In Fall 2008, I am moving on and will be starting
a visiting faculty position
at Mount Holyoke College
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Rob Salgado


Senior Part-Time Instructor of Physics (Spring 2006-Fall 2007)
Department of Physics
Syracuse University
201 Physics Building,
Syracuse NY 13244-1130 []

the sky [SYR]


Roberto B. Salgado - presentations
Roberto B. Salgado - teaching experience (syllabi)

Rob as Teacher Rob as Researcher
Senior Part-Time Instructor of Physics (Spring 2006-Fall 2007)
Syracuse University

Assistant Professor of Physics (2002-Katrina2005)
Dillard University

(Temporary) Assistant Professor of Physics (1999-2001)
Truman State University

Instructor (Summers 1992-1999)
Syracuse University

Research Associate (2001-2002)
SUNY Upstate Medical
SUNY Medical Imaging Research Group

Graduate Student
[Relativity Theory] Syracuse University

Physics Pedagogy and Physics Education

  • Rob's AAPT Presentations
  • Teaching Relativity
  • Teaching Electromagnetism
    • Visualizing Electromagnetic Fields
      VRML VPython
    • Visualizing Maxwell's Equations
    • Maxwell's Equations via Differential Forms
  • Teaching Mechanics
    • Spacetime Diagrams for basic kinematics
      "A spacetime diagram is worth a thousand words."

Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Rob on the Web - "New Ideas for Teaching Relativity"
The Light Cone an illuminating introduction to Relativity
The Twin Paradox applet
Visualizing Proper Time
Rob's VPython projects
Kinematics applet
The VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism
The Right-Hand Rule
NeatTools modules [Pulsar project (Center for Really Neat Research)]