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What is NASA CoLab?

NASA CoLab connects communities inside and outside NASA to collaborate. What types of collaboration? Just about anything! From providing a framework for people to work directly with NASA scientists to supporting open source projects, we stimulate exploration surrounding the space program. CoLab is a NASA program that enables collaboration via virtual and physical coworking environments as well as emerging technologies. What's the end goal? Through collaborating on projects and programs we can make NASA-at-large more open and innovative.

Get Involved!
CoLab is making it easier to collaborate with NASA, but there are many ways of collaborating with and participating in NASA's work right now! Come to one of our upcoming Luna Philosophie events.

Existing NASA projects in the collaborative, participatory spirit:
* NASA World Wind 3D Planetary data visualization
* MyNASAData Atmospheric data interaction
* HiRISE Clickworkers Mars landform identification
* DAWN Clickworkers Planetary body crater identification

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