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The newest feature of Office isn't in the box--it's on the Web

Welcome to Microsoft Office Online, previously named Microsoft Office Tools on the Web. This redesigned network of sites is the online component of the new Microsoft Office System. Here you can find continually updated help, new downloads and clip art, and other resources to help you use Microsoft Office. Now, with the new Office Online, you get a lot more than just what comes in the box.

Help isn't just about "help" anymore

If you have Office 2003 installed and are connected to the Internet, you’ll be able to get all the latest and greatest content right as you work—without having to leave the program you’re using. Take a training course, download templates, or download clip art right into your documents by using one of the many helpful task panes.

Taskpane screenshot

Find brand new content and your old favorites

No matter what version of Office you're running, you can find the content you've come to expect from the Office Tools on the Web site. We've also added new content and features specifically for Office 2003 users.

Here's a sampling of the content you can find on Office Online:

  • 110,000 images, animations, photos and sounds on the Clip Art and Media site (previously Design Gallery Live), plus 30,000 new images for Office 2003 customers such as the ones shown here. (140,000 total)

    new clip art and media
  • Over 50 online training courses designed for Office 2003 customers
  • Over 100 listings from providers of services and solutions that enhance Office on the Office Marketplace site (previously Office eServices)
  • New downloads and critical updates to keep Office performing optimally and to help protect your PC
  • Nearly 3,000 templates, including around 900 new or improved for use with Office 2003

    new templates
  • Columns, quizzes, how-to articles, tips, and tricks for Office 2003 and previous versions, as well as dynamically updated help for Office 2003 programs
  • Links to all sorts of Office-related information from other Microsoft Web sites, organized by program so that the information is easier to find

Better every day

The best part of Office Online, however, isn't something you'll see on your's the people behind the site. Every day, teams of writers look at the comments you submit and how you rate content from help articles to training courses. Their jobs are to respond to your request, write content to answer your questions, and make your experience on the site better every day. As you continue to use Office Online, you’ll see more and better answers to your questions, better help topics, and more of the tools you need to help you get your job done, at home, in the office, or in the field.

So take a look around and see what Office Online has to offer. Check back often and tell your friends and colleagues. Let us know what we can do to make Office better for you. We’re listening.

Send us suggestions and feedback.

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