1st Place, Large Market Television News Photography Station of the Year
“KARE-11 Station of the Year Entry”

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Jeff Wiltgen, KARE-11/Minneapolis, MN
KARE-11 News Video Team
Nate Anderson,
Bob Crippa,
Jeffrey Demars,
John Divall,
John Drilling,
Joe Fryer,
Monica Hanson,
Gary Knox,
Jonathan Malat,
George Marincel,
Bill Middeke,
Craig Norkus,
Matt Passolt,
Kyle Porter,

Judges' Comments

  • The Large Market Station of the Year had really well put together stories that were creative and showed a well-rounded group of photojournalists. I wasn't in love with either of the spot news stories, but both were indeed well done.

    I absolutely loved "Crash for Clunkers" - the great angles and use of multiple cameras really stood out to me. It was a hilarious story with great characters and was really well told.

    "Tough Old Dog" was a great story with another great character, and Home Field Advantage was absolutely amazing (see results of Team Entry category for addl. comments).

    "Perry the Pet" was a good story and was well shot, I certainly wish it had been entered in SVJ (if it met the requirements).

    "The Tyler Project" was a great way to end the tape - A beautiful story, rock solid shots, and a real impact with moments. I felt like the entire tape was showcasing a collectively strong team of journalists.

    The runner-up was a close second. They had a lot of great stories that were well told and very creative.

    Jake Carpenter
  • KARE’s entry was an effort by significant segment of the staff. The entry had several very high end and memorable stories.

    "Down She Goes" was a very well told general news story that contained memorable moments. "Crash for Clunkers" was fantastic. The only thing that was more memorable than the event itself is the way the photojournalist told it. They worked their tail off and it showed.

    "Home Field Advantage" was a display of great eyes. The composition on the visuals of this story was outstanding from start to finish. It was also loaded with memorable moments throughout. "The Tyler Project" was an intimately told story where the photojournalist did a great job of staying out of the way and letting the moments happen. They captured the story fully and displayed a great eye throughout.

    WBFF also had an entry that contained great moments. Their spot news entry, "C'Mon Son" was outstanding. It was very well shot and told.

    "A Special Piece of History" was extremely well shot. What an eye. It too was filled with great moments.

    "McNatra" made you laugh, but was also very well shot. Sometimes on stories like this it is easy to rely on the subjects to make the story and carry it. The photojournalist took a story that started out with a good subject and made it better by shooting it very well and capturing all of the moments.

    Dave Delozie
  • The KARE tape was the clear winner, not perfect but very good.

    “Crash for Clunkers” was great, no freaking great, no awesome…. Just watch it! The POV shots mixed with the reaction shots and sound made the story. “Tough Old Dog” could have been so bad, but the photog and reporter worked as a team to tell a story of a man stuck in the ice and his efforts to save himself. “The Tyler Project” was the great surprise of the tape. I usually hate sick kid stories but this one wasn’t about a sick kid. It was about the love strangers can have for each other. The layering of the story was perfect and the closing shot really touched me.

    The WBFF tape was very good, had better spot news and general news, and at one point had my vote, but the In-Depth and Sports Features of KARE tipped the scale.

    Steve Fedoriska
  • Our choice for Large Market station of the year showed consistent visual and storytelling skills throughout their entry from a significant portion of their staff, truly making them a team worth noting. This group of photographers really proved their ability to capture memorable moments and complete characters. Well after the final clip ended, I can vividly recall images and soundbites from each piece - Perry the turkey pecking at his brother the dog, the gravelly laugh of a tough old trucker who wrecked his truck in a lake and survived, the perspective of a school bus as it dove off of a dirt pile and the sound of the crowd that cheered it on, twin brothers wearing two different "uniforms" (and the shoes that matched) to a football game or the throbbing speaker of a Fiero as it was rebuilt and reborn. These details are what set really good stories apart for me, and it takes a good eye - or in this case, a team of good eyes - to recognize them out in the field. The staff at this station really went above and beyond to capture these unique images and angles while still maintaining the core technical skills that every photojournalist should possess.

    Crystal Lauderdale
  • With the winning entry, I laughed and cried and admired the wonderful humanity that shone through on every story on this tape.

    The spot news “Smokin' Grass” captured real urgency and great moments. That “Hot as H” could stand on its own as a nat sound spot news piece is a testament to the extra effort exhibited.

    “Down She Goes” captured great moments naturally, built around a visual climax we all couldn't wait for.

    “Bag Baby Bag” demonstrated the extra initiative required to convert a predictable event into something a bit more.

    “It's Only Wednesday” was a wonderful idea well executed.

    “Crash for Clunkers” was a simply awesome effort, a veritable Fort Knox of gold coins - time after time, when I thought it couldn't get better, it got better; one of the most entertaining stories I've ever seen - thanks for putting the cameras inside the vehicles! “Tough Old Dogs” made the most out a little.

    “Home Field Advantage”, as described in earlier comments, was a perfect example of a why the Team Entry category exists - a sprawling subject attacked with a structure and human element that made it work so well.

    “Perry the Pet” was a gem, especially appreciated in that all the effort came from the same person.

    “The Tyler Project” was one of the most amazing stories I've ever seen, delivering on so many levels but especially the one that counts most, emotion.

    Peter Ross

Finalists (in alphabetical order)

“2009 WTVF Photo Staff”
Nathan Thompson, WTVF-TV
“KARE-11 Station of the Year Entry”
Jeff Wiltgen, KARE-11
“WBFF Station of the Year Entry”
Bryan Barr, WBFF


Minneapolis, MN
Baltimore, MD

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