Andrew Rhodes Bourland (1955 - 2009)

Andrew Rhodes Bourland died this morning around 7 am, in Reading, Massachusetts.

Andy, you will be sorely missed by your family, friends and colleagues.

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  1. jason callery Says:

    Sorry to hear that your dad died roger. Our dads were friends. I didn’t even know that till my mom told me. My dad has just died about 2 weeks ago. They will meet together and watch over us in heaven. Think of it this way, the family will be closer than ever.

  2. Eric Farewell Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss… His words, thoughts, and genius will live on for all of us here, and we thank you for being willing to share.

    My prayers are with your family.

  3. Rob Frankel Says:

    Andy was my first publisher, back when ClickZ was first starting out. I got a regular gig: Mr. Wednesday. Rest easy, old pal. Thanks for everything.

  4. Ken McArthur Says:

    Andy had an Impact on me and thousands of other people in his lifetime, but that is nothing compared to the legacy that impact will have on so many others as his impact spreads from person to person.

    It’s the little things that matter and Andy was a master of the small kind acts that change the world beyond one life.

    All the best to your family Andy. I was lucky to know you.


  5. Mike Young Says:

    Andy made a difference. The world is a better place because of him.

  6. Florin, Mary Ellen & Nicholas Howey Says:

    We’re so sorry losing such a kind and gentle man. Our prayers and good thoughts are with you all.

  7. Rebecca Lieb Says:

    He was a friend, a confidant, and a colleague who touched the lives of many, and made the world a better place.

    Bye, Andy. I miss you already.


  8. Adam Boettiger Says:

    Andy and I started out as publishers in the early days of the web and worked closely in several areas over the years. He will be missed!

    God bless you and your family, Andy,


  9. Ed Says:

    I will remember your kindness, integrity, and trying put others first (even once you were sick).

    You are a great example of dignity.

    Rest in Peace Andy.

  10. Jason Heller Says:

    Andy left his mark on the world and was a humble inspiration when I started as a youngster in the industry. Rest in peace Andy.

    My thoughts are with the family.

  11. Rest In Peace Andy Bourland Says:

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  12. Jeff Walker Says:

    Andy made the world a brighter place. I will miss him.

    - Jeff

  13. Rick Parkhill Says:

    Andy was the best competitor a person could hope to have. Although we competed for readers and ad dollars, we were always friends, and for that that I am grateful. I am remembering our times at Beaver Creek and Squaw Valley; his enthusiasm, graciousness and smiling face as he headed out to the golf course after a morning of sessions. For those of us who knew Andy through the interactive media business, we know how lucky we were to have him represent us. Thanks for everything Andy - I’ll be seeing you around….

  14. Jason Dinner Says:

    Although I’ve never personally met Andy, I have been influenced by him through the power of the web.

    My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

    I too know what it’s like to lose a loved one so suddenly and early in their life. I lost my brother at the tender age of 30 to sudden cardiac arrest.

    Although Andy’s death wasn’t sudden, it happened all too fast and I hope his legacy will live on through his family.

    Rest In Peace Andy, you must feel great now that you are no longer suffering.

    Jason Dinner

  15. Shaun O'Reilly Says:

    I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Andy - a kind, loving human being and one of the great guys on the Internet.

    Though it may be hard to understand why such a great servant has been taken from us - he’ll still live on in the legacy he’s left and all of the lives he’s touched already.

    In this blog you’ll find many people who’s lives would have been different had they not had the pleasure of meeting Andy Bourland.

    May you rest in peace Andy and sincere condolences for your family at this time.

    Shaun O’Reilly

  16. Tim Kerber Says:


    Talk about a knot in my stomach reading this news. Andy was a great guy.

    Rest in peace Andy.

  17. Malcolm Says:

    My thoughts go out to all Andy’s family and friends.
    He truly was a wonderful man who genuinly cared for others.
    R.I.P Andy

  18. Shea Park Says:

    Andy you will never be forgotten ever! The massive impact and care you brought to everything you did is immeasurable. Deep peace Andy. Blessings and sincere sympathies to your loving family. -Shea Park

  19. Ken Eller Says:

    I feel honored that I was able to meet Andy last June. It was easy to see why so many people loved the guy. A very genuine person who cared about others and also made an impact on me.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Andy’s family.


  20. Peter Bestel Says:

    A gentleman of true integrity.

    You will be missed, Andrew.


  21. John Taylor Says:

    A true gentleman in every sense of the word who left us all better for knowing him.

    Andy’s loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  22. Craig Says:

    Andy, it was really great to have met you and to have learned from you. You always had a smile on your face and good things to say - and lessons to share. Going to miss you my friend!


  23. Ross Goldberg Says:

    Andy will be sorely missed by our family of “internet marketers”. We’ll miss you Andy!

  24. Suthan M Says:

    Have communicated with Andy before numerous times online .

    He was a sincere and a honest gentleman.

    He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Suthan M

  25. William Spear Says:

    In the only opportunity I had to meet with Andy a few years ago, I left impressed by his rare authenticity, his gentle demeanor and his open-hearted presence. In the months that followed, he mentored Josh with integrity and clarity, ever eager to raise the bar and add value to their exchanges. If we listen carefully, with presence and unconditional love — as Andy always seemed to — we just might hear him again singing with the angels.
    Our thoughts are with his family and friends. We will miss him so very much, and remain grateful for how he touched our lives.

    William Spear

  26. Daniel White Says:

    Such an early age. :(


  27. Alicia Says:

    Why wonderful people like Andy leave us at such young ages shall always remain a mystery…

    Rest in peace Andrew!

    Wings to heaven for you, and comfort and grace for your family.

    Most sincerely,


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  29. Josh Spear Says:


    Every time we spoke I left inspired and energized to do things better, faster, tighter — to take risks and continue exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur. From our earliest chats and that unforgettable meeting at the Chicago Airport in a lounge, to our latest calls and emails before you fell ill, I thank you for your advice, friendship, mentorship and inspiration.

    I will always be grateful I had those opportunities to learn from you.


  30. Steven Wagenheim Says:

    This is just a very sad day.

    Andy, you will be sorely missed.

    Steven Wagenheim

  31. Shel Horowitz Says:

    Andy was always intelligent, always sincere, and always kind. I’m very glad to have called him friend, limited though our interactions were (we never met in person). He was both a sweetie and a visionary, and I’ll miss him.

  32. Daryn St. Pierre Says:

    Hi Roger,

    I read through someone I follow on Twitter about your loss and decided to read some of Andy’s entries and his condition. I can closely relate to your ordeal because my dad went through a similar one. He passed away in November of 2007 at the of 63, from prostate cancer which ultimately lead to congestive heart failure. I know what it’s like to sit in a hospital and Hospice hours and days on end. My dad was hospitalized and completely unresponsive for 4 days before he died.

    I also noticed that Andy passed away in Reading, MA which is near where both my mom and dad were born. Who knows, maybe they knew each other somehow or met at some point. The world is a small place.

    I just wanted to send my condolences and pass on my sympathy for both you and your family. It’s such a young age for someone to go, especially when they’re leaving behind children and such. I just remember everyday that no one is really ever gone. They’re just in a different place where you all eventually meet anyways. It gets better faster than you know, especially with so many memoirs to read collected in one place where so many people share the same views and their thoughts.

    Take care.

  33. Peter Shankman Says:

    We’ll miss you terribly, Andy. Vaya Con Dios. You’re free.

  34. Paul Says:

    Truly a wonderful man and inspiration. We will miss you Andy.

    My prayers to his family.


  35. Janet Roberts Says:

    I met Andy in 2004 at a ContentBiz summit sponsored by MarketingSherpa, However, I had been hearing about him for ages from former co-workers at, because we were based in Green Bay, Wis., where Andy had lived for a number of years while his father was minister at the Methodist church down the street from my own UCC church.

    Come to find out (as we say in Green Bay) that he lived one block over from where I live now, we went to the same grade school, and we knew many of the same people, all of whom remembered him fondly years later.

    Sure, he was an Internet publishing genius, but also a great person, and that is the legacy for which he will be remembered longest. My condolences to Andy’s family and close friends, and my prayers, too.

  36. Pamela Parker Caird Says:

    Rest in peace, Andy.

  37. Hal Alpiar Says:

    May he rest in peace and in knowing that his contributions here in this lifetime have made a difference for so many.

    Through his efforts, I once had some ClickZ opportunities that helped focus my career pursuits into more productive directions.

    I appreciate his life. Many will miss him.

  38. lincoln ong Says:

    prayers out to the family…..

  39. Pat Marcello Says:

    Bless Andy and his family. The world lost someone special today.

  40. Alan Petersen Says:

    I never met Andy personally but he always was very helpful sharing his knowledge on the Internet marketing forums. He will be missed.

    My prayers and thoughts are with his family.

    RIP Andy.

  41. Andy Jenkins Says:

    My heart breaks with you all. Andy, we’ll see you on the other side. Thank you for a life wonderfully lived.

    Andy Jenkins

  42. Mark Nolan Says:

    Andy was a special person, and he will be especially missed by everyone.

    Rest in peace.

    Mark Nolan

  43. Bev Clement Says:

    I never met Andy in person, but talked with him via email.

    Andy you were a generous person who was always willing to help and encourage people to think and go beyond where they were willing to go.

    You will be sadly missed. Thank you for all your help and support.

    Bev & Rob Clement

  44. Chris Zavadowski Says:

    I’ll certainly miss seeing Andy’s smiling face at events - I’m glad he’s at peace now. I hope your family can find peace in time, too. He was a ‘good guy’!

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

    God Bless,

    Chris Zavadowski

  45. Daniel White Says:

    As a tribute to Mr. Bourland, I have made a post on my blog for my condolences.

  46. Jay White Says:

    Our prayers are with you. I met Andy last summer and he made quite the impression on me. He will certainly be missed.

    Jay White

  47. David Smith Says:

    There are many of us who mourn with you tonight. I had only met Andy a few times but we followed and commented on each other’s writings. He was always somebody who could be counted on the answer straight.
    FYI, there are messages being posted all around Facebook and on Twitter tonight and there will be many more as the world gets back to work Tuesday. Same with the Oldtimers, but I think you have access to those. All of these might be worth a chapter in your book. Please let me know if you need assistance parsing either one of these for the messages.

  48. Ted Newman Says:

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Andy but he will never be far from the thoughts of his marketing friends and followers as well as all of his beloved family.

    Treasure his memories and try and find strength in the fact that he will never be forgotten…You will never be alone.

    My deepest sympathy to you all.

  49. Chris Rempel Says:

    Rest in peace, Andrew.

    He was an inspiration to many. Even from the little I knew of him - I know enough to say that his character and humility are something I hope I can aspire to in my own life.

    I can’t even imagine the sorrow felt by his family and friends right now.

    My prayers are with you all.

    God Bless


  50. Jay Aaron Says:

    Like so many others, my life was touched and made more wonderful by Andy’s wisdom and generosity of spirit.

    I’ll miss not being able to read anything “new” from Andy, but will revel in continuing to learn from all that he has archived and shared so that we may continue to benefit.

    Don’t just rest in peace, Andy. Keep celebrating, wherever you are!

    Jay Aaron

  51. Clarissa McIntosh Says:

    My condolences to the family. May your happier memories of Andy comfort you and bring you peace at this very difficult time. (Psalm 91)

    God Bless and keep you,
    Clarissa McIntosh (misscmac)

  52. Mari Smith Says:

    Dear Andy - you were one of my first Facebook friends in early 2007 and always a wonderful, friendly and helpful person. You’ll be missed dearly here… rest in peace. Your spirit lives on.

    All blessings to your family.

  53. Tanya Noel Says:

    Andy’s Family,
    I’m very sorry to hear about your loss.
    Only from knowing about Andy online: what a positive and thought provoking impression he made on so many. Smart, kind, down to earth, funny, witty, and so much more. In the sometimes daunting world of marketing, he gave many a helpful place to learn and grow from. I appreciate Andy’s spirit, words of wisdom, and Jeanne’s sharing the story of how your family came to be. Thank you. Andy’s spirit lives on among many. Sending many prayers, and wishes of blessings, to your lovely family. God Bless, Tanya Noel

  54. John Says:

    Sorry to hear about that…

    Andrew, you and your family will be in my prayers and thoughts.

  55. Bryan Eisenberg Says:

    Andy was a very special person. For so many reasons. He has left a mark on so many of us.

    Rest in peace. My prayers are with you and your family.

  56. Jeffrey Eisenberg Says:

    I will miss him and won’t forget him. My deeply felt condolences to all who cared for Andy.

  57. Mike Merz Says:

    When Andy revealed he was terminally ill, I contacted him … saying that I wondered why he had not been as interactive as he usually was … I did not realize.

    He apologized …

    God bless you, Andy … you will be missed, so many times over … and remembered, fondly, by the many you’ve touched.


  58. Sharon Hayes Says:

    So sorry to hear this.

    My best to Jeanne, other family members and his close friends. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be.

  59. Ram Says:

    Rest in peace. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  60. Cindy Says:

    Being a weekend aide at the Hospice House, I only knew Andy a short while. He was a gentleman with a quiet, genuine soul. His blue eyes and smile spoke volumes as his speech started failing him. He passed with courage and dignity as, I’m sure, he had lived his life.

    He will be remembered…

  61. Rick Zwetsch Says:

    As with many, I never met Andy in person. But we communicated many, many times by email waaay back in the early Click Z days.

    Andy was the king of all kings and what always impressed me the most was given how insanely busy he always was - he ALWAYS returned email. Always!

    RIP Andy, this world is a better place because you were here. I hope everyone on the other side opens their arms REAL BIG for you!


  62. Brian T. Edmondson Says:

    Hi first heard of Andy when he launched Clickbank University and ended up helping him with that site through emails and videos.

    It wasn’t until I met him in person at a seminar in Philadelphia when I realized how energetic, optimistic, and intelligent he really was…

    We will miss you Andy, our prayers go out to you and your loved one.

    Brian T. Edmondson

  63. Michel Fortin Says:

    My wishes and thoughts of gratitude for everything Andrew has done for me and my family I’d like to extend to his during this time.

    You will be sadly and sorely missed, my friend.

    Michel Fortin

  64. Michael B. Dycus, Ph.D Says:

    I’m so sorry for this loss.
    Yes without Andy’s help, thousands of us would’t have survived the early years on the ‘Net.
    I think it was about 12 years ago when I first began learning from this Great Man.
    He will truly be remembered as
    A Great One in my book.

  65. Peter Koning Says:

    Andy you’ll be missed. You were one of the good guys.

    Rest in Peace.

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  67. Jason Brunson Says:

    The great ones will be missed. Too bad we cannot capture all of that knoweledge before one passes on and pass it to the next generation.

  68. Eric and Erica Saum Says:

    Your family will be in our family’s thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there anything we can do for you at home or at school.

  69. Eric and Erica Saum Says:

    Your family will be in our family’s thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there anything we can do for you at home or at school.

  70. Eric and Erica Saum Says:

    Your family will be in our family’s thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there anything we can do for you at home or at school.

  71. Eric and Erica Saum Says:

    Your family will be in our family’s thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there anything we can do for you at home or at school.

  72. Eric and Erica Saum Says:

    Your family will be in our family’s thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there anything we can do for you at home or at school.

  73. Eric and Erica Saum Says:

    Your family will be in our family’s thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there anything we can do for you at home or at school.

  74. Eric and Erica Saum Says:

    Your family will be in our family’s thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there anything we can do for you at home or at school.

  75. Shannon Says:

    Andy was so generous, caring, funny and brilliant. I will always remember you with a smile. You gave me some wonderful opportunities and I will treasure the time we worked together always.

    It’s times like these that words are hard to come by to articulate the sadness and loss. This quote was given to me by my grandmother and may it give your family some peace and solace-
    We cannot always
    Understand the ways
    Of Almighty God-
    The crosses which He sends
    Us, the sacrifices which He
    Demands of us…
    But we accept with faith
    and resignation His holy
    will with no looking back
    to what might have been,
    And we are at peace.
    - Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers,

  76. jason callery Says:

    rest inpeace

  77. Sean Clark Says:

    Rest In Peace. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  78. Ed Hudson Says:

    Andy… you touched many lives, a lot you never met. I can only hope to do the same for others that you did while God had you here. Rest in peace now, you’ll be missed, more than you or your family will ever really know.

    Ed Hudson

  79. christopher regan Says:

    Rest in peace, dear sir. You will be sorely missed, more than I can imagine.

  80. Rodney Rumford Says:

    I am saddened to learn of Andy leaving us so soon. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

    I met Andy online a while back and always enjoyed his insights, intelligence and willingness to share. Remember the good times and celebrate a live well lived. You will be missed Andy. :(

  81. Tina Levine Says:

    I just heard the news today. I was Andy’s neighbor for quite a few years. His kids used to come over to my kids birthday parties. All I remember is Andy was one of the sweetest men I have ever known. I am in shock and my heart goes out to his family. God bless you all.

  82. ClickZ Fan Says:

    Hi, I just found this blog through the news of your death. May buddha be with you.

  83. Nathaniel Altman, Jackie & John Says:

    We are so very sorry to hear of Andy’s passing. He was such a kind and happy man who always had a smile on his face and a warm greeting. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very difficult time, Jeanne and your girls, Ashley, Hannah and Nathaniel’s buddy Roger, and Susan.

  84. Joanne Hoff Says:

    Our dear Andy your beautiful smile will remain with us even though you have gone on to bestow it on our loved ones in Heaven, and all those who have gone before you . We remain here to hold you in our memory and dedicate ourselves to Jeanne. All our love Rob, Connor, Charlie, and Charlotte… she has shed many a tear for you and remembers you in her prayers every night( I know, she still is a ball of energy)

  85. Marcel Says:

    RIP Andy,

    You were an inspiration to so many of us.

  86. Erin Brenner Says:

    I’ve known since Monday. I’ve been back here almost daily since. And I still don’t know what to say, other than I’ll miss you, Andy. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work for you. May you be at peace, my friend.

  87. Patty Apkarain Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I did not know Andrew but followed the link from the Eagle Tribune. He sounds like a special man who lived and loved life like it was meant to be lived and loved.

    Your story of how you two met in Target brought tears to my eyes. You were both very blessed to have met each other. May the many stories for your book comfort you and your children during this difficult time.

    You and your family are in my prayers. May Andrew rest peacefully with the Lord now.

  88. Christopher Stowens Says:

    I met Andy years ago through his brother, my good friend, Roger. Like Roger, Andy had that magical Bourland spark. My condolences on your loss. Andy’s words, Jeanne’s words and those of all who have written here are so powerful, poignant and inspirational. They resonate and will be carried in our hearts and minds for years to come.

  89. Anna Maria Virzi Says:


    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

    Your words and work live on.

    Anna Maria Virzi

  90. Paul Irvine Says:

    My most heart felt sympathy goes out to Andys family at this painful time.

    You will be in our thoughts and our prayers.

    Rest in peace, dearest Andy Bourland, you were taken too soon, yet your memory and accomplishments will live on.


  91. Nancy A. Todd Says:

    Dear Jeanne and all of Andy’s family and friends,
    It is impossible to capture the life of an indivdual, especially one so extraordinary as Andy, in a few hours, a few words, but your ceremony of Andy’s life was beautiful and honored his many graces. Thank you for opening your hearts and allowing me to share in your memories.
    Nancy Todd

  92. Jean Hannah Says:

    I did not have the pleasure of every meeting Andy, but he sounds like he was such an intelligent gentle person.

    My prayers are with his family and friends at this sad time.

  93. Janet Nelson Says:

    I am so sorry to learn of Andy’s passing. I knew him when I was a member at Fumc in Omaha and Andy was just a kid. Janet Nelson (Lambert and Rowe).

  94. Trader colombia Says:

    I am seaching for some idea to write in my blog� somehow come to your blog. best of luck. Eugene

  95. Ramon Ray Says:

    Dear Ms. Bourland, I am writing to express my shock at the passing of Andy, I never met Andy but did correspond with him once (maybe twice) by email and talked to him once on the phone I think. However, I definitely “knew him” through

    We have lost a treasure and I hope you and your family are all doing well.

    Kind regards,

    Ramon Ray, Editor & Technology Evangelist,

  96. Jason Cheltenham Says:

    Not been on for a while, so only just found out. I’m so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you.

  97. Major Medical Says:

    I am so sorry. I have been a frequent reader, but never posted. So sad.

  98. Авто любитель Says:

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  99. Sam Says:

    Although already dead, your name will always be remembered…

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