Some screenshots:
By saving information about user activity as remixable metadata, the Collex system writes current practice into the scholarly record and permits knowledge discovery based not only on the characteristics or facets of digital objects, but also on folksonomy: the contexts in which they are placed by a community of scholars.


  • start screen: initial view into NINES, with no constraints selected. cloud view of collected genres displayed in sidebar.
  • results: a view of the system after a constraint has been introduced in the faceted browser. list view of one user's "visual art" objects is displayed in the sidebar.
  • object detail: a detail view, in the sidebar, of one collected object, with tags and annotations, and similar objects suggested by the computer at bottom. a different constraint set at right.
  • an exhibit: a page from a finished Collex exhibit, in which user-collected, tagged, and annotated NINES objects are presented with critical commentary. this full exhibit (with an alternate look and feel) is available at the Rossetti Archive.