KT Launches Commercial WiBro Services in Korea

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WiMAX Forum President Discusses Promise of Mobile WiMAX and

Busan, Korea Nov. 15, 2005 Delegates from the WiMAX Forum participated today in the inaugural launch of KT's WiBro personal broadband service. KT successfully demonstrated how mobile WiMAX technology can be used for the real-time delivery of multimedia-rich applications to mobile handsets to key dignitaries, top industry executives and members of the media attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's (APEC) annual event in Busan, Korea.

During his keynote speech at APEC 2005 Korea, WiMAX Forum President Ron Resnick commended KT for its pioneering efforts and its role in advancing mobile WiMAX technology. He also highlighted KT's achievements as proof that mobile WiMAX will soon become a reality for consumers worldwide, and how this technology will fuel the economic growth, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. 

"KT represents a company that has pushed ahead and launched the world's first mobile broadband network that is based on the soon-to-be-ratified IEEE 802.16e standard, which is at the core of mobile WiMAX," said Resnick. "We applaud KT for achieving this important milestone, and we look forward to their continued involvement in the WiMAX Forum and collaboration with other members to make mobile WiMAX a reality. 

"Clearly, those of us in attendance of this event have experienced first hand the types of video, voice and data applications can be delivered to mobile devices, thanks to the live network and impressive demonstrations by KT," continued Resnick. "KT's WiBro services provide an early glimpse to what is possible and that mobile WiMAX will be the technology to deliver personal broadband to consumers around the globe." 

During the APEC event, KT exhibited its new network and services through a series of live demonstrations and events where its branded Wonder-Media (video service), Wonder-message (SMS, MMS), Wonder-Phone (mobile VoIP), and Wonder-Tour (Location based service were delivered to PDAs, tablet PCs and laptops. To prove its mobility, KT delivered two-way video, internet and messaging broadband services a range of devices that were located in traveling shuttle bus that allowed conference attendees to experience mobile 

KT recently joined the WiMAX Forum board of directors and is represented by Jong-Seog Koh, Ph.D., vice president of KT's Mobile Internet Business Group. KT is working within the WiMAX Forum Certification Working Group so the products based upon WiBro services will be one of the first Mobile WiMAX Certified products released in late 2006. 

KT's WiBro services is helping to drive exciting mobile applications such as the Wonder-Eye, an individually customized multimedia push and demand service that uses a Dynamic Communication Convergence (DCC) platform based on next generation Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Also available thanks to mobile WiMAX equipment is the Wonder-Phone, a multimedia platform service that allows users to enjoy an integrated communication of voice, image and data on a single broadband network. 

WiMAX Forum at APEC
WiMAX Forum executives will be available to provide further information on mobile WiMAX, certification and standards. In addition to Resnick's keynote, Dr. Mo Shakouri, vice president marketing chair, Marketing Working Group of the WiMAX Forum will be participate in a press conference on Media Center at BEXCO. 

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