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Parents group frowns on new CBS comedy [Updated]

May 20, 2010 | 10:31 am

The Parents Television Council is not laughing at the title of one of CBS' new comedies.

The advocacy group said Thursday that it denounced the network for inserting an expletive in the title of the new show, "$#*! My Dad Says." The series, which stars William Shatner, is scheduled to debut this fall.

"CBS intentionally chose to insert an expletive into the actual name of a show, and, despite its claim that the word will be bleeped, it is just CBS' latest demonstration of its contempt for families and the public," said PTC President Tim Winter. "There are an infinite number of alternatives that CBS could have chosen, but its desire to shock and offend is crystal clear in this decision."

Winter said the group would campaign against advertisers that purchase commercial time on the series and challenge the license of network affiliates who air the series before 10 p.m. or any promotion of the show before 10 p.m.

[Updated at 12:17 p.m: CBS said in a statement: "The program is inspired by the wildly popular Twitter phenomena, which now has more than 1.5 million followers, and also has spawned a bestselling book of the same name. It will in no way be indecent and will adhere to all CBS standards. Parents who chose to do so will find the show can be easily blocked using their VChip."]

-- Greg Braxton

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Comments (26)

Simmons! Right on...

Dear Tim Winter,

Get a hobby...seriously don't you have something better to worry about?




this is pathetic.

In the immortal words of Bill Shatner: Get a life, PTC!

You %$*#*@ PTC!!

The plan is working to perfection. After about 30 days, when everyone knows that Captain Kirk/Denny Craine/that Priceline guy is starring in a new show called "$#*! My Dad Says", thanks to the free publicity from these uptight ninnies, the name of the show will be changed to STUFF My Dad Says. By then, no one will be able to hear the name of the show without thinking $#*! instead of "Stuff". Pretty smart marketing if you ask me.

PTC you suck.

I was not going to watch this show, but now that they brought it to my attention I will watch it. Come on Timmy do something more productive


Yes, I'm sure kids have never heard this word. Riiiiiiiiiiight.




I'm a parent of two small children, and the PTC in no way reflects my views or opinions on broadcast programming. I'm not entirely sure who they represent.

"...the show can be easily blocked using their VChip."

Good answer! And good for the network for standing up and putting these people in their place...'their place' meaning in their own living rooms controlling their own television content. See, moralists? The technology is available to quash all those programs you deem offensive to the rest of us...namely the interesting, well-written ones. Now the PTC busybody volunteers don't have to spend entire days looking out for the rest of us. they must be so relieved to be able to go back to whatever awaits them outside the PTC.

I just became a parent and I hope I am adult enough to discuss adult issues with my son so he doesn't pick up the same stuff on the street.


So all you Bill Simmons cronies/yes-men see a tweet by His Royal Arrogance, you read the headline (and not the actual story), and you automatically assume Simmons is the one with the life? You know, flying all over the country to watch sports events on a pretty penny from ESPN and write bogus sports journal-entries so that he can live the dream sports-addict life?

Enter a group of citizens that want to, you know, stand for something. Instead of arguing about which 1960's Celtics team was the best or whether the 2004 Red Sox WS title was legit or if Belichick's 4th down decision was wise, get a life and stand for something. Get involved. The irony about Simmons tweet is, HE WOULDN'T ACTUALLY JOIN THE PTC BECAUSE HE'S COMPLETELY LAZY AND APATHETIC. In other words, because he doesn't have a life worth meaning.

Kurt, does the headline somehow give an inaccurate depiction of the article? Because unless there is a significant difference (and there doesn't appear to be), I fail to see how people reading only the headline would have anything to do with this.

Also, you accuse people of assuming too much because they are Simmons Yes-Men. I seems to me that you are guilty of making far more assumptions than the people you accuse. You assume that everyone who is reading this because of Simmons tweet will unconditionally agree with him. You assume to know the future actions of a man you have never met. You assume that anyone who stands for "something" is more important than someone whose stances you aren't aware of and never attempted to discover. You assume that the PTC is actually something worth standing for. And you assume that your unsubstantiated rant will convince anyone that you have a clue what you're talking about.



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