Before you create your email address, you should select a domain for it. Domains define the ending of your family email address. For instance, belongs to the US domain. We also support a number of other domains, such as com, eu, name, net, com, biz, me, org, info.

You can see the full list of available domains and their descriptions in the table below. Unfortunately, not all domains are available for registration, as the necessary family addresses may already be reserved by other people. You can determine the list of supported domain names for your last name during registration.
If we already own the domain name, you will get your family address for three months free of charge!

Domain Example Price
per year
Purpose Comment
com 18$ Commercial use We recommend using this domain for commercial enterprises and businesses
NAME 18$ Last names, names, personal information Name domain. Created specifically for communications and hosting of personal information.
INFO 18$ Information about... A suitable domain for non-commercial international communications.
ME 25$ The national domain of Montenegro. Can be associated with the pronoun "ME" .me domains are ideal for personal addresses, projects and blogs. Combinations or various words can produce very nice domain names, for instance,,
US 18$ The national domain of the United States Denotes your relation to the United States of America.
EU 18$ The domain of the EU states Denotes your relation to the European Union.
BIZ 18$ Business A good choice for business communications.
ORG 18$ For non-commercial projects and non-profit organizations. You can create your corporate (work) email address in this domain.
NET 18$ A network- and Internet-related domain A good choice for anyone interested in networks and Internet technologies
ME.UK 18$ UK’s national domain. Can be associated with personal communications. Ideal for personal email addresses, projects and blogs.
DE 30$ Germany’s national domain For residents of Germany.
ASIA 30$ Asian domain A beautiful and exotic domain for anyone related to Asian culture and Asia

VIP offer: You can create a very original email address if the domain is part of your last name. For instance, someone called Alex Martin could create an address of the following type: Unfortunately, this trick is only possible for a small fraction of last names (the ones with endings matching the names of top-level domains).