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Lost Boundaries: One man, one woman, and the absolutely uncomfortable fact of their relationship

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Stage | 5/26/2010 | By Geoffrey Himes

Una (Megan Anderson), a 27-year-old woman, has shown up unexpectedly at a pharmaceutical company, and Peter (David Parkes), a 55-year-old middle manager there, is not happy to see her. He pushes her ...[MORE]

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris: A singer-songrwriter's work comes to life at Theatre Project

Stage | 5/20/2010 | By Ashlea Browning

There was a hint of old Paris at the Baltimore Theatre Project as Factory Edge Theatre Works put on the musical revue Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris. Subtle lighting, candle-lit ca...[MORE]

The Magic Flute: Opera Viventeís rendition of a Mozart opera fails to cast a spell

Stage | 5/19/2010 | By By Wendy Ward

It seems you get a pass for slipping in a bit of shut-eye during an Sunday afternoon spent in a church; the folks watching Opera Vivente's last show of the season, The Magic Flute laughed at appropria...[MORE]

Drama Splice: Recent Towson University theatrical conference wants to break contemporary Russian playwrights onto American stages

The Arts | 5/20/2010 | By John Barry

Is American theater ready for living Russian playwrights? That wasnít the only question on the minds of the 50-odd directors, organizers, producers, actors, and others who spent the May 7-9 weekend sh...[MORE]

Making a Cuss: Mamet's fast-paced play wins over hostile crowd

Stage | 5/6/2010 | By Glennis Markison

The average age of audience members at a recent Vagabond Players performance of Speed-the-Plow was about 97--slightly older than the theater itself. Some of these season-ticket-holding senior citizens...[MORE]

No Strings Attached: Latest Single Carrot production somehow entangles the superficially trite with the emotionally resonant

Stage | 5/5/2010 | By Bret McCabe

Aldo Pantoja may be Single Carrot Theatre's resident grave absurdist. Think back to the productions Pantoja has directed (such as 2009's Slampooned!) or adapted (such as 2007's La Muñeca): SCT d...[MORE]

On the Verge (or the Geography of Yearning): Playing with Words and Pop-Culture References Proves Tedious

Stage | 4/30/2010 | By By Anna Ditkoff

The first thing of note at a recent Saturday night performance of On the Verge (or the Geography of Yearning) was the number of empty seats. Only the middle section of the theater was full, which is ...[MORE]

The Mai: Mothers and daughters do damage in a gripping play

Stage | 4/28/2010 | By By Hsia-Ting Chang

Watching The Mai is like watching a car crash—even though some part of you recoils in horror at the carnage, you canít look away—but in the best possible sense. The two-hour play holds you ...[MORE]

Wedded Dis: An autobiographical play takes a hard look at the life of the author's parents.

Stage | 4/28/2010 | By Phyllis Zhu

We all have our ways of dealing with the past. Some forgive and forget, some like to talk about those mushy things called feelings, and some just go straight for the bottle. Then, there are those, li...[MORE]

The Piano Lesson : August Wilson's play isn't totally harmonious.

Stage | 4/21/2010 | By Hsia-Ting Chang

There is something fascinating about a strong, independent woman paired with a hot mess of a man. And watching Bernice (Valerie Lewis) in August Wilson's The Piano Lesson, stick to her guns—at t...[MORE]

Waiting for Ma: Boredom proves revealing in this August Wilson play

Stage | 4/21/2010 | By Geoffrey Himes

Ma Rainey is no more the main character in August Wilson's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom than Godot is the main character in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. In fact, Wilson could have titled his play ...[MORE]

The Devil's In the Details: An elaborate rendition of The Phantom of the Opera fails to connect

Stage | 4/14/2010 | By Anna Ditkoff

Even if you've never seen The Phantom of the Opera, you would probably recognize the title song or the white mask the ghostly musician wears. It's one of those musicals, like Cats or Les Miserables, ...[MORE]

Curtain Time

Curtain Time | 4/7/2010 |

LAUGH OR CRY Spotlighters (817 St. Paul St., [410] 752-1225) hosts Murder with a Clue April 9 and 10, an audience participation-centered improv murder mystery. The next night, Drop Three drops by for...[MORE]

Welcome Home, Onyi Okoli: A local performer and playwright returns to Baltimore for her stage debut

Stage | 4/7/2010 | By Hsia-Ting Chang

The stage at the Strand is a blocky, unwieldy thing--painted black and scuffed with the plodding tread of actors past, it divides the small, dimly lit room in half. In order to reach the seats on the...[MORE]

Exercising Demons: Studio Six strives for the ineffable with its Dostoevsky adaptation

Stage | 4/7/2010 | By John Barry

Vaz Santosham is an actor, but could pass as a bouncer. He's heavily built, dark-skinned, with short-cropped hair. His career path, to put it simply, should win him frequent-flyer miles. His parents,...[MORE]

A Dark Night: Technical weak spots only thing tripping up this Shakespeare comedy

Stage | 3/31/2010 | By Bret McCabe

Yes, those do look like real trees--a forest of them, in fact, sprouting leaves with vines snaking around their trunks. The large ensemble and production crew behind this student presentation of Shake...[MORE]

And Your Mother, Too: A play delves into mother/daughter relationships

Stage | 3/31/2010 | By Geoffrey Himes

Two of the three characters in Lee Blessing's Eleemosynary, now at the Fells Point Corner Theatre, are familiar theatrical types. Dorothea is the colorfully eccentric older woman like Auntie Mame or ...[MORE]

The Dance on Widows' Row : A comedy about widows doesn't knock 'em dead

Stage | 3/24/2010 | By Phyllis Zhu

The Dance on Widow's Row, written by Samm-Art Williams, is a comedy about four widows who decide to host a dinner party for themselves and four eligible bachelors. Only three suitors show up for the f...[MORE]

Stomp: A stage show uses everyday objects to create hard hitting beats

Stage | 3/23/2010 | By Andrea Appleton

MOST OF US have experimented with the sonic possibilities of everyday objects, though it may have been some time ago. What kid hasn't moved a drinking straw in and out of a plastic lid to hear that ho...[MORE]

On the Town: A classic play is in good hands

Stage | 3/24/2010 | By Anna Ditkoff

Thornton Wilder's Our Town is a warm bath of a play. It's an oddly comforting little slice of a world long gone where happiness and even pain are nothing more than part of a cycle. The play's univers...[MORE]

779 stories found. Showing page 1 of 39.




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