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Shoot him right in the head!

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Being aware of the non-compliance so very characteristic to the Government of Georgia I was sure that they would not deviate from the evidence given by them and should go through that they had all the rights to do what they had already done. We remember how they bashed up peaceful protesters on November 7. All the attempts of the Zonder authorities suffering from bestiality to keep the sadistic measures used that day within the bounds of the Law just failed. The vacuum shells that made people lose their extremities unveiled the truth then and the story is just the same right now.

May 6, late at night the Deputy Interior Minister Eka Zghuladze said that the Police kept on acting with reserve and the force used to prevent each crime should be directly proportional to the facts of violence. Next day the Mministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia spread an announcement stressing that it were the demonstrators who committed the crime and violated the perimeter.

Everyone has already seen the record and I am not going to retell the story.

The principal thing that has to be paid attention to is that “the Police controlled itself as much as possible” until the protesters started to chant: “Georgia, Georgia!” As for the reaction of the law-enforcers, it was absolutely proportional: “Misha, Misha!”

It looked like Misha was left somewhere there at the territory of the Provisional Arrest Center and Georgia was waiting for him outside the fence.

You are aware of the facts too. Now let’s go back to the political statement s made by the public agents. One of the majority leaders’ Akaki Minashvili said: “Everyone saw how the policemen restricted themselves and how aggressive were those who came to the Department building”. According to Minashvili, it was an assault and in such cases law-keepers have all the rights to resort to the measures foreseen by the law.

Be so kind as to pay your attention to the fact that Minashvili talks about the measures given by the law.

Chanting the name of the President is not foreseen by the law indeed though, one has to agree with Ms. Shota Utiashvili, Head of the Informational and Analytical Department of the Internal Ministry and admit that crying out “Misha, Misha!” even in the very circumstances was nothing but an insignificant detail. Details of the type are characteristic of authoritarian and totalitarian states. DUCHE, DUCHE, HITLER, HITLER

There is no law interdicting love even if it is fanatical and suppresses all the feelings towards one’s homeland, family and so on.

We have to concern all the actions taken by the Police to be adequate and proportional, you see. Then it turns out that Davit Chantladze and Irakli Khomasuridze trying to calm the indignated people down had their eyes put out absolutely adequately. It should be also proportional to warn them just to hold their tongues.

As per Mr. Shota Utiashvili representing the Internal Ministry of Georgia, the law enforcers even had the right to use firearms for the attack against the Police building was obvious. Though, the guardians of law used neither their guns, nor the much talked-about rubber bullets.

Once the same man said that the riot police carried out the successful operation with the maximum level of restraint. Please pay attention to the mismatch in Utishvili’s words.

And there is nothing doubtful about his words. The policemen used neither guns, nor rubber bullets that night. They were just chanting and beating with batons.

A sniper hidden behind the Memorial to the Fallen Policemen erected at the Department shot plastic bullets into the demonstrators’ foreheads. The sharpshooter should have been aware of all the instructions connected with the use of such arms.

The chanting and shooting resulted in 37 damaged men. 17 of them were taken to theRepublic Hospital, others – to Ghudushauri Clinic. As for Gia Gachechiladze, initiator of the protest action who got over the fence, Zaza Sinauridze, Chief Physician of the Ghudushauri Clinic said that he had his sixth rib broken and had got multiple injuries.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs accompanied by the Authorities of Georgia has been denying the fact of using the plastic and rubber bullets for a month. Though, in the Liberal magazine they admitted that the bullets were used May 6. The so-called ALSL was the gun used to shoot rubber bullets from (the same gun was used November 7, 2007). As for the bullets of the other type, they were shot form FN303.

“It was our official position not to talk about the measures to keep the situation from straining”, told Shota Utiashvili to the Liberal.

All the instructions of the guns like FN303 run that the non-lethal bullets shall not be aimed at one’s head. Though, referring to the representative of the Interior Ministry, the Liberal writes that the law enforcers involved in the operation did not know about the rule. The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Shalva Janashvili told the periodical that “it was dark and one could see only upper parts of the demonstrators’ bodies”.

Military expert Irakli Aladashvili gives a much more detailed description of the non-lethal guns.

The 15-bullet semiautomatic gun for rubber bullets FN303 is a joint product of the US and Bulgaria. It shoots 8.5- gram and 17.22-mm caliber bullets with an initial speed of 90m/sec. It is very painful even if one is shot at the distance of 50 meters. Dislike the shells of rubber bullets the FN303 makes it possible to be more precise when aiming at something and damage or mark those who have to be detained.

The most unfortunate thing about the story is that the two men lost their eyes then. A fragment of a plastic bullet shot from a FN303 was extracted from Chantladze’s eye.

The leaders of the opposition were shot right in their foreheads (one of them was shot in the occiput) points to the fact that the sharpshooters were commissioned to mark the leaders.

FN303 cannot be taken for a know-how in the armament of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  It was also used to break up the well-known meeting on November 7, 2007. It was said then that the quantity of the bullets in 2007 was not enough to fight almost everyone, though this time it was not necessary to use them sparingly and choose among the victims.

Notwithstanding the fact that FN303 and plastic bullets are regarded as non-lethal armament 3 men were shot by the US forces in Iraq. They were shot in the head at the distance of 3 meters.

The Government of Georgia does not admit the crime. Moreover, the authorities have been keeping justifying themselves without any show of talent or competence. That is why we asked Professor Gia Meparishvili, one of the authors of the Law of Georgia on Police to comment upon the legal justification of the arms like ALSL6 and FN303.

-ALSL6 and FN303 belong to the number of special police means and in many countries police units use them for preventing public disorder, gang vandalism and mass disobediences of law.

The principle of operation for the weapons is quite simple. The device looking like firearms is used to shoot special shells (bullets) made of some rubber or plastic material processed by means of a certain technology. Those who are shot with the bullets neither decease nor have to suffer from serious damages. In the states where it is permitted to use the weapons of the type special rules are strictly regulated. By means of the subordinate legislation it is forbidden to use the weapons at night and in the poor visibility conditions. The Law also disallows to use the weapons against women and juveniles. It is forbidden to shoot in the direction of one’s head and parts of the human body where it is possible to cause life-threatening impairments.

There are quite many countries in the world where it is forbidden to use the so-called non-lethal shells (bullets) for it is obvious that the weapons can cause serious troubles.

According to the Law of Georgia on Police (July 27, 2003), the Police has no right to use rubber or plastic bullets. The article 10.1 runs that within the line of duty a police officer has the right to resort to physical coercion, special means and government-issue weapons in the cases and in accordance with the rules foreseen by the present law. A full list of the special means is given in the article 12 of the same law.  It is determined that the means shall be stocked in compliance with the Law. The rubber or plastic shells are not included in the numerous list consisting of rubber batons, tear gas, electric shock, etc.

In 1993 the Parliament of Georgia of the third convocation happened to be prudent enough not to give the Police the right to use bullets made of rubber or plastic. Though, there were some MPs who insisted upon authorizing the Interior Minister to add to the list of the non-lethal weapons in agreement with the Minister of Health of Georgia.

As for the article 13 so very often mentioned by those who keep proving that the Police had the right to use the non-lethal shells, it deals with the right to use firearms. Neither ALSL6 nor FN303 belong to guns and there are special norms that regulate their use in some countries but Georgia.


P.S. The views expressed by the military expert and one of the authors of the Law on Police make it obvious that the Government of Georgia and particularly the Interior Ministry violated the Law regulating the activities of the very Ministry and that the law-keepers should have been most aware of. They offended not only against the Law but against the Constitution of Georgia as well. The Constitution has been trampled down by the Authorities.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia talks with foreign periodicals about the things that have been kept in secret for the local media. It is clear that they shall not give a damn for us, their own people. They have already relieved themselves of the responsibility to us.

Just look at them running on the tips of their toes when it comes up to answering foreigners.

Bondo Mdzinarashvili

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