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David Sutherland - Environment Canterbury, Christchurch East

As a resident of Christchurch I value the quality of life available in our fair city.

Clean, fresh water and air are fundamental requirements for us to enjoy a high quality of life. If action is not taken we will end up having to pay high water rates for a contaminated water supply and there will be restrictions on use. Our health will be put at risk and ratepayers will face a lot of extra costs.

I am married with three children and have qualifications and experience in landscape architecture. As a Regional Councillor I would be committed to the preservation of our water quality and the improvement of our air.

Vote for me if you want to protect our drinking water and avoid having high water rates and water restrictions . Vote for David Sutherland to “SAVE OUR WATER” and preserve your quality of life.

Richard Tindall - Environment Canterbury, Christchurch East

Our precious environment is under threat. Sectoral interests and climate change gnaw steadily at the natural bounty. Urgent action is required to preserve the quality of Canterbury life reflected in our coast, air and waters. Pollution and depletion of resources must be restrained, and transport and energy problems solved.

Canterbury aquifers are being emptied and contaminated with excessive animal waste. The public will be asked to pay for water treatment and supply, on the present course of dairy farm expansion, unless we say No! - by voting SOW.

City, farm, public and tangata whenua all share a positive future within a healthy environment, if this becomes conscious Council strategy. Save Our Water is the electoral campaign to bring that balance into play.

A computer services company manager and history honours graduate, with forebears in Canterbury for 135 years and a production focus, I promise you the communication necessary to bring your voice to local government.

Together, we can Save Our Water and the Canterbury environment.

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