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Contributions: is the official website of Drupal, an open source content management platform.

Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.

Drupal 6.16 and 5.22 released

Drupal 6.16 and 5.22, maintenance releases which fix issues reported through the bug tracking system, as well as security vulnerabilities, are now available for download. Drupal 6.16 also fixes other smaller issues.

Upgrading your existing Drupal 5 and 6 sites is strongly recommended. There are no new features in these releases. For more information about the Drupal 6.x release series, consult the Drupal 6.0 release announcement, more information on the 5.x releases can be found in the Drupal 5.0 release announcement. Drupal 5 will no longer be maintained when Drupal 7 is released. Upgrading to Drupal 6 is recommended.

Case Study: FundraisingOnline (Dutch) - The largest online fundraising database in the Netherlands

morningtime - May 27, 2010 - 14:30 The Dutch language website (or "Fundraising Online") is the largest online fundraising and subsidies database in the Netherlands. The website offers businesses and NGO’s access to a community with the latest public data on subsidies, sponsorship opportunities, government funding, private investors, prizes, microcredits and more.

The initial goal of the project was to build the best possible website in its niche. We looked at (an entrepreneur community) for inspiration and we asked ourselves if it were possible build a similar community with Drupal. We believe it can! Our registered users have access to a mini-Facebook profile with status and activity updates. Based on the user preferences, members with identical interests are matched and can find each other, for example to cooperate in a joint fundraising application. Community pages and a forum are available to share user interests.

Drupal 7.0 Alpha 5 released

Our fourth Drupal 7 alpha version was released just over a month ago. Today, we're proud to announce the release of the fifth alpha version of Drupal 7.x for your further testing and feedback. The first alpha announcement provided a comprehensive list of improvements made since Drupal 6.x, so in this announcement we'll concentrate on how you can help ensure that Drupal 7 is released as soon as possible and is as rock solid as the previous Drupal releases that you've grown to love!

This release includes many critical bug fixes, especially around the upgrade path, security issues, JavaScript, performance, and other areas.

Please see the release notes for more details.

When will alpha become beta?

We have identified several "beta blocking" issues, and itemized these at the Drupal core community initiatives page. On or about June 21, 2010 we will create a new official Drupal 7 release. If this list is fixed, it will be a beta release. Otherwise, it will be another alpha release. It's expected we will have a few beta versions and at least one release candidate before Drupal 7.0 is finalized. We can potentially reach beta next month by focusing on this short-list of issues! Please help!

Dahon Folding Bicycles

Dahon Home PageDahon, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a globally renowned folding bike manufacturer. The company has offices in the US, Taiwan, and China, and sells its unique range of folding bicycles and accessories in over 30 countries worldwide. Dahon recently relaunched its online presence with a beautiful new website developed by Philadelphia based Drupal shop, Zivtech. The following is a run-down of how Zivtech developed the site to meet Dahon's usability and functionality requirements.

Session Submissions Open for DrupalCon Copenhagen

Isabell - May 12, 2010 - 21:55

You can now submit your session proposals for DrupalCon Copenhagen, which will be held August 23-27. The conference will feature the following tracks:

  • Introducing Drupal
  • Theming, Design & Usability
  • Code & Development
  • Configuration, Set-Up & Performance
  • Drupal for Business
  • Providing Professional Drupal Services

WikiJob - How We Built a Successful Business & Website Based on Drupal

Last modified: May 10, 2010 - 16:16

WikiJob is the UK's largest graduate jobs website. Founded in 2007 on an untidy mixture of vBulletin and Mediawiki, it ported over to Drupal in 2008.

Since moving to Drupal, the site has grown exponentially. WikiJob now receives 250k monthly unique visitors and delivers over 1.5 million monthly page views. For the two founders (Chris (myself) & Ed), this has meant a quick rise as a business, from working in our bedrooms to offices in Central London. WikiJob is currently a team of five, and is likely to grow to be a team of ten by the end of 2010. In months April - Dec 2009, we billed £102,000 in advertising. This year, we hope to bill over £500,000.

Drupal has been a key ingredient to our success. The unique power of Drupal is that it allows one person to single-handedly accomplish the work of a team of web developers, with very little code. Anyone with the time can make an awesome web site.

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