Compare Editions

There are 3 editions of BB FlashBack: Express, Standard and Professional.

  • Express is free and enables you to record the screen, sound, webcam, share movies online or save them as Flash and AVI files.
  • Standard edition adds annotation and WMV, QuickTime exporting
  • Professional edition adds powerful audio and video editing, EXE export and effects like zoom and pan.

You can install all 3 editions side-by-side on the same PC to try them out.

Feature Comparison
  Expr Std Pro
Record screen, microphone, PC sounds and webcam
Record the full screen, a window or region
Record and display keystrokes
Record continuously and limit the final file size
Choice of recording modes to suit older or newer PCs
Records Vista's Aero mode
Upload to Youtube,, Viddler, Revver
Upload to generic http, ftp and local network file servers    
Export to Flash - SWF and FLV (Flash video)
Export to AVI
Export to Windows Media Video (WMV)  
Export to QuickTime (H264)  
Export to Standalone EXE    
Export to MS Powerpoint    
Add textboxes  
Add sound files or record a new commentary  
Add images  
Highlight areas of the screen  
Add interactive buttons  
Add AVI or WMV file as picture-in-picture video  
Frame-by-frame video editing    
Multi-track audio editing    
Smooth out or re-record cursor movements    
Speed up and slow down sections of the movie    
Cursor highlighting
Zoom and Pan    
Cropping the movie area    
BB FlashBack Express
Windows 7
Compatible with Windows 7