Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, cite, and share your research sources. It lives right where you do your work—in the web browser itself.

Collect Everything

Record your online research with one click.

Capture Research Data
Collect information on books, journal articles, and other resources with a single click in your location bar
Archive the Web
Archive entire web pages in your library
Store Anything
Store related PDFs, files, images, and links in your library

Organize Any Way

It has never been easier to organize research.

Intuitive Interface
Zotero's iTunes-like interface allows you to quickly organize your research sources
Drag and Drop
Drag and drop items into collections and tag them with terms relevant to your needs
Take Notes
Easily take notes right alongside your items

Cite Anywhere

You're never more than one click from a bibliography.

Drag and Drop Bibliography
Drag and drop bibliographies anywhere: into an email, a blog post, or any word processor
Word and OpenOffice Integration
Plugins for Word and OpenOffice make it easy to drop in references on the fly
Cite in Style
Zotero comes preloaded with all major styles, and thousands of additional journal-specific styles are freely available

Access Everywhere

Your information is wherever you need it to be.

Work Locally, Sync Globally
Get the best of both worlds: Work locally with your research materials and automatically sync your data between multiple computers
Browse from Mobile Devices
Even without Zotero, you can access your collection from any web browser. You can even view your collection on mobile devices like the iPhone.
Publish Your Process
Share your research with the world and make your library and collections public

Collaborate with Anyone

Opt in to automatic collaboration.

Share Group Libraries
Create group libraries to collaborate with other Zotero users
Publish Dynamic Bibliographies
Publish shared libraries for your organization, class, or research group
Uncover New Connections
Discover other researchers working in your field

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Latest version: 2.0.3

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