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Cage Netting
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Predator Netting
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Clam Netting
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Shellfish Bags
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Industrial Netting brings to the Aquaculture Industry over 25 years of experience in helping safeguard and protect finfish and shellfish in the culturing environments of aquaculture farming. We feature a wide range of durable plastic netting and tubing to meet the needs of a variety of applications where you are raising fish. Industrial Netting can help protect your valuable investment from predators of all kinds - both above and below the water surface with bird barrier netting and aquaculture cages and fish dividers in the form of heavier plastic aquaculture meshes and netting.

Protection from Predators Above and Below the Water
Predator Net Whether you are raising fish like; catfish, trout, salmon, flounder, sea bass, yellow perch, walleyes, carp, tilapia, ornamental or tropical fish like koi, other finfish - or bait fish, Industrial Netting has a durable, lightweight (oriented) plastic netting or plastic mesh predator net - Birdnet - to protect your investment. The same goes for shellfish culture - mollusks and crustaceans like clams, oysters, lobsters, shrimp, prawns and crawfish. You can ward off egrets, herons, sea gulls, nuisance birds and birds of prey like eagles and ospreys - even raccoons, cats, and the rest of the "usual suspects". Below the surface, our heavy duty cage netting helps keep out cormorants, loons, turtles, otters, crabs and other predator fish.

You can also use our Tubular Aquaculture Nets to fabricate your own Grow-Out Bags. Tubular Aquaculture Nets are made from the same UV stabilized polyethylene (PE) as our flat aquaculture nets for maximum service life. Select either roll goods or cut-to-length to meet your specific needs.

Fish Netting, Shrimp Net, Oyster Net, Catfish Netting and More Fish Farm Products!

Industrial Netting aquaculture netting products are widely used successfully in growing, feeding or trapping applications in fish farms, sea farms, fish hatcheries, catfish farms, shrimp farms, oyster farms, clam farms and others for:

  • Cages
  • Pens
  • Stand pipe filters
  • Bird netting
  • Trays
  • Filters
  • Screens
  • Feeding rings
  • Traps
  • Pots
  • Canopies
  • Barriers of all kinds
  • Fences
  • Spacers
  • Pond covers
  • Lobster and clam traps

When you need aquaculture supplies for fish protection - to separate, divide or partition in fish farm tanks, aquariums, ponds, raceways, open water or shoreline applications, Industrial Netting has a predator netting for protection (exclusion) solution for many of your needs.

Product Features
Virtually all of Industrial Netting's aquaculture netting is UV stabilized for extended outdoor life in use. Aquaculture Netting is made from durable polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE). High density or low density resins (well as nylon and polyester netting resins) are also available in our aquaculture nettings. They are offered in roll form or cut-to-size to meet your specific needs. And, you'll find an aperture, or hole size, to do the job you need and provide maximum water flow to your crop at the same time.

Plus, Industrial Netting offers accessories like Polyclips and cable ties to make any desired fabrication even easier to install.

Industrial Netting Aquaculture Netting

  • UV stabilized for long life
  • Won't rust or rot
  • Non toxic
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easily cleaned
  • Easily fabricated
  • Useable in wide temperature range
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