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1. General Informations (source : Wikipedia)

Apple never intended to release Pippin on its own. Instead it intended to license the technology to third parties, a business model similar to that of the ill-fated 3DO; Bandai was looking at entering the console video game market, and chose the Pippin as its platform. Much later Katz Media also entered production, planning to use the platform as a low cost PC with web ability.

By the time the Bandai Pippin was released (1995 in Japan; 1996 in the United States), the market was dominated by the Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, and soon Nintendo 64. In addition there was little ready-to-use software for Pippin, the only major publisher being Bandai itself. It cost US$599 on launch,[1] and touted as a cheap computer, the system, in reality, was commonly identified as a video game console. As such, its price was considered too expensive in comparison to its contemporaries.

2. List of Japanese titles [Catalog Number]

First of all, I would like to say that this list is the most complete and accurate you will ever find on the internet. I compiled it myself after spending countless of hours googling on multiple sites and netsurfing on reliable forums to get informations and photos of the games to have a real proof of the existence of the games. If you know any game which is not on this list, please let me know and I will add it as soon as possible.

Last update : March 24th, 2010.
(In order to uncompress the following files, you may need to download

@Card SD Gundam Gaiden [BDE-10034]
1995.1.17 Hanshin Daishinsai [BDS-20005]

ActionDesigner Ultraman Tiga [BDE-70018]

AI Shogi [BDS-20032]

AnimeDesigner - DragonBall Z [BDE-10019]

AnimeDesigner - DragonBall Z (Sample) [BDE-10019]

Anpanman no AIUEO-N ! [BDE-10015]

Anpanman to asobou! 1 [BDE-10009]

Anpanman to asobou! 2 [BDE-70016]

Atmark Adapter A

Atmark Town Ver. 2.0 [BDB-022]

B no Kaidan

Chibikko Club [BDS-20009]

Chisato Moritaka CD-Rom Watarase Bashi [BDE-10007]

Circus! [BDS-20031]

Dazzeloids [BDS-20030]

Disk 4 vol.1 [1of4] Pippin Navigator CD Ver 1.1 [BDB-008]

Disk 4 vol.1 [2of4] Pippin Network CD Ver. 2.0 [BDB-011]

Disk 4 vol.1 [3of4] TV Works Ver. 2.0 [BDB-009]

Disk 4 vol.1 [4of4] Pippin Title CD-Rom Catalog Vol.1 [BDB-007]

Disk 6 vol.1 [1of6] Pippin Navigator CD [BDB-001]

Disk 6 vol.1 [2of6] Pippin Network CD [BDB-002]

Disk 6 vol.1 [3of6] TV Works Paint Word Mail Ver 1.0 [BDB-003]

Disk 6 vol.1 [4of6] INTERNET KIT [BDB-004]

Disk 6 vol.1 [5of6] Franky Online [BDB-006]

Disk 6 vol.1 [6of6] ATMARK TOWN [BDB-005]

Disk 6 vol.1.1 [1of6] Pippin Navigator CD Ver 1.1 [BDB-008]

Disk 6 vol.1.1 [2of6] Pippin Network CD Ver 2.1 [BDB-014]

Disk 6 vol.1.1 [3of6] TV Works Ver 2.1 [BDB-013]

Disk 6 vol.1.1 [4of6] INTERNET KIT Ver. 2.0 [BDB-012]

Disk 6 vol.1.1 [5of6] Franky Online [BDB-006]

Disk 6 vol.1.1 [6of6] ATMARK TOWN [BDB-005]

Driving Train

EGWord Pure Version 1.0 for Pippin [BDE-10021]

Epson Colorio Printer drivers

Fortullia [BDE-10003]

Funky Funny Alien [BDS-20014]

Gadget [BDS-20033]

Gakko no Kowai Uwasa Hanakosan ga Kita!! [BDS-20012]

Gokigen Mama no Omakase Diary

Gundam Tactics -Mobility Fleet0079- [BDE-10008]

Gundam Virtual Modeler Light [BDE-10029]

Hashitte Asobou! Kikan Sha Toomasu [BDE-10024]


Kids Box [BDS-20003]

L-Zone - Interactive Theater [BDS-20017]

LuLu [BDS-20039]

Mac Bin 38 (Mac User Japanese Edition 1997 1) [MUJ-9701]

Mac Bin 40 A (Mac User Japanese Edition 1997 3) [MUJ-9703-1]

Mac Bin 40 B (Mac User Japanese Edition 1997 3) [MUJ-9703-2]

Mac Fan Pippin - Pippin Title Demo

Mission School R [BDS-20035]

Mobile Suit Gundam - Zion Dukedom Military-File [BDE-10038]

Mobilesuit Gundam White Base The 13th Independent Force [BDE-10031]

Music ISLAND vol.1 Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf [BDS-20007]

Music ISLAND vol.2 Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker [BDS-20027]

Music ISLAND vol.3 Vivaldi The Four Seasons [BDS-20028]

Music ISLAND vol.4 Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals [BDS-20029]

Narabete! Tsukkute! Ugoku Block [BDE-10011]

Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisana ohanashi [BDS-20015]

NETCRUISER 3.0 J-Data Web Viewer with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 for Macintosh [BDB-033]

Nobunaga no Yabou Returns - Rekishi Simulation Game [BDE-10018]

Pease [PEASE002]

Pease Turbo [PEASE 2001]

Pippin Atmark Demonstration Disk [BDZ-00001]

Pippin Hardware Demo

Pippin Network CD Ver. 3.0

Power Nazorer

Post de Card ver. 3.0 Light [BDE-10028]

Racing Days [BDE-20008]

Randoseru Shougakkou 1 Nen Sei [BDS-20010]

SD Gundam Wars [BDE-10017]

SD Ultraman no Chyousen! Meiro Island [BDE-10010]

SeesawC 1 - My favorite things - Sukinamonodake Eitango 120 [BDE-10006]

SeesawC 2 - My favorite places - Sukinatokorode Eitango 400 [BDE-10023]

Shichisokusen [BDS-20019]

Shockwave [BDS-20024]

T-Break [BDS-20026]

Tamagotchi CD-ROM [BDE-10033]

Tarot Mystery [BDS-20004]

Techno Park Tondematto

Testuman Gaiden - Game Daiou no Yabou

Tropic Island [BDS-20011]

Tunin' Glue [BDE-10005]

TV Works Ver.POP [BDB-020]

Ultraman Quiz King [BDE-70020]

Ultraman The Digital Board Game [BDE-70002]

Victorian Park CD1 [BDE-10004]

Victorian Park CD2 [BDE-10004]

WebViewer With Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 for Macintosh [BDB-026]

Yellow Brick Road I [BDS-20022]

Yellow Brick Road II CD1 [BDS-20023]
Yellow Brick Road II CD2 [BDS-20023]

Yellows - Akira Gomi Photographs [BDS-20001]

Yellows 2.0 Tokyo 1993 Akira Gomi Photographs [BDS-20002]

Yoku Mite Goran [BDS-20018]

Zukkoke Sanningumi -Drama Satsujinjiken- [BDE-10032]

Pippin Kinka Pre-Release Rom (Monitor Rom)

Pippin Kinka Ver 1.0 Rom (Retail Rom)

3. List of American titles [Catalog Number]

@World Basics [01338C]

@World Browser (Beta) [41458]

@World Online Suite Browser [41588]

@World Registration [01348C]

CineNoir [31158C]

Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia [71278C]

Cool Crafts [71058C]

Exotic Sushi [71062F]

Gus Goes to Cyberopolis [11198C]

Gus Goes to the Kooky Carnival in search for Rant [11208C]

Home Improvement 1-2-3

Katz Pippin Demo CD 2.0 [Kats-X01]

Macintosh on Pippin (aka Tuscon)


Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley [11048C]


Pegasus Prime

Pippin Demo CD 2.0, KATZ Media

Pippin Hardware Demo [xxx-001]

Pippin SDK Version 1.1 - 04/96

Pippin SDK - 11/96

Power Rangers Zeo Vs. The Machine Empire [41018F]

Playskool Puzzles [1118C]

Racing Days [41148F]

Super Marathon [41028C]

Terror T.R.A.X.

TV Works V1.0 [61088C]

TV Works V3.0 [61528]

Many thanks to kuir, BoboPJ64, Tenchi, Steve, Assembler Games and Kriz for their outstanding work.



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