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Who is responsible?


Farmers can make huge capital gains by irrigating their properties so they have had a big incentive to find ways of getting the help and decisions they want from the Canterbury Regional Council.

The main role of the Canterbury Regional Council is to protect the Canterbury environment but Councillors have prevented it doing this. Rural interests have gained control of the Council by rigging electoral boundaries to give rural areas an extra councillor at the expense of Christchurch and by aquiring the votes of one or two Christchurch councillors.

Councillors have allowed water resources to be over allocated. Only 1 out of 7000 water consent applications has been declined and the rest have been approved. These Consents are for 35 years and take no account of the predicted lower rainfalls and more frequent droughts which will result from climate change. Councillors have been reluctant to require enforcement of Resource Consent conditions which would have helped reduce environmental damage, such as the contamination of rivers and streams. The result is that the majority of Consent holders do not bother to comply with the conditions which have been laid down.

The councillors elected to represent the interests of Christchurch have often failed to do so. In fact some of them have voted for Christchurch to be deprived of one councillor and for those living elsewhere in Canterbury to get 50% more representation than they are entitled to get on a population basis.

Independent Citizens councillors Alec Neill and Nicki Wagner voted for residential development west of the city despite Council staff and experts advising councillors that this would contaminate city water aquifers. The leader of the 2021 councillors said that his ambition for 2007 was to provide better access to your water for farmers.

When a survey by the Council showed that 90% of residents wanted to retain a high quality water supply, most councillors voted against this.

It seems obvious that the current councillors on the Canterbury Regional Council need to be removed and replaced with councillors who have a genuine concern for the protection and enhancement of the Canterbury environment and for the preservation of the quality and quantity of Christchurch water. Urgent action is required to try and prevent further damage being done.

When it comes to the Canterbury Regional Council elections in October 2007 the current councillors will try to get re elected by saying all the right things about water and the environment but their past actions indicate that they are not to be trusted.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to voting for Independent Citizens or 2021 candidates. if you vote for SAVE OUR WATER candidates you can help protect our drinking water and the Canterbury environment.

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