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The Albany Devils? Times Union Center receives letter of intent

The Business Review (Albany) - by Richard A. D'Errico

The Times Union Center has received a letter of intent from the New Jersey Devils to send its Lowell, Mass., affiliate to Albany, New York, said the Times Union Center’s general manager.

“The letter of intent refers to the fact that they are committed to coming here for a five-year period as long as the mutually acceptable contract is signed and there are some contingencies the county would have to make,” said Bob Belber, the center’s general manager.

Those contingencies include upgrades to the scoreboard, among other things.

Belber said attorneys for both the Times Union Center and Lowell Devils have contracts that need to be signed. He expects the deal to be finalized as early as next week.

“I think we’re pretty close to being set,” Belber said.

Under the deal, it appears the name River Rats will be replaced by Albany Devils. The Devils are an AHL affiliate of the New Jersey Devils pro hockey team.

Belber has been trying to bring a new minor league hockey team to Albany since early February, when local financier Walter Robb sold his Albany River Rats franchise to investors in Charlotte, N.C. The move, which would occur after this season, ends the River Rats’ 17-year run.

The River Rats season ended last night with a 5-4 overtime loss to the Hershey Bears. | 518-640-6807

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