Rob Salgado

Mount Holyoke Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Department of Physics - Kendade 215
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA 01075

phone: (413)-538-2816
email: rsalgado `@`

[my view of the sky]

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  • temporarily: PHYS 115

  • PHYS 216-0910S - Electromagnetism
  • ASTR 110L-0910S - Survey of the Universe [lab]
  • PHYS 108-0910S - Special Relativity with Spacetime Trigonometry (scheduling error?)

(Office Hours: Mon 3:00-4:30, Thu 4:05-5:00)

Vita Syllabi

Research Interests
  • Relativity - Special, General, Quantum Gravity [Causal Sets, Quantum Measure Theory]
  • Computational Physics and Scientific Visualization - VPython; Tensor Visualization
  • Physics Pedagogy - New Ideas for Teaching Relativity, Electromagnetism, and Mechanics
  • Human-Computer Interfacing and Virtual Reality for Teaching Physics - NeatTools, TabletPC, Lego Mindstorms, Wiimote projects
  • Medical Imaging - ImageJ

Physics Pedagogy



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