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The Pohokura Field is located in the Taranaki Basin immediately offshore from Motunui in Permit 38154.

Field History 

Pohokura was first discovered in February 2000, 4.6 kilometres offshore in 30 metres of waterThe Field was first discovered in February 2000 with the drilling (by Fletcher Challenge Industry) of Pohokura-01 well 4.6 kilometres offshore in 30 metres of water. This well was followed by Pohokura-02 in May/June 2000. Analysis of tests from both wells confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in commercial quantities.

These first two wells were later followed by Pohokura-03 and Pohokura South-01B to further explore the Field and firm up the subsurface understanding.

In 2001 Fletcher Challenge Energy's assets were acquired by Shell Petroleum Mining. Currently, the Field is owned and operated by a joint venture partnership comprising Shell Exploration NZ (48%); OMV New Zealand Ltd (26%); and Todd Pohokura Ltd (26%).

Field Facilities

First commercial gas flowed in September 2006 from 3 onshore extended reach drilling (ERD) wells in the southern part of the field. Todd Energy is committed to expanding its reserve base and developing new exploration and production activities In March 2007 gas and condensate flowed from the first of 6 planned offshore wells. There are plans to drill further wells throughout the year from an offshore platform increasing the volume of production fluids transported to the unmanned, fully commissioned production station at Motunui via a subsea pipeline.

The production station will be controlled via a control room, manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and situated in New Plymouth.

Finished product will be delivered to the market from the production station by way of two sets of pipelines owned by Todd Energy and Shell/OMV.

Field Statistics

Facility Location: Adjacent to the Methanex Plant at Motunui
Estimated Recoverable Reserves
Oil & Condensate: 43 mmbls
Gas: 700 bcf
Production Wells: 6 Offshore, 3 Onshore
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