Link Cuil with Facebook

Cuil’s advanced search algorithms can uncover interesting, useful and fun information about your Facebook friends. You can unlink at any time, and your privacy is always secure.

Cuil can uncover connections that wouldn’t be obvious with Facebook alone. For example, if you search for “U2,” Cuil knows that this is a famous Irish rock band with many hit records, among thousands of other facts. When this knowledge of U2 is applied to your social graph, Cuil could uncover friends who are Bono fans, are going to concerts this weekend, or even listen to “post-punk” music. The connections are limitless.

When you’re ready to give it a try, click “Connect with Facebook” on the search results page. You never know what you might discover.

Common Questions

1. What information does Cuil get from Facebook?

When you link your account, Cuil temporarily indexes Facebook data from your friends, including their profiles and status updates. This information is only visible to you, while you are logged in to Facebook through Cuil.

2. Why do you keep requesting permission to access my profile?

Facebook requires that the first time Cuil requests data from a new area of your profile, we must obtain your permission before accessing it. So, in order to index your friends’ profiles and status messages, you must give us permission to do so. This is a security measure, ensuring you are always in control of your data. Of course, if you don’t give us permission, we can’t provide you with Facebook results.

3. Does Cuil keep my data? What is your privacy policy?

Cuil only has access to your data as long as you allow us to. From the preferences page you can logout at any point and remove all of your Facebook data from our servers. Further, if you do not use Cuil for 24 hours, we will automatically remove all of your data from our servers. Cuil takes your privacy seriously. Please read our short, to-the-point privacy policy. No legal mumbo jumbo. In addition, we also adhere to Facebook’s policies on data collection for partners. In short, you are in control of your data; Cuil keeps no lasting record of it, or any of your searches.

4. Will anyone else see my Facebook data?

No. When you give Cuil access to your Facebook profile, that data is only visible to you, while you are logged into Facebook through Cuil. It does not appear in anyone else’s search results. If your friends have also connected their Facebook accounts with Cuil, then they will have access to the same information about you that they have through Facebook. Your profile and status messages will only be visible to your friends in accordance with your Facebook privacy settings. You can change what is visible to your friends using Facebook’s privacy controls.

5. How does Cuil determine which friends are related to my search?

Cuil’s breakthrough search technology analyzes and identifies ideas and related concepts throughout the web. We then use this knowledge to help find your friends’ profiles and status messages in much the same way that we find web pages. This allows us to search in broader, more interesting ways, providing you with a richer experience.

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