Poroshenko is not going to sell Channel 5 TV
Petro Poroshenko: "Channel 5 TV is not for sale"

Poroshenko is not going to sell Channel 5 TV

2 days ago at 13:37 | Ukrainian News
Petro Poroshenko, former Foreign affairs minister and owner of Channel 5 has no intention to sell his TV company, as he told to the UkrainaTV channel.

"There were some rumors going in media community saying that “Poroshenko allegedly wants to sell Channel 5 to a pro-government oligarch being under a pressure or in order to secure a position for himself”. But I have to tell you: in your dreams," Poroshenko said.

According to him, he has been working along with Channel 5 TV team for several years and is proud to have established a company that respects speech freedom standards and hence, has no intention to give it up.

"I say publicly Channel 5 TV is not for sale. If someone decides to destroy it, it might be destroyed, but this will cause counteractions. I am sure that's not going to happen," Poroshenko emphasized.

Yulia Tymoshenko, the opposition leader earlier mentioned that Poroshenko might sell Channel 5 TV to be appointed a vice prime minister of the Cabinet of Ministers with Mykola Azarov in charge. As Ukrainian News reported, President Viktor Yanukovych expressed hope for further cooperation with former Foreign affairs minister Petro Poroshenko.