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Cuba 2003


The Cuba 2003 SST unit is over, but we'll leave this site up as a recuerdo of our time in Cuba.

Waves splash over the "malecón" or seawall that separates Havana from the Caribbean.

Just 90 miles separate the United States from Cuba across the Straits of Florida. Though the governments of these two neighbors have been getting along, well, like the Capulets and Montagues, we North Americans have overwhelmingly experienced warm hospitality from Cubans.

Fifteen Goshen College students will be arriving on May Day (May 1) to begin the second Study Service Term unit in Cuba. From May until early June they'll be based in Havana, studying Spanish and taking part in field trips, explorations and lectures on all aspects of Cuban society. Afterwards they'll live in the city of Cárdenas, participating in a variety of service experiences.

Map source from the World Fact Book 2002 on the CIA Web site.


Paul and Kathy Meyer Reimer and familyPaul and Kathy Meyer Reimer together with their children Peter (8), Benjamin (5) and Elena (3) have been living in the "Cayo Hueso" neighborhood of Havana since early April preparing for the students' arrival. Among other things, Paul teaches Physics and Web Design at Goshen College. Kathy is a Professor of Education. Both learned languages as children while living abroad with their families, and later went abroad as SST students (Paul to Honduras and Kathy to Haiti) while attending Goshen College. Together, they led the Summer 1998 SST unit in the Dominican Republic.