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Pet House Information

The Washington & Jefferson College Pet Policy allows Pet House resident students the privilege of bringing their family pet, defined by the  College to have been in the family for at least one year and being of at least one and half years of age, to campus.  The acquisitions of any animals, purchased or stray, while a student at Washington & Jefferson College is prohibited.  Washington & Jefferson College strives to provide a safe environment for members of the College community, and to protect, maintain, and regulate the pet ownership privilege enjoyed by community members. 

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to  value the rights of all students as well as the physical beauty of the campus. The Pet Policy provides the guidelines by which this can be accomplished.  By bringing a pet to live in the Pet House, students acknowledge their understanding of this policy and agree to the conditions and penalties that may result in violations. Every pet owner is encouraged to consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages of the campus environment for his/her pet.

Students Interested in lving in Pet House next year, including those that reside in the Community for 2009-2010 must complete and submit the Pet House Registration Form and Pet House Agreement and all required supplemental materials by April 1st, 2010.