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[edit] Highest Priority

[edit] Code not correct end

Mistakes in articles "List of homing endonuclease cutting sites" and "List of restriction enzyme cutting sites" were fixed. Flakinho (talk) 06:41, 30 April 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Headlines start with one "=" (partial BOT)

article info
9mm Parabellum Bullet =Formation and Early Releases (2005 - 2006)=
Centered System of Sets =Definition=
Company Level Intelligence Cell =Source=
Crab Cay =Ruins=
Fellow =Academia=
International football players with dual citizenship =Europe=
IUCN Red List conservation dependent species =[[Animalia]]=
IUCN Red List near threatened species =[[Animalia]]=
List of future AMD microprocessors =Desktop processors=
List of television channels available in Ireland =TV Channels from Ireland=
List of US politicians with Confederate ancestry =References=
Margarita (given name) =See also==
Marissa Delgado =TV SHOWS=
Midreshet Aviv =External Links=
N. T. Rama Rao Jr. = Career =
Operation Al Majid =Source=
Operation Defeat Al Qaeda in the North =Source=
Operation Guardian Tiger IV =Source=
Oron (state) =Geography and government=
Porta del Sol =Attractions=
Rock Shop Music Group =References=
Samsung SGH-T100 = References =
Skybuilt Power = Summary =
Tammy Williams = College =
Vulnerable species =[[Animalia]]=

[edit] Headlines start with three "=" and later with level two

article info
3rd African Movie Academy Awards === Major Awards ===
3rd Single Infantry Battalion (Estonia) ===Order of battle===
40th Infantry Division (United Kingdom) ===World War I ===
42d Expeditionary Airlift Squadron ===Operations<ref name="AFHRA 42 EAS Page"/>===
461st Bombardment Wing === Lineage ===
4735th Air Defense Group === Operations===
47th Air Division === Lineage ===
497th Air Refueling Wing ===Lineage===
4th California Infantry ===4th California Regiment of Infantry Commanders===
American Idiot World Tour ===Setlist===
Atlanta Student Movement === [[Appeal for Human Rights]] ===
Committee on the Appeal for Human Rights === Members of COAHR ===
Einstürzende Neubauten logo ===Origin and meaning===
Hillvalleyhigh ===Etymology===
List of IIHF World Championships by Attendance ===List===
Murder (Norway) ==== Miscellaneous forms of murder ====
Murder (Romanian law) ===Degrees of murder===
Murder (United States law) ====Degrees of murder in the United States====
Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008 ===Changes===
Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 ===Changes===
Rink Hockey Bundesliga ===List of Winners===
Seismic Micro-Technology ===Business locations===
The Coventry Martyrs ===Lollardy in 15th-century Coventry===
Third North American blizzard of 2010 ===Impact===
Xyriel Manabay ===Television shows===

[edit] ISBN wrong checksum in ISBN-10

article info
1890s 0930973193 3 vs. 4 (224 mod 11)
1st Polish Armoured Regiment 83-011863-9-3 3 vs. 9 (218 mod 11)
320 mm Model 1934 naval gun 385-0-7247-0-3 3 vs. 0 (165 mod 11)
37th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment 094441354X X vs. 4 (169 mod 11)
381mm / 50 Model 1934 naval gun 385-0-7247-0-3 3 vs. 0 (165 mod 11)
3D optical data storage 1-12-635490-1 1 vs. 2 (178 mod 11)
3rd (Lahore) Division 0-7137-1869-4 4 vs. 2 (255 mod 11)
4-6-2 3-7002-0431-X X vs. 0 (88 mod 11)
4-6-2 91-85089-13-2 2 vs. 3 (201 mod 11)
457th Air Expeditionary Group 0-9648926-0-2 2 vs. 10 (208 mod 11)
49th Operations Group 1-84176-785-7 7 vs. 9 (262 mod 11)
5"/25 caliber gun (United States) 0385-0-7247-0 0 vs. 3 (201 mod 11)
5"/51 caliber gun 0385-0-7247-0 0 vs. 3 (201 mod 11)
Aspatria RUFC 07137 1838 7 7 vs. 2 (222 mod 11)
Bartholomew the Apostle 0-85229-633-0 0 vs. 9 (196 mod 11)
Bartholomew the Apostle 0-385-49663-4 4 vs. 10 (241 mod 11)
Beqir Balluku 0253203257 7 vs. 2 (123 mod 11)
Beqir Balluku 0253203257 7 vs. 2 (123 mod 11)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: My Last Year 0108153674 4 vs. 3 (201 mod 11)
Digital art 2-7385-7223-0 0 vs. 5 (181 mod 11)
Digital art 2-7385-7223-0 0 vs. 5 (181 mod 11)
Efigenio Ameijeiras 0277979037 7 vs. 10 (230 mod 11)
Jack Kirby 6194123064 4 vs. 0 (143 mod 11)
John Barbirolli 0-413-40940-0 0 vs. 6 (138 mod 11)
List of English football champions 0-1410-1582-8 8 vs. 9 (141 mod 11)

[edit] ISBN wrong checksum in ISBN-13

article info
20000 Varuna 987-0-8165-2755-7 7 vs. 5
Battle of Mohács 0075434536776 6 vs. 7
Biblical inerrancy 978-0-10-280290-3 3 vs. 0
Bread 9780822338335 5 vs. 8
Canada–Haiti relations 978-2-2620154-0-6 6 vs. 4
Change management 978-0-9767359-0-3 3 vs. 8
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: My Last Year 9780713672576 6 vs. 2
E-scape 978-1-904158-63-3 3 vs. 9
Fourth Realm Trilogy 978-0-385-51439-9 9 vs. 2
Haiti 978-2-2620154-0-6 6 vs. 4
Henry Kissinger 973-3-940405-70-8 8 vs. 3
History of the Luftwaffe (1933–1945) 978-1-903223-71-7 7 vs. 0
Mohammad Ataul Karim 978-1-4200-5474-0 0 vs. 3
Mohammad Ataul Karim 978-1-4200-6131-3 3 vs. 4
Niccolò Machiavelli 978-0-934941-003 3 vs. 6
Operation Barbarossa 9870375724718 8 vs. 6
Paris Métro 978-1-85414-322-0 0 vs. 8
Phrarajbhavanavisudh 978-974-94783-0-4 4 vs. 1
QF 12 pounder 12 cwt naval gun 978-1-84067-529-2 2 vs. 0
Robert Siciliano 978-0-07-069614-0 0 vs. 3
Samuel Fox (1781-1868) 978-1850723672 2 vs. 7
Scattered disc 987-0-8165-2755-7 7 vs. 5
Singaporean Hokkien 9787561516924 4 vs. 8
Theoren Fleury 978-1-55469-239-3 3 vs. 2
Virgin birth of Jesus 978-0-10-280290-3 3 vs. 0

[edit] ISBN wrong length

article info
1829 in New Zealand 0 4614 008 5 9
2001 anthrax attacks 10 2
2009 in poetry 978184777016 12
2010 in poetry 978-1-9046140-96-8 14
All Things Must Pass 094671950 9
Cian d'Fhearaibh Bolg 0 954798 1 3 9
Felix Mendelssohn 089579293 9
Fra Angelico 0 500 231236 2 11
Friedrich Hecker 13-978-1-932250-27-5 15
Kate L Leser 13 978-87-7241-282-5 15
Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore 848725987 9
Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore 848725995 9
Religious conversion 90 2
Yarlung Valley 0-86171-87-8 9

[edit] ISBN wrong position of X

article info
1813 in New Zealand 978 1901231 81 X
4-8-0 87749-150-X
Boulton Paul Defiant X-9999-0042-X
Constitutional convention (political custom) 19876202X
Culture of Iran 1568591772 x
Fauna of Scotland 0224033961X
Formal language 0-201-029880-X
Friedrich Nietzsche 0-08078-8085-X
Geology of the North Sea 0-4444-50611-X
George Gershwin 10075675660X
Harrison Slater 0-150100580-X
Ivan Engler 388778-2002x
Jan Zweyer 978-389425212X
Memorial Grounds 1 8999890 19 X
Oshki 10075465740X
Polyploidy 10 0-471-69939-X
Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica 978479733780X
Sinn Féin 55207862X
Statistical machine translation 0-12-36280-X
Steamtown Peterborough Museum 978-1-84677-066-x
Supermarine Spitfire 1-885605-702-X
Supermarine Spitfire operational history 1-885605-702-X
The Music Man 10-083718486X 1975
The Picture of Dorian Gray 978-0140433187-X
White House 698-10546-X

[edit] ISBN wrong syntax (AutoEd)

article info
Ernest Hemingway -10
Human-readable medium -13
Machine-readable -13
Machine-readable medium -13

[edit] Reference duplication (partial AWB)

article info
Alexander Hamilton <ref>Chernow, p. 63.</ref>
Atlanta Student Movement <ref>[ Interview (Audio) with Lonnie King] - PBA Online</ref>
Berthelinia caribbea <ref></ref>
Berthelinia chloris <ref></ref>
Berthelinia pseudochloris <ref></ref>
Brad Lamm <ref>{{cite news | name = “Former Addict” | last = Browning-Blas | first = Kristen | title = Former addict now preaches a new family of intervention | publisher = [[The Denver Post]] | date = June 1, 2009 | url = | accessdate = 2010-02-12}}</ref>
Carnism <ref>"Mentality of Meat"</ref>
Clyde Rucker <ref> Last accessed 25 February 2010</ref>
Doors Open Ottawa <ref>[ About Doors Open Ottawa]</ref>
Elections in Connecticut <ref></ref>
Footage Recorder <ref>[ Footage Recorder - Capture and archive your video]</ref>
Gilbert Bayes <ref>Public sculpture of Glasgow By Raymond McKenzie, Gary Nisbet</ref>
John Barr (shinty) <ref>[]</ref>
Leonard Tan Khang Hwee <ref></ref>
Mike McCready (music entrepreneur) <ref></ref>
Modern Female Ninja: Flesh Hell <ref>{{cite web |url=|title=現代くノ一肉地獄|accessdate=2010-02-26|language=Japanese|publisher=[[Japanese Movie Database]]}}</ref>
Necessity defense (Kansas) <ref>[ Allowing a manslaughter defence brings risk of anarchy ], The Independent, Jan. 13, 2010.</ref>
Ohm Krüger <ref>Welch, ''Propaganda'', p. 231.</ref>
Old age and driving <ref></ref>
Pat Hanna <ref></ref>
Psammobates <ref>[] (Retrieved Feb. 24, 2010.)</ref>
Saturn Returns (Film) <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Saturn Returns (2009): Official Website}}</ref>
Titanium ring <ref>Matthew J. Donachie, Jr. (1988). TITANIUM: A Technical Guide. Metals Park, OH: ASM International. p. 11. ISBN 0871703092.</ref>
VEXNEWS <ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Fevola 'harassed reporter at Brownlow'|date=9 October 2009|work=Ninemsn|accessdate=24 February 2010}}</ref>
Whorecore <ref></ref>

[edit] Section without content

article info
List of Transmetropolitan story arcs ==="21 Days in the City" #26===
March 2010 in rail transport === March 1 - March 6 ===

[edit] Square brackets not correct end (AWB assisted, partial BOT)

article info
2C-E [[New Zealand has a catch-all Analogues section in Schedule 3 / Class C of their
3-D film [[In January 2008, 3ality Digital and National Geographic Entertainment released
32nd Saturn Awards [[Kyle Pratt] - ''[[Flightplan]]''*[[Laura Linney]] - ''[[The Exorcism Of Emily Rose]]''*[[Rache
39th Infantry Division (United States) [[Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, Louisiana, the Division was deployed to France but
3GG [[Dan Lyons (presenter)] & [[Ken]]| Networked (From Gold Coast)| 20 Minutes| 60 minutes|-
3GG [[Dan Lyons (presenter)] & [[Ken]]| Networked (From Gold Coast)| 20 Minutes| 60 minutes|-
42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division [[Rochdale].]Outlying detachments at Middleton and Todmorden.<br>disbanded Februar
45th Academy Awards [[''For the engineering of a computerized light valve monitoring system for motio
46th Operations Group [[ 46th Operations Group
Aéropostale (clothing) [[The ''Aéropostale'' name is [[French language|French]] for ''"air mail"'' and
Achievement Motivation Inventory [[Category:Articles created via the Article Wizard]
Alexander Hamilton [[ in JSTOR] *Littlefield, Daniel C. "Joh
Baharagora [[vi:Baharagora]
Barbara Eden [[Rock Hue time, in partnership with [[20th Century Fox]] studios. Eden's co-star
Holy Transfiguration Church, Kėdainiai [[1895] the church also turned out to be too tiny and it was replaced by the one
Howard Apfel [[Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society]. He also was a Senior mentor and write
Indy Sagu [[Best Newcomer Award for his solo album "The Debut" presented by [[Tim Westwood]]<ref>{{cit
Joseph Planta [[Privy Council of the United Kingdom|Privy council in [[List of Privy Counsellor
Mary Lou Serafine [[]*Reeves
Me Too! (UK TV series) [[Nurse||Ross Allan|-|Rudi [[Market stall trader || [[Chris McCausland]]===Children==={|class="wikitable
Me Too! (UK TV series) [[Market stall trader || [[Chris McCausland]]===Children==={|class="wikitable" style="textalign-centre"|-!Character!Parent(s)|-|Lis
Me Too! (UK TV series) [[Physician|Doctor]Rosemary Amoani|-|-Rudi ||[[Market Stallholder| Chris McCausland|-|Micke
One Eyed King [[Josh Hopkins] as Chuck*[[Armand Assante]] as Holly*[[Chazz Palminteri]] as Eddi
Pestalozzi-Stiftung Hamburg [[strength]s and [[interest]]s, and to build social [[network]]s within the [[society]]
Ronda Curtin [[Western Women's Hockey League==Playing career==Prior to playing for Minnesota,

[edit] Table not correct end

article info
2008 Asian Junior Men's Volleyball Championship {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"…
2008 Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"…
2008 Asian Youth Boys Volleyball Championship {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"…
2008 Asian Youth Girls Volleyball Championship {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"…
2008 WNBA Finals {| class="toccolours" style="font-size: 95%; width…
2008–09 Southern League Cup {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center"|-…
2008–09 Super 10 season {| class="wikitable" style="float:left; margin-rig…
2009 Big East Men's Basketball Tournament {| class="wikitable" style="width:25em; text-align…
2009 FIVB Boys Youth World Championship {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"…
2009 FIVB Men's Junior World Championship {| style=border-collapse:collapse border=1 cellspa…
2009 Flu Pandemic Summary {| border=".5" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" wid…
2009 Inter Provincial Tournament Meyersdal {| class="wikitable" style="font-size:90%; width: …
2009 Japanese television dramas {| class="wikitable"!align="left"|Japanese Title…
2009 Super League Malaysia {| border="2" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" styl…
2009 West Java earthquake {|class="sortable wikitable"|-!Area!Total|-| …
2009 WNBA Finals {| class="toccolours" style="font-size: 95%; width…
2009–10 ACB season {| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align: c…
2009–2010 Canadian network television schedule {| class="wikitable sortable"!width="12%"|Week!w…
2010 Sudan Premier League {|class=infobox bordered|-|width=10px bgcolor=FF…
24 Hour Service Station {| border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="3" widt…
Gangland (TV series) {| class="wikitable" width=99%|-! style="backgro…
History of Rush {| class="toccolours" border=1 cellpadding=2 cells…
Jeremy Shada {| border="2" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" styl…
List of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Alumni Associations {| class="wikitable"|-! Location! Chapter! Yea…
List of Sleuth 101 episodes {| class="wikitable" width="98%"! width="5%" | Ep…

[edit] Template not correct begin (AWB assisted, partial BOT)

article info
1788 in Australia February 27 - A seventeen year {fact}}
2006 United States immigration reform protests Immigrant Coalition]{Dead lin|date=February 2010}}
2008 Copa Libertadores | |accessdate=2007-12-21 }}
2008 Turkish incursion into northern Iraq accessdate = 2008-02-28 | year = 2008 }}</ref>}}
2009 Copa Pachuca - [[Estadio Hidalgo]] - | ((Bandera | MEX }}
2009 flu pandemic in Uruguay /nacional/gripe-a-hay-otros-4-casos-y-llegan-a-21}}
2009 in spaceflight = [[Remote sensing]] |outcome = Operational }}}}
2009 Inter Provincial Tournament Meyersdal <br />|831 <br />|7 <br />|7 <br />|-}}
2009 Inter Provincial Tournament Meyersdal <br />|848 <br />|2 <br />|2 <br />|-}}
3rd (Lahore) Division tteer/pager.html?objectid=DS405.1.I34_V17_322.gif}}
Alternate Vacation 2010}} 2010}}
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder M. |date=2005-01-15 |accessdate=2009-05-25}}
Hannah Montana (season 3) are seen lying down. |LineColor = CC99CC}}
Heavy Rain Games - Heavy Rain|publisher=SCEE}}</ref>}}
Indian Space Research Organisation name=mistry94>Mistry, 94–95</ref>}}
Jason R. Dorfman 2Mausmaan+Di+Maar%22&ei=AECBS8fUFJbONPaUpOoP&cd=1}}
List of wineries in Ohio {Refimprove|date=January 2009}}
Mark Birtles Project It a Tie" '''VUE Weekly'''Retrieved 2010-03-04}}
Oscar Wilde |accessdate=19th Febuary 2010}}
Pattern matching structure: {fib[3],{fib[2],{fib[1]},{fib[0]}}
Pattern matching {fib[3],{fib[2],{fib[1]},{fib[0]}},{fib[1]}}
Pattern matching := Binomial[2i, i] Compile[{x, {i, _Integer}}
Quelepa the third tier was approximately convert|1.6|m|ft}}
Surya Sivakumar 1998 |work= Dinakaran |accessdate=1998-04-12}} }}
Western Bulldogs s/NewsArticle/tabid/208/Default.aspx?newsId=32977}}

[edit] Template not correct end (AWB assisted, partial BOT)

article info
2001 El Salvador earthquakes {{Cquote|The construction equipment of the Ministry of Public Works was thinly stretched
2004 Atlanta Falcons season {{]]</ref> ==Week 10==In week 10,
2007 CIS Men's Soccer Championship {{football squad player | no=21 | nat=CAN | pos=FW | name=[[Kofi Ilboudo]] | other=Carleton
2008 Adelaide Football Club season {{AFL 2008)){{Adelaide Crows}}[[Category:Adelaide Football Club seasons]][[Category:2008
2008 Copa Simón Bolívar {{Navbox</noinclude><includeonly>|-| {{Navbox|child</includeonly>| name = Copa
2009 California wildfires {{cite_news |last=Knoll |first=Corinna |coauthors=& Becerra, Hector. |title=TV, cellphone
2009 Copa Simón Bolívar {{Navbox</noinclude><includeonly>|-| {{Navbox|child</includeonly>| name = Copa
2009 Milk Cup {{footballbox|date = 27 July 2009|time = 19:00|team1 = {{fbu-rt|19|NIR}}|score =
2009–10 UAE Premier League {{fb|UAE} || {{flagicon|UAE}} [[Bani Yas Club|Bani Yas]]|-| || {{fb|UAE}} || {{flagicon|UAE}}
2010 Alpine Skiing World Cup {{flagicon===Team event==={| bgcolor="#f7f8ff" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" border="1"
2010 in film {{cite web |</ref>|}==Notable deaths==
2011 NHL Entry Draft {{cite web|url=|title=PANTHERS TRADE DOMINIC
23809 Haswell {{DEFAULTSORT:{{Minor planets navigator|23808 Joshuahammer|(23810) 1998 QO45|}}{{Small
Ainsworth Mill, Breightmet {{DEFAULTSORT:Ainsworth Mill, Breightmet[[Category:Textile mills owned by the Lancashire
Australian Open {{cite web|url=</ref>*[[2009
Bartholomew the Apostle {{Saints portal} }{{Commons category|Saint Bartholomew|Bartholomew the Apostle}}*
Halmidi inscription {{{{Harvnb|Ramesh|1984b|pp=55–58}}</ref> 470 A.D.,<ref>{{Harvnb|Master|1944|pp=297-307}}</ref>
Kalafina discography {{nihongo|''[[Re/oblivious]]''| align="center"|37| align="center"|6| align="center"|<ref>{{cite
Kalafina discography {{nihongo|''[[Seventh Heaven (Kalafina album)|Seventh Heaven]]''| align="center"|8|
Kelly Beckett {{citeweb|url=|title=Kelly Beckett|</ref>
Kelly Beckett {{citeweb|url=</ref><ref> [[Paradiso Girls]] ([])</ref>==References=={{Reflist}
Papua New Guinea {{cite web|url=
Pro Duta Football Club Indonesia {{Sistem LI|level=2|promotion=[[Liga Super Indonesia]]|relegation={{Sepak bola di
Trinity {{Letellier, Robert. ''Day in Mamre, night in Sodom: Abraham and Lot in Genesis 18
Wipeout (roller coaster) {{Infobox roller coasterWipeout is a [[Vekoma]] boomerang coaster at [[Pleasurewood

[edit] Template parameter with problem

article info
2009 Pittsburgh Pirates season cite news, AP]] |title
2Be3 Infobox Musical artist, center]]| Img_capt
August Derleth columns-list, ''Sac Prairie Saga''*''Still is the Summer Night'' (1937)*''Wind Over Wisconsin'' (1938)*''Any Day Now'' (1938)*''Restless is the River'' (1939)*''Evening in Spring'' (1941)*''Sweet Genevieve'' (1942)*''Shadow of Night'' (1943)*''The Shield of the Valiant'' (1945)*''The House of Moonlight'' (1953)'''Other'''*''Murder Stalks the Wakely Family'' (1934)*''The Man on All Fours'' (1934)*''Three Who Died'' (1935)*''Sign of Fear'' (1935)*''Sentence Deferred'' (1939)*''The Narracong Riddle'' (1940)*''Bright Journey'' (1940)*''The Seven Who Waited'' (1943)*''Mischief in the Lane'' (1944)*''No Future for Luana'' (1945)*''Oliver, The Wayward Owl'' (1945)*''The Country of the Hawk'' (1952)*''The Captive Island'' (1952)*''Fell Purpose'' (1953)*''Death by Design'' (1953)*''Empire of Fur'' (1953)*''Land of Gray Gold'' (1954)*''Land of Sky Blue Waters'' (1955)*''The House on the Mound'' (1958)*''The Moon Tenders'' (1958)*''Wilbur, The Trusting Whippoorwill'' (1959)*''The Mill Creek Irregulars'' (1959)*''The Hills Stand Watch'' (1960)*''The Pinkertons Ride Again'' (1960)*''The Ghost of Black Hawk Island'' (1961)*''Sweet Land of Michigan'' (1962)*''The Tent Show Summer'' (1963)*''The Beast in Holger's Woods'' (1968)*''The Prince Goes West'' (1968)
Dawn Mill, Shaw Infobox Mill building, P.S. Stott]]| 1901 || 2006 | caption
Denis Leary Infobox Comedian, U.S.]]| medium
Dublin GAA GAA squad player, John Cooke]]|club
Gotta Get It (song) Infobox Single, T. Gray]]| Producer
Hands On You Infobox Single, M. Cooper]]| Producer
Howcast Infobox Dotcom company, Howcast logo]]| company_type
James "Sawyer" Ford Infobox Lost character, *Total Centric Episodes: 6. Name
Jesse Jane Female adult bio, Hazel]]| hair color
Malayalam language Infobox Language, A bilingual Malayalam and English sign board]] |map
Mile Jedinak Infobox Football biography 2, ]]| clubnumber
Nakheel Properties Infobox Company, 100px]] || vector_logo
Page Hamilton Infobox musical artist, Heavy metal]]| Occupation
Prince (musician) Infobox musical artist, Universal]]|Associated_acts
R&J Stone Infobox musical artist, USA]]| Instrument
Rahul Sankrityayan quotation, '''Novels'''*''Baisvin Sadi'' - 1923*''Jine ke Liye'' - 1940*''Simha Senapathi'' - 1944*''Jai Yaudheya'' - 1944*''Bhago Nahin, Duniya ko Badlo'' - 1944*''Madhur Svapna'' - 1949*''Rajasthani Ranivas'' - 1953*''Vismrit Yatri'' - 1954*''Divodas'' - 1960*''Vismriti Ke Garbh Me'''''Short Stories'''*''Satmi ke Bachche'' - 1935*''Volga Se Ganga'' - 1944*''Bahurangi Madhupuri'' - 1953*''Kanaila ki Katha'' - 1955-56'''Autobiography'''*''Meri Jivan Yatra I'' - 1944*''Meri Jivan Yatra II'' - 1950*''Meri Jivan Yatra III, IV, V'' - published posthumously'''Biography'''*''Sardar Prithvi Singh'' - 1955*''Naye Bharat ke Naye Neta (2 volumes)'' - 1942*''Bachpan ki Smritiyan'' - 1953*''Atit se Vartaman (Vol I)'' - 1953*''Stalin'' - 1954*''Lenin'' - 1954*''Karl Marx'' - 1954*''Mao-Tse-Tung'' - 1954*''Ghumakkar Swami'' - 1956*''Mere Asahayog ke Sathi'' - 1956*''Jinka Main Kritajna'' - 1956*''Vir Chandrasingh Garhwali'' - 1956*''Simhala Ghumakkar Jaivardhan'' - 1960*''Kaptan Lal'' - 1961*''Simhal ke Vir Purush'' - 1961*''Mahamanav Budha'' - 1956'''Some of his other books are''':-*''Mansik Gulami''*''Rhigvedic Arya''*''Ghumakkar Shastra''*''Kinnar desh mein''*''Darshan Digdarshan''*''Dakkhini Hindi ka Vyaakaran'' *''Puratatv Nibandhawali''*''Manava Samaj''
Rolls-Royce Merlin #tag:ref, Factory production numbers:* Rolls-Royce: Derby
Shawn Lalonde Infobox Ice Hockey Player, OHL]]| team
Shibu Soren Infobox Indian politician, Dumka]]| salary
Slovaks Infobox Ethnic group, Slovak]]|rels
Steven Tyler Infobox musical artist, US]]| Died
Trent Mill, Shaw Infobox Mill building, Spinning (ring mill)]]| architectural_style
Union Buildings Infobox Historic building, thumb]]|caption

[edit] Template programming element

article info
2008 Isle of Man TT {{{Image|}}}
2008 PBA Fiesta Conference {{{height_ft|6}}}|in={{{height_in|1}}}|precision=2|abbr=yes}}
2008 Phalguna Mela in Khatushyamji {{{image|}}}|
2008 Premier League Darts {{{sort|}}}|wikitable sortable|wikitable}}" style="text-align:
2008 Super 14 Final #if:|No. 8|{{#if:|Number eight|number eight}}}}]] [[Mose
2008–09 in Venezuelan football {{{sort|}}}|wikitable sortable|wikitable}}" style="text-align:
2008–09 Segunda División {{{width|400}}}|float={{{float|right}}}}}
2009 Úrvalsdeild {{{width|-1}}}|text=[[Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur|<span
2009 Baylor Bears football team {{{!}} class="navbox
2009 Isle of Man TT {{{Image|}}}
2009 Kazakhstan Premier League {{{width|500}}}|}}
2009 Michigan Wolverines football team {{NAMESPACE}}|{{ns:10}}
2009–10 Segunda División {{{width|400}}}|float={{{float|right}}}}}
2009–10 Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 {{{hth|}}}|Head-to-Head: used when two or more teams
2010 Úrvalsdeild {{{width|-1}}}|text=[[Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur|<span
2010 Liga Panameña de Fútbol Clausura {{{width|400}}}|float={{{float|right}}}}}
2010 Michigan Wolverines football team {{NAMESPACE}}|{{ns:10}}
2010 Widnes Vikings season {{{size|100%}}}; background-color: {{#if:{{{bg|}}}|#{{{bg}}}|transparent}};
3-way junction {{{1|Wye (railroad)}}}]].}}
30 Odd Foot of Grunts {{{2|30 Odd Foot of Grunts}}}] at [[]]
35th G8 summit {{{titlestyle|}}}
5 O'Clock Charlie {{{Caption}}}
Albert Kligman #if:Kligman, Albert M.|
England {{{width|230}}}|float={{{float|right}}}}}
So You Think You Can Dance (Poland) (season 3) {{{1|}}}"

[edit] Template with Unicode control characters (AutoEd, PY)

article info
82nd Academy Awards ‎|caption= |date= Sunday, March 7, 2010|site= [[Kodak Theatre]]</br>[[Hollywood,
Abolfazl Attar ‎ | imagesize = 170px| caption = | birthname = | birthdate = {{birth date|1968
Callum Stone ‎‎|250px]]| caption =Sam Callis as Sgt. Stone| first = ''Good Cop, Bad
E. Grey Lewis ‎}}
Evan Lysacek ‎February 1, 2010‎ | accessdate = February 7, 2010}}
F. Trowbridge vom Baur ‎}} ‎ |225px| caption = | birth_date = {{birth date and age|mf=yes|1961|03|07}}|
Hart T. Mankin ‎}}
It All Falls Apart ‎Thesight below 2ndalbum.jpg| Released = April 6, 2010| Recorded = | Genre
Leonardo Facco ‎|‎180px | caption = | birth_date = {{birth date and age|mf=yes|1964|04|03}}|
Libertarian Movement (Italy) ‎|200px]]|colorcode = gold|colors = [[Yellow]] or [[Gold (color)|gold]]|leader
Little Ann Little ‎| imagesize = 300px| caption = | birthname = | birthdate
Monte Pittman ‎| Background = non_vocal_instrumentalist| Birth_name = Monte
Murray High School (Kentucky) ‎]]| imagesize =| logo =| caption =The Front of MHS| streetaddress = 501 Doran
Rashid moussa ‎ | Name = Rashid Moussa| Img_capt = King of Mardelli
Roman Empire ‎|event_start = [[Augustus|Octavian]] proclaimed [[Augustus (honorific)|Augustus]]|year_start
STDU Explorer ‎|50px|STDU Viewer Icon]]| screenshot = | caption =
SuperValu (United States) ‎|U.S. Environmental Protection Agency]] |date=2009-08-25 |accessdate=2009-09-09}
Sweethead (album) ‎ | Released = November 2, 2009| Recorded = Recorded at Casa de Leones Studios,
TeenNick (UK & Ireland) ‎|175px]]| caption = ''TEENick'' Logo| premiered = July 20, 2009| discontinued
The Joneses ‎ | caption = Theatrical release poster| director = [[Derrick Borte]]|
TRT Belgesel ‎| launch = Unknown| owner = [[Turkish Radio and Television
Undefined Statements ‎‎‎|200px|alt=Vicky Shell Photo Shoot]]| Img_capt = | Background = solo_singer|
Zoran levnaic ‎ ]]| fullname = Zoran Levnaic| height = {{height|m=1.80}}| nationality = Serbian,
Zoran Levnaić ‎ ]]| fullname = Zoran Levnaic| height = {{height|m=1.80}}| nationality = Serbian,

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List of Dhangar clans in India ==Yadav==
List of discontinued Volkswagen Group petrol engines ===1.4 44kW===

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2010 Australian football code crowds ==Attendances by Match==
=====Single Matches=====
2010 Australian football code crowds ==Included Competitions==
=====National Competitions=====
2010 NAACP Image Awards ===Writing===
=====Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series=====
2010 NAACP Image Awards ===Directing===
=====Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series=====
2010 NAACP Image Awards ===Motion Picture===
=====Outstanding Motion Picture=====
2010 NAACP Image Awards ===Recording===
=====Outstanding New Artist=====
2010 NAACP Image Awards ===Television===
=====Outstanding Comedy Series=====
5-1-1 ==Active 511 Systems==
Alphonso Ford ==Pro career==
====NBA and CBA====
Choque-Rei == Staffs ==
====Current squad-Palmeiras====
Guitar Song ==Track listing==
====CD single (568 910-2)====
Kiddush ==Holiday eve kiddush==
====English translation of holiday eve kiddush====
Kiddush ==Holiday morning kiddush==
====English translation of holiday morning kiddush====
Kiddush == Hebrew text of Friday night kiddush ==
====English translation of Friday night kiddush====
Kiddush ==Shabbat morning kiddush==
====English translation of Shabbat morning kiddush====
Latvia national under-19 football team ==Current players==
Legal status of the Universal Life Church ==Court cases in the United States==
List of rulers of Hungary == Kings of Hungary==
==== House of Árpad====
List of rulers of Hungary ==Leaders of Hungary==
==== House of Árpad ====
List of rulers of Hungary ==Grand princes of Hungary==
==== House of Árpad ====
Marco Moré == Discography ==
==== Studio Albums ====
Murder (Canadian law) ==Causation==
North Shore (Sydney) ==Geography==
====Upper North Shore====
North Shore (Sydney) ==List of suburbs==
=====Upper North Shore=====
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US game show) ==Syndication==
====List of Fill-In Hosts====

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2009 flu pandemic in Uruguay <tr>
2009 flu pandemic in Venezuela <tr>
2009 Memorial Cup <table><tr><td valign=top>
2009 MLS Expansion Draft |below = <tr>
2009 Price Chopper 400 <TABLE><TR><TD>
2009 Sylvania 300 </TD><TD>
2010 Allan Cup <table><tr><td valign=top width=30%>
2010 Iowa State Cyclones football team <table class="wikitable"> <tr> <td valign=top> <table>
234 (number) <table border=1 style="float: right; border-collapse: collapse;">
23d Wing <table align=center class="wikitable">
25th Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan <table>
26th Alberta Legislative Assembly <table>
2nd arrondissement of Paris <th>Year<br>(of French censuses)
2nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union) <table border=0 width=250 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 align=right>
3-2-1 Contact <tr>
354th Fighter Wing <table align=center class="wikitable">
38th Parliament of British Columbia <table>
39th Parliament of British Columbia <table>
3rd arrondissement of Paris <th>Year<br>(of French censuses)
43 (number) <table align=center width=120px;>
49th Armored Division (United States) <table border=0>
4th arrondissement of Paris <th>Year<br>(of French censuses)
Kate L Lester <table border=1 width=250 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 align=right>
PayDay (lottery) <table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0">
Yeywa Dam | extra =<center>'''Other information'''</center></tr><th>Designer</th><td>Colenco

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1984 African Cup Winners' Cup Sports]]'''|CTA|——<sup><small>1</small></sup>|'''[[GD Lage]]'''|EQG|0-0|abd}}{{TwoLegResult|'''[[Might
1985 African Cup Winners' Cup Star]]'''|Burundi|3-3<sup><small>1</small></sup>|'''[[Waxool]]'''|Somalia|3-1|0-2}}{{TwoLegResult|'''[[AS
2002 World University Baseball Championship Baseball Champions|CUB|1<sup><small>st</small></sup>}}{{col-end}}==References=={{reflist}}==Externa
2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season 2003-10-17 | accessdate = 2007-10-05}}</small></ref>The Colts scored
2004 Palm Island death in custody 2006.<small> Accessed 3 September 2009</small></ref> Chris Hurley arrested
2004–05 Sri Lankan cricket season disaster]] on 26 December 2004.</small></ref>* Most runs –
2006 WNBA All-Star Game {{Col-end}}*<sup><small>1</small></sup> Injured*<sup><small>2</small></sup
2007 Colorado Buffaloes football team <sup><small>2006</small></sup>| scout stars =
2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season 2007-12-17 | accessdate = 2007-12-17}}</small></ref><ref name="Kickoff-return
2007 WNBA All-Star Game {{Col-end}}*<sup><small>1</small></sup> Injured*<sup><small>2</small></sup
2007–08 Football Conference 2007. <small>Retrieved 30 October 2007.</small></ref><br><sup>2</sup>
2008 Chinese milk scandal 23 September 2008''</small></ref> After the initial
2008 in Norway Retrieved on February 1, 2008</small></ref>*28 January –
2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony (Retrieved on August 24, 2008)</small></ref> It was directed
2008 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship (Retrieved on March 22, 2008)</small></ref> It was the first
2008 World University Baseball Championship Baseball Champions|USA|3<sup><small>rd</small></sup>}}{{col-end}}==References=={{reflist}}==Externa
2009 Baseball World Cup World Cup Champions|USA|4<sup><small>th</small></sup>}}{{col-end}}==Awards==The
2009 New York Liberty season standings|team=NYL}}<sup><small>x</small></sup> =Clinched Playoff
2009 Wimbledon Championships of 14 grand slams with 15<sup><small>th</small></sup> slam title.]][[Image:SerenaStretchWimbledon.jpg|thumb|right|150px|[[Seren
2009–10 Libyan Premier League {{fb r |gf=0 |ga=2 }}<sup><small>2</small></sup>
34th G8 summit <sup><small>Statment</small></sup>], [[Iran]] and [[North
4:AM 2004 Issue 251 <small>by Simon Bradley</small></ref>==Track listing==#"4am
Eve Muirhead (Retrieved on 21 March 2008)</small></ref> Muirhead was skip
Kings and Queens (Jamie T album) "Saint Christopher" replaced it. </small></ref>===Bonus tracks
Rousseaceae ISBN 9780958943673 <small>page 326</small></ref> and twelve or thirteen

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article info
1000 Ways to Die '''"<font color="red">WARNING:</font>''' The deaths portrayed in this show are real…
2008 Tour of Britain |style="background:red;" rowspan=3| <font color=white>[[Kristian House]]</font>…
25th Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan <td bgcolor=#FFFFFF border=1><font color=#FFFFFF size=-2>****</td>…
26th Alberta Legislative Assembly <td bgcolor="cornflowerblue" border=1><font color="cornflowerblue" size=-2>****</td…
2channel 2ch was opened on May 30, 1999 in a college apartment in [[Conway, Arkansas]], on…
2channel Shift JIS art <font face="MS Pゴシック" size="3"> …
3 (number) <font style="font-size:200%;">٣</font><ref>Georges Ifrah, ''The Universal History…
30 (number) | misc =[[Hebrew (language)|Hebrew]] <font style="font-size:150%;">ל</font>…
300 (number) {{!}} <font style="font-size:150%;">ש</font> (Shin)…
330th Bombardment Group * Aircraft: <font color="red">'''K-59'''</font>…
38th Parliament of British Columbia <td bgcolor=#FF7F00 border=1><font color=#FF7F00 size=-2>****</td>…
39th Parliament of British Columbia <td bgcolor=#FFFFFF border=1><font color=#FFFFFF size=-2>*</td>…
3e Movies are in '''<font color="F08080">red</font>''';comedies are in '''<font color="a4f49e">green</font>''',…
40 (number) | misc =[[Hebrew (language)|Hebrew]] <font style="font-size:150%;">מ</font>…
400 (number) | misc = [[Hebrew language|Hebrew]] <font style="font-size:150%;">ת</font> (Tav…
40th Quebec general election !rowspan="2"|<font style="font-size: 80%;">Candi-<br/>dates</font>…
Caroline Springs railway station, Melbourne | ZONE=<font color=blue>2</font>…
FC Seoul season 2010 {{Image label|x=0.43|y=1.25|scale=350|text=<font size=2 color="Black">[[Kim Ho-Jun|'''Ho-Jun''']]</font>}…
Indian Space Research Organisation ::''Status: <font color="Grey">Decommissioned</font color="Grey">''…
Kazakhstan |HDI_category=<font color="#009900">high</font>…
List of programs broadcast by The CW Returning dramas are in '''<font color="a4f49e">green</font>'''; new dramas are in…
Manchester City F.C. season 2003–04 <small><sup><FONT color="red">1.</FONT></sup> Middlesbrough qualified for the UEFA…
Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2008–09 {{Image label|x=0.40|y=1.26|scale=350|text=<font size=2 color="Black">{{flagicon|FRA}}…
Romania |HDI_category = <font color="green">high</font>…
Romanian language <font style="font-size:90%">…

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article info
19th Division (German Empire) |battles=[[Franco-Prussian War]]: [[Battle of Mars-la-Tour|Mars-la-Tour]], [[Battle…
2001 Cleveland Browns season <p>…
2004 Bradford Bulls season <p><font size="3">Final Premiership table for the 2004 season.</font></p>…
2004 Palm Island death in custody In May 2009 Mulrunji's family's lawyers attempted to have Judge Pack's decision ruled…
2007 Weber Cup <p>The Europeans were once again skippered by [[Sweden]]’s [[Tomas Leandersson]]…
2008 Civil War game <p>…
2009 Rally Isle of Man <p>…
2009–10 FA Cup Teams from Leagues [[Football League One|One]] and [[Football League Two|Two]] enter…
2009–10 Ohio Bobcats men's basketball team Following Ohio's exhibition win against Ashland on November 13, John Groce announced…
2009–10 Portland Trail Blazers season <p>Signed [[Juwan Howard]] to a one year deal <ref></ref…
2010 San Francisco 49ers season '''COLOR KEY AND NOTES:''':<p>{{colorbox|#ffcccc}} Red indicates the [[NFL International…
20th Division (German Empire) |battles=[[Franco-Prussian War]]: [[Battle of Mars-la-Tour|Mars-la-Tour]], [[Battle…
21st Division (German Empire) |battles=[[Franco-Prussian War]]: [[Battle of Wœrth (1870)|Woerth]], [[Battle of…
22nd Division (German Empire) |battles=[[Franco-Prussian War]]: [[Battle of Wœrth (1870)|Woerth]], [[Battle of…
23rd Division (German Empire) |battles=[[Franco-Prussian War]]: [[Battle of Gravelotte|Gravelotte]], [[Battle of…
24th Division (German Empire) |battles=[[Franco-Prussian War]]: [[Battle of Gravelotte|Gravelotte]], [[Battle of…
25th Division (German Empire) |battles=[[Franco-Prussian War]]: [[Battle of Mars-la-Tour|Mars-la-Tour]], [[Battle…
27th Infantry Regiment <P>1st Battalion…
3×3 Eyes <P>…
5 cent 1948 (Dutch coin) Circulation = ? –<br />28 January 2002<p>Redeemed by national bank until…
5 guilder (Dutch coin) Circulation = 1 May 1988–<br>28 February 2002<p> Redeemed by national…
I Gotta Feeling <p>…
Khortanna Khortanna<p>…
So You Think You Can Dance Australia (season 3) No voting this week in order to give the dancers the chance to showcase themselves…
WWII in HD<p>…

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$100 Solution
$5 Cover
17º Stormo Incursori
1° West
27ème bataillon de chasseurs alpins
30° Everywhere
3×3 Eyes
5 * Stunna
Сер Алекс Фергусон
F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)
Hüsn ü Aşk
Krásnohorská Cave
Mōretsu Atarō
Otōto (2010 film)
Peñafrancia Tours and Travel Transport Inc.
Phú Khê
Shōnan no Kaze
Shōnan no Kaze discography
Żurrieq F.C. seasons

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10 Gigabit Ethernet ==WAN PHY (10GBASE-W)==
2009 flu pandemic in the Philippines by region ===[[SOCCSKSARGEN]]===
4th Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division (United States) === OPERATION RAIDER RIVIERA ===
B-47 Stratojet ===RB-47E/RB-47H/ERB-47H/RB-47K===
Delaware Lottery ==MULTI-WIN LOTTO==
Dodge Ram ==2002–2008 (DR/DH/D1/DC/DM)==
DWRR-FM ===DWWK/DWOK-FM (1973-1986)===
Hammond organ ====B-2 / C-2 / RT / RT-2 / E / C / D====
HD DVD ===HD DVD-R / -RW / -RAM===
Isolation (database systems) ===READ UNCOMMITTED===
Kimi e... === CD2 - MAYU☆FUYU SELECTION ===
KMC International Center ==FAIMER/IMED==
Lexus LS === USF40 II / USF41 II (2009) ===
Millennium Foundation ==MASSIVEGOOD==
P-47 Thunderbolt ===P-47D / P-47G / XP-47K / XP-47L===
PAL ==== PAL B/G/D/K/I ====
Rajiv Gandhi Technical University ==BEC/GEC/UIT-RGPV==
Ramesh Nadkarni ====RAGA – BAIRAGI BHAIRAV====
Second Armistice at Compiègne ===ARTICLE XXIV.===
Show Luo ====SHOW YOUR DANCE====
Windows Registry ==== HKEY_DYN_DATA ====

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Ballard High School (Louisville, Kentucky) <h2><span class="editsection"></span> <span class="mw-headline"
Demographics of the United States <h6>
Information sensitivity <h4>n<br />o<br />n<br />-<br />c<br />l<br />a<br
National Bicycle League <h5>
Tubal reversal <h3>pregnancy rates by age</h3><p>as expected, younger
United States Bicycle Motocross Association <h5>
University of Delhi <h3>list of chancellors</h3>
Wairarapa Line <h4>wellington section</h4>|-! distance from wellington!

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1925 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1926 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1927 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1928 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1929 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1930 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1931 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1932 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1933 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1934 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1935 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1936 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1937 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
1938 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team </tr></table><ul>
2009 Boise State Broncos football team <ol>
2009–10 NBA season <ol>
27th Infantry Regiment <UL><LI>1991-1993 LTC [[Danny_McKnight|Danny R. McKnight]]</LI>
3-D (SPC ECO album) <ol>
Bison-1 <ul>
Cousin Relationships of British Monarchs and Consorts <ol>
European Foundation for Management Development <li>EFMD has over 30 years of experience in the coordination of projects & activities
Fedor Emelianenko <li> 2009 Knockout of the Year by [[Sherdog]] for his knockout of Andrei Arlovski
Gaza War In addition to the rockets fired from Gaza, Israel experienced other attacks along
Miguel Ángel Virasoro <ul>
Zombieland <ol>

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article info
Adam's Bridge [[File:The Monkeys and Bears Build a Bridge to Lanka.jpg|left|thumb|<small>A 19th century painting depicting a scene from [[Ramayana]], wherein Monkeys and Bears are shown building a bridge to [[Lanka]]</small>]]
Architecture of metropolitan Detroit [[File:Guardianinterior.jpg|thumb|200px|right|<small/>The [[Guardian Building]], a [[National Historic Landmark]] by [[Wirt Rowland]].</small>]]
Charles Lindbergh [[File:WE cover.jpg|thumb|left|125px|<small>First Edition cover</small>]]
Christian Church [[File:Nasrani Evolution.jpg|thumb|right || <small>Relationship of the Nasrani ([[Saint Thomas Christian tradition|Saint Thomas Christian]]) groups </small>]]
East Germany [[File:DDR economy-en.svg|thumb|275px|right|<small>'''The East German economy.'''</small>]]
Flag of Scotland [[File:Scottish Government logo.png|thumb|right|<small>[[Scottish Government]] logo</small>]]
Florence Baptistery [[File:South Doors Florence Baptistry schema.jpg|thumb|left|<small>'''Scenes on the south doors''' (Andrea Pisano)''' 1.''' The angel announces to Zachariah. '''2.''' Zachariah is struck mute '''3.''' Visitation '''4.''' Birth of the Baptist.''' 5.''' Zachariah writes the boy's name. '''6.''' St John as boy in the desert. '''7.''' He preaches to the Pharisees. '''8.''' He announces Christ. '''9.''' Baptism of his disciples. '''10.''' Baptism of Jesus. '''11.''' St John reprimands Herod Antipas. '''12.''' Incarceration of St. John. '''13.''' The disciples visit St. John. '''14.''' The disciples visit Jesus. '''15.''' Dance of Salome. '''16.''' Decapitation of St. John. '''17.''' Presentation of St John's head to Herod Antipas. '''18.''' Salome takes the head to Herodias '''19.''' Transport of the body of St. John. '''20.''' Burial. '''A.''' Hope '''B.''' Faith '''C.''' Charity '''D.''' Humility '''E.''' Fortitude '''F.''' Temperance '''G.''' Justice '''H.''' Prudence </small>]]
Free will [[File:FreeWillTaxonomy2.svg|right|thumb|250px|<small>A simplified [[taxonomy]] of the most important philosophical positions regarding free will.</small>]]
Gloria Estefan [[File:GloriaEstefan.jpg|right|210px|thumb|<small>Gloria Estefan performs for the crew and their families during a special event to celebrate the United Through Reading program aboard the [[Nimitz class aircraft carrier]] [[USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)]], 14 September 2006</small>]]
Indigenous Amerindian genetics [[File:ADN animation.gif|thumb|right|110px| <small>DNA [[double helix]]</small>]]
Marg (magazine) [[File:Army and Navy Building.JPG|left|thumb|140px|<small>The historic Army & Navy Building in [[Kala Ghoda]], [[Mumbai]], with Marg Publications on the third floor.</small>]]
Monique Mayère [[File:Charles Uhl & Monique Mayère.JPG|thumb|150px|<small>'''Monique Mayère''' (left) and Charles Uhl (right)</small>]]
National University of San Marcos [[File:Sanmarcos05.jpg|thumb|250px|<small>Oil regarding the founding of the University of Lima (later named San Marcos), officially the first university Peru and America, And his manager Fray Tomas de San Martin.</small>]]
Oliver P. Smith [[File:SmithOP DoyleJH 1950.jpg|right|thumb|180px|<small>MajGen O.P. Smith (left) and VAdm Doyle, USN, confer on board [[USS Mount McKinley (AGC-7)]], immediately prior to the Inchon Invasion.</small>]]
Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) [[File:Osho Drive By.jpg|thumb|left|300px|<small>Osho greeted by sannyasins on one of his daily "drive-bys" in Rajneeshpuram, 1982.</small>]]
Peter MacKay [[File:Elizabeth May.jpg|100px|thumb|<small>2008 Central Nova Green Candidate, [[Elizabeth May]]</small>]]
Pope Clement I [[File:Saintclementmartyr.png|left|thumb|<small>Martyrdom of St Clement by [[Fungai]]</small>]]
Puran Chand Joshi [[File:Meerut prisoners outside the jail.jpg|thumb|600px|right|<small>'''Portrait of 25 of Meerut Prisoners taken outside the jail'''. Backrow:(left to right) K.N. Sehgal, S.S. Josh, H.L. Hutchinson, Shaukat Usmani, B.F. Bradly, A. Prasad, P. Spratt, and G. Adhikari.Middle Row: K.R. Mitra, Gopan Chakravarthy, Kishore Lal Ghosh, K.L. Kadam, D.R. Thengdi, Goura Shanker, S. Banerjee, K.N. Joglekar, [[P.C. Joshi]], and Muzaffar Ahmed.Front Row: M.G. Desai, G. Goswami, R.S. Nimkar, S.S. Mirajkar, S.A. Dange, G.V. Ghate and Gopal Basak.</small>]]
Ratification Day (United States) [[File:Ratification of Treaty of Paris 1784.gif|thumb|200 px|<small>Congressional Proclamation of Ratification of Treaty of Paris, Jan 14, 1784</small>]]
Rawtenstall [[File:Rawtenstallbusstation 001.jpg|thumb|right|<small>Rawtenstall bus station, September 2008</small>]]
Sabre [[File:Marxauch Sword.jpg|left|250px|thumb|<small>Lieutenant Colonel [[Teófilo Marxuach]]'s M1902 Officer's Sabre and Scabbard at the National Historic Trust site at [[Fort San Cristobal|Castillo San Cristobal]] in San Juan.</small>]]
Suesca [[File:RocasDeSuesca.JPG|thumb|left|221px|thumb|<small>Rocas de Suesca, Special place to whom love climbing, traking and rafting</small>]]
Victorinox [[File:Soldatenmesser 08-2.JPG|thumb|150px|<small>''Soldatenmesser 08'', the knife currently issued to the Swiss military</small>]]
Wendell Cushing Neville [[File:Wcneville-usna-photo-01.jpg|95px|left|thumb|<small>Cadet Wendell C. Neville, U.S. Naval Academy</small>]]
Wetzikon [[File:Pfäffikersee.JPG|thumb|left|<small>Wetzikon as seen from [[Bachtel Tower]]. [[Pfäffikersee]] in the middle, [[Greifensee]] at the left side.</small>]]

[edit] Indented list

article info
3rd Division (Estonia) :*[[6th Single Infantry Battalion (Estonia)|6th Single
3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Greece) :* HQ Company (ΙΣΤ)
3rd Single Infantry Battalion (Estonia) :*Signal Platoon
4-4-6 :* [[UIC classification]]: '''2B3''' (also known as
42 (dominoes) :* Play is with an 8-8 set of dominoes. (You can create
44th Street Suite :*Recorded May 11, 1991
492d Bombardment Group :*Note: Personnel and equipment of squadron were reassigned
4Runner :*[[4 Runner (album)|''4 Runner'' (album)]], this group's
4th Medical Battalion (United States Marine Corps) :* Surgical Support Company Alpha
4th Single Infantry Battalion (Estonia) :*Signal Platoon
Air France Flight 447 :* the presence near the airplane’s planned route
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder :* ''Inattentive:''
Cesar Millan :* Firstly and most importantly, as a ''dog'' with
Formula One :* If under 3 laps have been completed, the race is
Forrest A. Coburn :* Medical School (1885-87) <ref name=cleveland/>
Franklin Pierce Rice :* Minot Rice (1823 – ?) son of
Jinnah International Airport :*The '''Jinnah East Satellite Concourse''', used for
Murder (United States law) :#First Degree Murder: An intentional killing by means
Octavio Gaona :*[[Mexican National Middleweight Championship]] ([[Mexican
Piano (Wynton Kelly album) :*Recorded in New York City on January 31, 1958
Piano Interpretations :*Recorded at WOR Studios in New York City on July
Romanian language :* Lat. c'''e'''ra → Rom. c'''ea'''ră (wax)
Smart Index :*Foods with a low Smart Score number of 0-50 that
Vladimir Salkov :* '''Champion''' (2): 1961, 1962
Yarlung Valley :*'''Sheldrak Drubpuk''' (Shel brag) faces east and

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article info
Barry Avrich [[Media:]]
Fazlullah MPA [[File:Fazlullah%20MPA.jpg|thumb|Fazlullah MPA]]
Hershey Breasts Bikini [[]]
Janaka Selekta [[Media:]]
Kuwait Airways [[Image:Kuwait%20Airways.jpg|thumb|Kuwait Airways [[A340]] landing]]
List of deserts by area [[Image:Namib%20desert%20MODIS.jpg|100px]]
Marc L. Marks [[Media:]]
Tamaskan wolf dog [[ Pedigree History of the Tamaskan Wolfdog]]

[edit] Reference before punctuation

article info
Action of 19 December 1796 </ref>. However the Spanish accounts give only two
Aether drag hypothesis </ref>. It is the present version of Aether drag,
Air France Flight 447 </ref>. The second phase of the search ended on 20
Alpinumisoflavone </ref>. It can also be found in the [[molluscicide]]
Apgar Village </ref>.Apgar Village also has two small hotel buildings,
Arthur Maia </ref>. His compositions usually presents a fusion
Calycosin </ref>.==Biosynthesis==[[Isoflavone 3'-hydroxylase]]
Centre for Excellence in Telecom Technology and Management (CETTM) </ref>.* Regional Telecom Training Centres (RTTC's)
Delhi School of Management </ref>. It has the latest facilities including a state-of-the-art
EPUBReader </ref>.This add-on opens the ePub file just like you
Everton da Silva Oliveira </ref>.==References=={{reflist}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Everton}}[[Category:1983
Fare Deal Entertainments </ref>.The agency has acts from all over the country
La journée de la jupe </ref>.* Interestingly, the movie was first broadcast
Millettia thonningii </ref>.==References=={{reflist}}==External links=={{wikispecies}}[[Category:Millettia]]{{Faboideae-stub}
Ormosia excelsa </ref>.==References=={{reflist}}==External links=={{wikispecies}}[[Category:Ormosia]]{{Faboideae-stub}
Penguin Celebrations </ref>. Following the 1940s style; Green is for 'mystery',
Portland (communications) </ref>.== Clients ==Portland is employed by several
Prunetin </ref>. Prunetin isolated from [[Pisum sativum|pea]]
Pseudobaptigenin </ref>. ==References=={{reflist}}{{isoflavone}}[[category:isoflavones]]{{polyphenol-stub}
R. Scott Morris </ref>. In 2002, he lectured on volume-price ratios
Rachel Messerer </ref>. In early March 1938 Rachel was arrested.
The AIRSCREEN Company GmbH & Co. KG </ref>. Also as a consequence of this many film events
The Real Adventures of Zetaman </ref>. It chronicles Illya "Zetaman" King's adventures
VEXNEWS </ref>. Landeryou also broke a major story drawing
Vonnegut & Bohn </ref>. All the partners were German Americans and

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1984–85 Boston Celtics season <noinclude></noinclude><ref></ref>==Depth
2000 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2000 AF2 season''' was the very first season of the
2001 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2001 AF2 season''' was the second season of the [[AF2]].
2002 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2002 AF2 season''' was the third season of the [[AF2]].
2003 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2003 AF2 season''' was the fourth season of the [[AF2]].
2004 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2004 AF2 season''' was the fifth season the [[AF2]].
2005 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2005 AF2 season''' was the sixth season of the [[AF2]].
2005–06 Boston Celtics season <noinclude></noinclude>==Depth chart====Regular season=====Season standings==={{2005-06
2006 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2006 AF2 season''' was the seventh season of the [[AF2]],
2006 Tampa Bay Storm season <noinclude></noinclude>{{Infobox NFL_season| team = Tampa Bay Storm| year = 2006|
2006–07 Ashes series <noinclude></noinclude>{{Australian cricket in 2006-07}}{{Ashes Test series}}{{International
2007 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2007 AF2 season''' was the eighth season of the [[AF2]].
2008 AF2 season <noinclude></noinclude>The '''2008 AF2 season''' was the ninth season of the [[AF2]].
2008 Connecticut Sun season <noinclude></noinclude>==Regular Season Statistics=={{WNBA roster statistics legend}}===Player
2008–09 Portland Trail Blazers season <noinclude></noinclude>==Depth chart=={{2008–09 Portland Trail Blazers depth
5, 6, 7, 8 – Bullenstaat! <includeonly></includeonly>
DVB-S2 <noinclude></noinclude>based on the [[concatenated code|concatenation]] of the [[BCH
European Students Conference <noinclude></noinclude>'''European Students' Conference''' (ESC) is an international
Hendrik Verwoerd <noinclude></noinclude> {{Persondata|NAME=
Kang Deouk-Soo <noinclude></noinclude>[[Category:1986 FIFA World Cup squad templates|Korea, South]][[Category:South
List of Kyo Kara Maoh! characters <includeonly></includeonly>, his older brother Shori,<ref name="ep72"/> and even
Saroj signh <includeonly></includeonly>== Career ==Before becoming a television presenter Crawford
Sex and the law <includeonly></includeonly>{{Redirect|Sex crime|the Eurythmics song|Sexcrime (Nineteen
Tennessee Volunteers football <includeonly></includeonly>}}The '''Tennessee Volunteers''' are an [[United States|American]]
Torrey Pines High School <noinclude></noinclude> and Water Polo. On October 11, 2007, Torrey Pines football

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Akeem Omolade caps(goals)=…{{0}}(2)<br />
Akinori Nakagawa Genre=…[[R&B]]<br/>
Al Jazeera Sports sister names=…Sports Clubs<br />
Asmalı Konak writer=…Ergun]]<br />
Athol Richardson honorific-prefix=…</br>
Cesar Millan quote=…dog anymore.''<br>
Everton da Silva Oliveira caps(goals)=…<br/> <br/>
Gordon O'Connor honorific-prefix=…rable]]</small><br>
Hannah Montana (season 3) ShortSummary=…of the show.<br />
Ilario Cozzi caps(goals)=…/>52 (2)<br />
John Jennissen Instrument=…]]<br>[[Piano]]<br>
Labyrinth Brigade Released=…March 16, 2010 <br>
Mathew Olorunleke caps(goals)=…{{0}}(0)<br />
No Hope, No Future Last album=…You Speak<br />
Omni (album) Released=…May 4, 2010<br/>
One Eyed King starring=…Palminteri]]<br>
Psammobates image_caption=…ometricus]]'')</br>
Shōnan no Kaze discography 0=…ncehall-han]]"<br/>
Symbolic (Death album) Last album=…]''<br/>(1993)<br/>
The Blackshear Times headquarters=…/>
The Sound of Perseverance Last album=…]''<br/>(1995)<br/>
Valmore A. Whitaker order=…4th (Acting)<br>
WWII in HD starring=…Zahn]]<br>
Zoran levnaic caps(goals)=… 25 (3) <br>
Zoran Levnaić caps(goals)=… 25 (3) <br>

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American Idiot World Tour [[American Idiot World Tour]] • [[21st Century Breakdown
Asian Dreamer [[Asian Dreamer|The Album named after it]]| music10
Bhanbhro [[Bhanbhro]] tribes. The [[Bhanbhra Welfare Association]]
List of Spanish number-one hits of 2010 [[List of Spanish number-one hits of 2010|2010]]</span></div>}}<noinclude>[[Category:Record
Megalophaedusa [[Megalophaedusa]]''| genus_authority = [[Oskar Boettger|Boettger]],
Mesopropithecus [[Mesopropithecus]]''''' |1={{Clade
Nickelodeon (Czech) [[Nickelodeon (Czech)]] has finally been launched!==History==Nickelodeon
Ohio 123rd General Assembly [[Ohio 123rd General Assembly|123rd]]}}{{•}}{{nowrap|[[Ohio
Samten Migdrön [[Samten Migdrön]]'' (Tib. ''bsam gtan mig sgron'').<ref>Norbu,