the Friday time slot, they’ve decided to end it after next year. Moving Supernatural to Fridays, at a much later time slot, is a network’s way of moving a show to the graveyard.

      • JBD

        Supernatural on Fridays is just plain rude. If they wanted to have the show rest in peace, they should have ended it at a fifth season (on a high note). Now it’s going to tank into cancellation.

      • JBD

        @AJ, Jason, and whoever else: Ending Supernatural on a great season is much better than watching it flounder and fail just to have another one. Personally, I was upset when Supernatural was renewed because I was afraid something like this would happen. So yeah, I wanted a great show to stay iconic. Sue me.

      • AJ

        @JBD – I understand what you’re saying. However, the CW did not renew SN to have it fail. CW doesn’t have a problem putting repeats on. They belive SN will bring in sufficient ratings on Fridays. That’s really all there is to it. SN is an expensive show to make. CW is not in the business of being a charity. They believe there’s enough life/story to continue the show. They’re showing support for the show; NOT wanting to see it flounder.

      • darrin

        niles – the CW did not decide this is the last season of Smallville – the show decided this because it was time and if you watched it all this time you know why. Smallville & Supernatural were a powerhouse team for the CW back on thursdays for 4 years and they should have never seperated them. this makes perfect sense because two quality shows back to back on fridays they will only help each other out on this very tough night

      • Nicole

        I have to agree. Fridays are where shows go to die–it’s like an unspoken industry fact. I LOVE Supernatural and really hate to see them moved to Friday, esp at the 9/8c spot. I though Vampire Diaries was a perfect match for the show. For all of you that think Friday is a good move, think about it…on most Friday nights, what are you doing…at home watching TV or out and about with friends/family/etc. I’d really hate to see SN go out like that.

    • Dave

      It’s the old X-Files slot, and with DVR’s people can still watch it. Thursday nights are so full of watchable shows, I’m actually glad it moved out of there.

    • Mark Ryan

      There’s two ways to look at it: One is that they would rather have a new show in that timeslot, and thus have a shot at a competitive audience ala The Vampire Diaries. Or two, they will expect less from Supernatural for it to survive.

    • Derek

      If they wanted to kill Supernatural they wouldn’t have picked it up for a sixth season. Kripke had it planned to end with the fifth season, but the CW, and fans, wanted it back. They had a get out of jail free card and gladly ripped it up.

    • kc

      It beats the death time slot they have now going up against all those hit shows

    • Mike

      This past season was the only season that Supernatural was not paired with Smallville. Those two shoes have proven to go well together, so putting it back next to Smallville, whatever night that is, is a good move

    • laurend

      unfortunately the CW knows that next season supernatural and smallville’s last season, so it’s not like it matters to them how well they do. i really liked supernaturall on thursdays! oh well…i hate dawn ostroff

  • Caroline W

    Thanks Ausiello! :) I literally have everything you have ever blogged on my bookmarks menu. Hellcats should be interesting…have you seen any clips from the series?

  • Styrch

    Supernatural on Friday? Really? I liked my lineup of Thursday hotness.

    • Erin

      I know, right? I liked spending Thurs with the Salvatores AND Winchesters :P

      • Grady

        I think it makes sense. Every day has its own theme.

        Monday: Slutty teen girl night.
        Tuesday: Sincere, overwrought drama night.
        Wednesday: Fierce n’ sassy night.
        Thursday: Slutty girly action night.
        Friday: Oh yea, guys exist night

      • cassi

        Me too *sigh*

    • tvgirl48

      I loved Thursdays on the CW. Vampire Diaries and Supernatural were the best pair, they were both horror type shows and they are both way better than people give them credit for. Keep quality programming together. @Grady, hilarious summation

  • Tiffiny

    It makes sense, but Boo to Supernatural on fridays.

  • Rion

    Supernatural on Fridays at 9? Yup, this is the last season.

    • Mariah

      You mean like last year when they moved Smallville to Friday and it was its last season? Oh. Wait. Except not. RME

  • Shannon

    OTH is back on Tuesdays where it originally started. We’ve now come full circle although I think it should be on at 9/8 instead. Not at all happy about Supernatural on Fridays.

    • Jason

      You’d rather have Supernatural’s tiny audience on Thursday, because it was competing with Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Fringe, and The Office? That’s really doing your favorite show a disservice. There’s much less competition on Friday, and a lot of people enjoy a good horror/mystery on that night…especially with Ghost Whisperer cancelled now. This is a a great lineup across the board.

      • BKWURM1

        A lot of people don’t stay home and watch TV on Friday. The second hour of the line up on Fridays is a real tough slot. Can’t even fit it in before taking off for the evening. Since CW did specifically bring Supernatural back, that seems like setting them up for failure. The show deserves more respect than that — but the move IS what I was expecting.

      • cassi

        It’s awesome if YOU like Supernatural on Fridays but stop dissing people who disagree with you. I loved my TVD/SPN night.

  • Tiffiny

    Maybe if Nikita sucks, they’ll move it back lol

  • Harrison

    Hang on, don’t LUX and OTH only have 12 episode orders? So if they both bomb, the CW is effectively screwed for Tuesday nights.

    Smart move, Dawn.

    • Jason

      The CW has NOT said that both shows have only 12 eps. If ratings are steady, they can easily add as many episodes as they want. Both bomb? You really don’t watch these shows, do ya, Harrison? But I guess you just have to find something negative to pile on Dawn with. Unreal. Try getting behind the network for a change. Sheesh.

      • AJ

        Damn Jason, it’s like we’re the same person! Everything I want to reply to, you already have and have said the same thing I would! It has been RUMORED that OTH and LUX would get 12 episode orders, but seeing they’re both premiering in the fall, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get full season orders, or at least 18 episodes. OTH has defied the odds for years. Critics hate it, yet it ranks HIGHER than Gossip Girl and 90210. I guarantee it’ll have higher ratings in its Tuesday @8 time period than 90210 did.

      • Kasey

        Last season, I am pretty sure they only renewed OTH for 12 episodes as well. OTH brings in more viewers than GG. I watch both, so I am not downing either show, I am just saying, I think they safely renew the show for the fall season and then add the episodes mid season once they see the show does what it needs to for the viewers!

  • Shawn

    What about replacements? Nothing for mid-season?

    • y

      I think LUx is only midseason, cause they have another show called “Nomads” if i recall correctly, which stars the actress that played Lindsay on OTH, so it makes sense it’s on that night. OTH is probably in for a full 22 episodes season

      • Kasey

        I think they gave LUX fans a chance to wrap the show up properly and give them 12 more episodes. I agree, OTH will most like get their 22 episode pick up for the year

  • Tiva4Life

    I wish the best for Hellcats.

  • Michelle

    This means I can watch Fringe live! But I’m going to miss the Salvatore/Winchester pairing. I’ll just have to live with a Winchester/Superhero pairing instead. :)

  • chloe

    What have they done to my Thursday nights? Smallville/Supernatural were fine where they were.

  • Happy FanGirl

    I am going to support Hellcats for my Tommy!

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