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Parents Television Council object to CBS' '$#*! My Dad Said'

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William-Shatner-Dad-SaidImage Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/CBSSix years after Janet Jackson exposed her bare nipple-clamped bosom on CBS’ broadcast of the Super Bowl, the network has once again attracted the ire of the Parents Television Council. This time, the PTC is taking aim at William Shatner’s $#*! My Dad Said, the Twitter-inspired sitcom CBS just picked up for its fall schedule.

 ”CBS intentionally chose to insert an expletive into the actual name of a show, and, despite its claim that the word will be bleeped, it is just CBS’ latest demonstration of its contempt for families and the public,” PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement.

The network, which reassured reporters before its upfront presentation in New York Wednesday that promos for Sh#* My Dad Says will use the word “bleep,” issued this statement in response to the PTC: “The program is inspired by the wildly popular Twitter phenomenon, which now has more than 1.5 million followers and also has spawned a best-selling book of the same name. It will in no way be indecent and will adhere to all CBS standards. Parents who choose to do so will find the show can easily be blocked using their V Chip.”

I’m not sure why the PTC hates the dollar sign, number symbol, asterisk, and exclamation point so much, so I’m going to assume the symbols stole its girlfriend in college or something. (And based on this picture, Shatner thinks the title’s a-okay.) What should $#*! My Dad Said be called instead? Crazy Things My Dad Said? Poo My Dad Said? Hey, Shatner’s In This, so Watch!?

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  • Dave

    What’s wrong with “Shat My Dad Says?”

    • The Vicster

      Proof of up-tight whities wearing tightie whities with no sense of humor

      • Christopher

        I’m sure that the title doesn’t bother many people, and one group shouting at CBS isn’t going to change anything, but I’m glad someone’s willing to say, what many people are thinking. It seems like the only people we ever hear from are those who aren’t bothered.

      • Dave

        No, “Shat,” like Shatner.

      • ted

        it’s not a family show so why do they have to be family friendly? its ridiculous the parents are the ones that should monitor their kids tv habits

      • in that case it should be “$#*! the shat said.”

    • Doctor Jesus Paddywhack

      CBS why do you hate families and the public so much? What did they ever do to you? This age old vendetta must end now, CBS. Your campaign of terror is only hurting the children. Please think of the children!

      • Jack

        You had me going there for a second

      • who cares

        yes please god someone think of the children!!! ughhh get a life. if you don’t want your kids exposed to it, turn off the tv, and take them outside and play catch instead. stop relying on the television to raise your children and it won’t be a problem.

      • Helen Lovejoy

        Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!!???

    • t.t

      can they say crap?
      crap my dad says

      • BlackIrish4094

        Agree, easy solution.

      • Amanda

        Crap works. Vote for Crap or just keep the bleep

    • justjack

      Dave FTW

    • donknottz

      Excrement My Dad Says
      a new show from the producers of Two Girls One Cup

      • Mike

        I nearly spit Coke on my monitor when I read this! LOL!!!

    • mark

      that little word is supposed to be offensive – not so – there are plenty of words much worse and who are they afraid of offending – kids? oh please, they know worse words that S%IT

    • who cares

      all this arguing over a show that will be terrible anyway and won’t see a second season.

  • Billiam

    “Stuff My Dad Says” would work. I don’t think the title is offensive, but I do think it’s stupid. It’s a title you can’t pronounce. They want you to call it “Bleep My Dad Says” which just sounds dumb.

    • dw

      yeah, this would work

      • emm305

        “stuff…” is definitely the way to go.

    • Allison M

      It’s based on a twitter feed called Sh*t My Dad Said. “Stuff” doesn’t have quite the same connotation

      • BlackIrish4094

        Yeah but twitter is for idiots so who cares, this is a tv show.

      • BlackIrish4094

        And it has exactly the same connotation in this context.

  • Cleve

    I never got how people were supposed to say the show’s title at the water cooler without saying S…? Are we supposed to just call it My Dad Said? I’m kinda with the coucil.

    • Steve

      You’re an idiot if you cannot figure out a way to talk about this TV show at work without using the word $#*!

      • brendan

        You are an idiot if you would figure out a way to!

      • Steve

        Unlike you, I wouldn’t be afraid to say the word! Because, guess what Einstein, it’s just a WORD!

        A minimum I.Q. should be required for posting…

      • BlackIrish4094

        Steve, you are an arrogant @sshole dude, ever occur to you some people may not want / need to curse. Every word is just a word but I bet you wouldn’t say the n word (assuming you are non-black) in a black neighborhood unless you wanted to get your @ss kicked. If a minimum IQ was required, your post would never have made it up brain surgeon.

      • Ugula

        Not everyone curses in every day life.

      • JustMyOpinion

        @BlackIrish4094 – for someone so against cursing you sure you feel free to use the word @ss a lot!

      • BlackIrish4094

        Not against cursing, just in titles of network TV shows.

    • Erin

      You’re an idiot for siding with that crazy council.
      I would really love to know how the tile of the show demonstrates “contempt for families and the public.”

      People swear on TV all the time. If you don’t like profanity, than don’t watch prime time TV.

      • Carl

        People do not swear on broadcast TV all the time.

      • Jessica

        See, Erin, the kind of apathy in your response is the reason so many people are bothered by the title. I am not offended by the word, but by the apparent willingness with which the media and so many of the public are willing to coarsen our culture to the point where it is nothing to shrug our shoulders and say, hey, people swear all the time, so what? Swearing matters. It isn’t the end of the world or the end of our culture or the end of anything, really, if someone swears on tv. But it is another way in which we allow ourselves to stop caring about how we treat each other, what we teach our children, and how low we are willing to stoop for a cheap laugh. It is just one more enthusiastic skip towards bringing Mike Judge’s vision of the future in Idiocracy to fruition. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out. It is the most prescient film of the last decade.

      • Steve

        Oh, Jessica. “Coursening” our culture? Tell it to Shakespeare and Joyce… they were accused of the same thing. They’re used to it.

      • ted

        Calling Idiocracy “the most prescient film of the last decade” has to be the craziest thing i ever heard. that movie was a joke. anything you said before that last sentence was negated by it.

      • ted

        technically you are aloud to say s**t on tv after 9pm. young impressionable kids shouldn’t be watching tv, at least not unattended, that late anyway, and jessica the word its self isnt indicative on how we “treat eachother” no is saying “what my piece of s**t dad say” the word is not used towards someone to demean them. believe people can treat echother very badly saying hurtful things WITHOUT using foul language. Also, it’s kinda hypocritical to be up in arms over the a word yet say nothing about all the violence on tv. Like its ok if my kid sees somone blow someone away with a big gun but dont you DARE say a bad word while you’re doing it….it’s ridiculous

      • Breckster82

        ted’s right on the money. why worry about a stupid bleeped out word when graphic violence is frequently portrayed on primetime? it’s not CBS’s job to raise the nation’s youth of tomorrow. i’m fine with PTC alerting parents of shows they don’t feel kids should be watching, but it’s the parents job to put into context things like this. hell, i doubt there are many “impressionable” kids watching CBS anyway. besides, “$#*!” is much less offensive than the $#*! they air on MTV.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Jessica you are 100% right. @ Steve you continue to show your own stupidity to even put Joyce and Shakespeare in the same thought as this dumb show.

      • alice

        Many words we use today were considered curse words in the past. If certain words lose there siginifance as “curse” words they simply become synonyms for other words. It is silly to say that if language and culture evolve over time that we have somehow stopped “caring” about eachother. Removing the stigma from a silly word that literally mean feces hurts no one.

  • Katie

    Crap My Dad Says?

    • amj

      I don’t have a problem with the current title but this one of the alternates is probably my favorite. I think the symbols are funny. If they are going to attack a show (as much as I love it) then it’s time to go after Two and a Half Men. The last few episodes really pushed the inappropriate lines. I still find it funny but if I had children of any age I probably wouldn’t want them to watch it.

      • Uncle Arthur

        Besides, isn’t the half man over 30 now or something? That $#*! show has been on forever.

    • tlo

      Why is “crap” acceptable, they’re the same thing. That’s what’s goofy about this, it’s just a word. I can type sex on here, but if I type the F word, it’s censored, but they’re the same thing. I wish the title of the show was “My dad says some really fu*ked up sh*t.” Of course, if they called it “My dad says some really sexed up crap”, that would be perfectly ok. Man, people can be really dumb sometimes.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Very word is just a word, I hate that defense. We still don’t say certain things in certain environments out of decency or fear, words have meanings you know they don’t exist in a vacuum.

      • tlo

        Yes, they do have meanings. The words you use in place of the supposedly bad ones mean the exact same thing! Unfortunatlely, most people don’t use their brains, they just accept some bs about “decency” and then use another word that describes exactly the same thing. I know you’re just parroting the stupid sh*t you’ve heard all your life, but it’s still stupid.

  • Ceballos

    Sh-t My Shat Says

    • johnny

      i second this one.

    • severine


      • candacetx

        I am all for “Shat my Dad Says”… think it’s hysterical. Now, will the show be equally as funny??? Ummmm, I seriously doubt it…

    • Jessica

      That is really, really funny. God I wish I had thought of that first.

    • i should have scrolled down before i said that above! very funny ceballos!

  • Ian

    I have contempt for the PTC.

    Have you seen the preview for the show? It won’t last long enough for you to worry about what to call it.

  • rj849

    I just love how the PTC words their complaints…”latest demonstration of its CONTEMPT for families and the public.” CBS’s hate for families is so large they cackled at the thought of sneaking those dastardly curse words into the minds of our innocent children.

    • Coyote

      Could you back this up with at least three examples?

  • Tab

    It’s nauseating the way people who decide to procreate want everyone else to become their babysitter. Nowhere in the constitution (or Bible for that matter) does it say “Ye must own a TV.”

    • amanda


    • Allison M

      SEX and the City, anyone? Not on basic cable, sure, but still talked about all the time.

      • BlackIrish4094

        sex is not a curse, sh** is. Don’t see your comparison.

      • myprettypony

        Sex isn’t a curse word, dumb@ass. PLUS it was on cable, not broadcast TV. Your comparison makes absolutely no sense.

    • Maggie

      In no place in the Bible don’t it say anything bad about the seven words you can’t say on TV. They are all secular curse words, just body stuff. Now taking the lords name in vain is a sin, but tha can go on TV. Is our culture odd or what?

    • BlackIrish4094

      You’re fairly nauseating yourself. Not everyone who is offended by the title is for religious or child raising purposes. Although I really hope you don’t procreate for the rest of our sakes.

  • Tim

    Isn’t “contempt for families” a little overdramatic? Yes, the title is blue and inappropriate for TV but with kids’ access to the world-at-large via technology wouldn’t it be more effective to stop acting hysterical over something that most kids who surf the internet can see daily and shift the matter to discussing bad language and its place in society with the kids? If we just start teaching kids to understand that for the most part, swearing is simply a fallback for people who can’t think of a better way to express their feelings, it will take the allure out of it and kids will most likely swear less than if we create a big taboo around words. We need to worry less about the words kids say and more about the actions they do (or don’t) do.

    • wakeforce

      Sometime there is no better word to express it. I’m sure when you get really mad at your kids, some of you words aren’t so G-rated.
      But I agree that some people use profanity entirely too much.

      • BlackIrish4094

        If you do, you’re a pretty crappy parent, you shouldn’t be cursing at your kids on any kind of a regular basis.

      • PJ

        Apparently BlackIrish has nothing else better to do today than rag on people that don’t fall in-line with his own opinions. God Bless the USA!

      • BlackIrish4094

        @PJ, you know what bothers me dude, that people are so apathetic these days. Not the cursing just the fact that if people aren’t offended themselves they have no respect for other peoples concerns.

    • James S.

      I don’t think the title’s inappropriate for TV at all. You mean it’s inappropriate for YOU.

      • Blake

        Completely agree with you.

    • amj

      Yes, definitely over dramatic.

  • Danny uff

    How about:

    S@it My Dad Says.

    • Coyote

      Sh@t My Dad Says

  • Maddi

    Don’t they have anything else to complain about? This show’s gonna be canceled in five episodes anyway.

    • Breckster82

      oh, so you’ve seen an advanced copy of the pilot? maybe you should enlighten us all as to what you saw in that pilot that leads you to believe it will be canceled in 5 episodes. after all, it would be silly to make that kind of statement without having even seen the show, right?

  • Garry

    I can’t believe there are still people walking around like those on the Puritan Television Council, who actually take the time to be offended by these ridiculous things, and then issue press releases to announce how offended they are. I’m offended by a dozen things I see and hear every day, but I shrug it off and get on with my life–otherwise I’d be spending every day organizing protests and boycotts.

    And since when are kids traumatized by hearing a curse word? When I was a kid, I was surprised that my PARENTS knew them.

    And to say that CBS (or any network) has “contempt for families and the public” just goes to show how idiotic the Council is.

    • greg

      Er, when I was growing up, newspaper comic strips routinely used the “#@%!” to indicate cursing without actually offending anyone. Did “Beetle Baily” or “Blondie” or “The Katzenjammer Kids” display contempt for families?

      This is no big deal. The PTC need to lighten up–or maybe just go away.

      • Garry

        I vote for “just go away.”

    • DavidJ

      Well said. These people need to stop living in the freakin 1950s. Their kids are not going to be ruined forever just because they hear a bad word on TV.

      Besides, nowadays the S-word is about as harmless as saying “gosh” or “dangit”.

      • Garry

        Unfortunately, there are still plenty of words that can’t be said on network TV here, thanks to the prudes at the FCC, but British TV is so much more easygoing about it.
        Curse words that would never be heard on prime time network shows here are said on sitcoms there, and the audiences laugh–no bolts of lightning strike the studio, no riots break out in the streets. It’s a whole different world.

    • BlackIrish4094

      This type of attitude is why the world is in the crapper right now. It is a big deal dude, whatever happened to speaking with class. Curse on cable, curse in real life but a network sitcom should not have one in it’s title IMO. Decency is not puritanical.

      • Patti

        Uh, there’s no such thing as class. Look up the definition. No one falls under it so don’t use the word.

        This world is in the crapper not because of the language people use.

        If I choose to talk a way you don’t appreciate it’s all good for you to not appreciate it. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect you or the next person any less.

        If you feel it’s offending your child, or is hurting them, it’s time to sit down and tell them that they are not to use those words, that they are grown up words and offer them a more age appropriate alternative word to use. That’s proper parenting. My sister does that with her child, because no matter what, if you take your child outside, then they’re going to hear inappropriate language. As a parent you are responsible for teaching your child how to be appropriate, not the TV or sporting figures or stars. Only you as a parent are responsible for your child. Stop dumping it off on other people.

        And you is a generalize term right now. I’m not speaking to any one person specifically.

  • Randy G.

    Plenty of alternate titles out there for the taking:

    “What My Dad Says”
    “My Dad Says”
    “My Father, the Moron”
    “The William Shatner Show”
    “Get a Life”

    • Steve

      The problem being that NONE of them are funny and it’s really not a big deal.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Neither is the current title.

    • Jake

      I thought it would be “My Dad Says…” because “Father Knows Best” is already taken.

      “The Bill Shatner Show” is a good title, because if you say it three times fast, you’ll accidentally say $#!* anyway.

      And it’s gonna get cancelled. Watch

  • VJ

    I’m an adult and will talk about this show (if I watched it) with other adults. If these adults are offended by the title they can tell me so. It blows my mind when people with children expect everyone one else to adjust their lives for them. If you have a problem with the show don’t watch it, don’t allow your kids to watch it and don’t say that word around your kids. I owe you or the kids you decided to have nothing, and thus I will say and watch what I please.

  • rlrose

    Bottom line: You do NOT have the right to not be offended. If the PTC doesn’t like the title or the show, don’t watch it. That may mean the show won’t survive, but I’ve has so few of my favorite new shows survive the past 6 years or so, it’s nothing new to me. Those people just need to get a life. It’s a WORD and it only has the power you give to it. Gee willikers.

    • Platypus Man

      Preach on, rlrose! PREACH ON!!!

      • wakeforce

        Right on,sister!

    • Mike

      “It’s a WORD and only has the power that you give it…”
      That is why I can’t wait for the show’s midseason replacement “Me and my Ni***rs” – the lovely TV show about a teenage boy and his buddies with everything done as a rap. It is too bad that so many people will choose to be offended by the name thinking just a single word is offensive…
      just because someone doesn’t get offended by a WORD doesn’t mean that everyone else shouldn’t get offended…

    • BlackIrish4094

      Idiot, every word is “just a word” but they have meaning. WOuld you say the N word if you weren’t balck in Harlem, how about any jewish slurs in a predominantly Jewish area. This is the worst defense but you have at least two idiots to support you which is not surprising. The fact that people just don’t care about stuff in general anymore, such ennui.

      • The Vicster

        You need to get off your high horse BlackIrish…you had like 30 posts in 30 minutes…and you keep reiterating the same thing…how words have meaning and should be chosen carefully, meanwhile you call them idiots…no class…

      • m

        this really seems to have your panties in a bunch. the problem i have with your argument is that the “n word” – or any other slur – is meant to be belittleing. the word sh#! in this instance isnt disparaging anyone. not to say that some people still wouldnt find it offensive… but, in my opinion, if they asterisk the entire word out, i dont feel that it is hurting anyone. if you still find it offensive, then dont watch, and dont let your kids watch. i probably wont watch no matter what they call it.

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