88.85 km
55.21 mi



Route 112

LENGTH 88.85 km / 55.21 mi
EAST END Route 114, Riverview
WEST END Route 10, Coles Island
PLACES Riverview, Upper Coverdale, Colpitts Settlement, Salisbury, Second North River, Harewood, Havelock, New Canaan, Canaan Forks, Hunters Home, Coles Island
COUNTIES Albert (19.65 km), Westmoreland (25.73), Kings (3.57), Queens (39.90)
NAMES Coverdale Road (Riverview)
River Road (Salisbury)
Fredericton Road (Salisbury to Havelock)
Coles Island Road (Havelock to Coles Island)
RIVER CROSSINGS Trout Creek, Riverview
Petitcodiac River, Colpitts Settlement to Salisbury
North River, Second North River
Canaan River, New Canaan
Forks Stream, Canaan Forks


Route 112 was created in 1965 as a renumbering of the former Route 30.


Until the opening of the divided Trans-Canada Highway in 2001, the section of Route 112 between Salisbury and Coles Island was a common shortcut for travellers between Fredericton and Moncton.

Junction List

Location km Routes / Destination Other Notes
Riverview 0.0 Route 114 north - Petitcodiac Causeway - Moncton
Route 114 south - Coverdale Rd. - Hillsborough, Fundy National Park
Findlay Blvd.
Riverview 0.2 Buckingham Ave.
Riverview 1.0 Biggs Dr.
Riverview 1.2 Trites Rd.
Riverview 2.7 Patricia Dr.  
Riverview 5.4 Route 910 - Turtle Creek Rd. - Turtle Creek  
Upper Coverdale 7.4 Ritchie Rd.  
Upper Coverdale 16.1 Woodbine Dr.  
Colpitts Settlement 18.2 Route 895 - Elgin
Mollins Rd.
Colpitts Settlement 19.4 Salisbury Back Rd.  
Salisbury 20.3 Route 106 west - Main St. - Petitcodiac  
0.2-km gap along Route 106
NOTE: Distances beyond this point include the length of this gap.
Salisbury 20.5 Route 106 east - Main St. - Moncton  
Salisbury 21.1 MacWilliam Rd.  
Salisbury 23.4 Route 2 - Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton  
Second North River 24.5 Homestead Rd.  
Second North River 26.6 Route 880 - Havelock  
Second North River 27.1 Monteagle Rd.  
Harewood 39.7 Alward Rd.  
New Canaan 47.9 Route 885 - Canaan Rd. - Havelock, Petitcodiac  
Canaan Forks 62.7 Cherryvale Rd.  
Canaan Forks 63.2 Forks Stream Rd.  
Coles Island 85.8 Boyd Rd.  
Coles Island 87.0 Boyd Rd.  
Coles Island 88.3 Kelly Rd.  
Coles Island 89.1 Route 10 - Sussex, Chipman, Route 2
Route 715 - Cambridge-Narrows

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