Parks and Recreation

Park Locations

Park Name Location
Alta Lake Greenway Dodson Chapel at Bell Road Map
5023 Blue Hole Road Map
Bass 1604 Holly Street Map
Alvin G. Beaman
4111 Little Marrowbone Road Map
Sally Beaman 3701 Benham Avenue Map
Bellevue 656 Colice Jean Road Map
Bellevue Greenway
Morton Mill Road Map
Bells Bend 4107 Old Hickory Blvd. Map
Bicentennial 170 1st Avenue North Map
Bordeaux Garden Snell Road at Panorama Drive Map
Bordeaux Timothy 4100 Timothy Drive Map
Boyd-Taylor 3900 Clifton Avenue Map
Owen Bradley Music Square East at Division
Brookmeade 7002 Charlotte Pike Map
Buena Vista
2301 Metro Center Blvd. Map
Cane Ridge 419 Battle Road Map
Cedar Hill
860 W. Old Hickory Blvd. Map
Centennial 2500 West End Avenue Map
Charlotte 6031 Deal Avenue Map
Church Street 600 Church Street Map
Cleveland 925 North 6th Street Map
Cockrill Bend 7265 Cockrill Bend Blvd. Map
William Coleman
384 Thompson Lane Map
Commerce Center 120 3rd Avenue North Map
Cecil Rhea Crawford 13302 Old Hickory Blvd. Map
Downtown Greenway 414 Gay Street Map
Fannie Mae Dees 2400 Blakemore Avenue Map
Fred Douglas
210 North 7th Street Map
Louise and Rebecca Dudley
305 Chestnut Street Map
Downtown Greenway 1st Ave. at Gay St. Map
700 Woodland Street Map
East Bank Greenway 50 Titans Way Map
Eastland 1501 Douglas Avenue Map
William Edmondson 1700 Charlotte Avenue Map
1701 Arthur at 11th Avenue N. Map
3531 West End Avenue Map
Ezell Road Park 5135 Harding Place Map
Clinton B. Fisk 25th Avenue N. at Burch Street Map
Fort Negley 534 Chestnut Street Map
Granbery 5501 Hill Road Map
Grassmere Wildlife 3777 Nolensville Road Map
Green Hills 1200 Lone Oak Road Map
Hadley 1037 28th Avenue North Map
Hamilton Creek
2901 Bell Road Map
Harpeth Knoll
Harpeth Knoll Road Map
Harpeth River
7820 Coley Davis Road Map
Richard Hartman 2801 Tucker Road Map
Heartland Park 3135 Heartland Drive Map
Hermitage 3720 James Kay Lane Maps
H. G. Hill 6710 Charlotte Pike Map
Hall of Fame Park 121 4th Avenue South Map
Hope Gardens 1009 Phillips Street Map
Joelton 021 Joelton Com. Ctr. Rd. Map
Tom Joy Park 434 Joy Avenue Map
Kirkpatrick 1000 Sevier Street Map
Litton School 4510 Gallatin Road Map
Lock I 1530 Lock Rd. Map
Lock II
2650 Lock Two Road Map
Madison 510 N. Dupont Avenue Map
McCabe Murphy Road at 46th Avenue N. Map
McFerrin 301 Berry Street Map
McKissack 28th Avenue N. at Torbett Street Map
Memorial 1105 Chadwell Drive Map
Metro Ctr. Levee Greenway 766 Freeland's Sta. Rd Map
Metro Soccer Complex 1266 Donelson Pike Map
Mill Creek Greenway 5023 Blue Hole Rd. Map
Monroe St. Playground 11th Avenue N. at Monroe Map
Morgan 411 Hume Street Map
J. C. Napier 73 Fairfield Avenue Map
Dallas H. Neil 8th Avenue N. at Wedgewood Map
Oakwood Oakwood and Bethwood Map
Paragon Mills 465 Benita Drive Map
Parmer 578 Leake Avenue Map
Parkwood 3220 Vailview Drive Map
E. N. Peeler 2043 Neeley's Bend Road Map
William A. Pitts 299 Tusculum Road Map
Providence Reisha Drive
Public Square 10 Public Square Map
Reservoir 8th Avenue South at Argyle Avenue Map
Rhodes Soccer/Football 720 Mainstream Drive Map
Ted Rhodes 1901 Ed Temple Blvd. Map
Richland 4601 Charlotte Pike Map
Riverfront 100 1st Avenue N. and S. Map
E. S. Rose 1000 Edgehill Avenue Map
Tony Rose 08 Music Circle East Map
Seven Oaks School Lane and McGavock Map
Sevenmile Creek Edmondson Pike at Oakley Map
Sevier Lealand at Clayton Avenue Map
Shelby Shelby Avenue at S. 20th Street Map
Shelby Bottoms East of Shelby Park Map
Shelby Walk Mini Park 1400 Shelby Avenue Map
Mildred Shute Mini Park 77 Fain Street Map
South Inglewood
1624 Rebecca Avenue Map
St. Bernards 21st Avenue N. at St. Bernards Map
Stones River Greenway 1203 Stones River Road Map
Thompson Lane - Mill Creek ---- Thompson Lane Map
Turner School 507 Tanksley Avenue Map
Two Rivers 3150 McGavock Pike Map
Edwin Warner
50 Vaughn Road Map
Percy Warner
2500 Old Hickory Blvd. Map
Una Park 134 Una Recreation Road Map
Watkins 616 17th Avenue North Map
Wentworth Caldwell Sr. 4927 Edmondson Pike Map
6105 Morrow Road Map
Whites Creek 7277 Old Hickory Blvd. Map
Whites Creek Greenway 2801 Tucker Road Map
William Whitfield Edmondson at Brewer Map
Willow Creek 1821 Westchester Drive Map
Woodmont 912 Estes Drive Map
City Cemetery 4th Avenue at Oak Street Map
County Cemetery 18th Avenue at Jennings Avenue Map
Harpeth Hills Golf 2424 Old Hickory Boulevard Map
McCabe Golf 100 46th Avenue North Map
Rhodes Golf 1901 Ed TEmple Boulevard Map
Vinny Links Golf 2009 Sevier Street Map
Shelby Golf 2021 Fatherland Street Map
Two Rivers Golf 3150 McGavock Pike Map
Percy Warner Golf Forest Park Drive Map