What is Feedreader?

Feedreader is a FREE RSS news aggregation solution that provides robust,
state-of-the-art features in an intuitive, user-friendly environment.

What makes Feedreader stand out from the crowd?

  • Unparalleled functionality

    Feedreader offers advanced, cutting-edge capabilities, including the most comprehensive podcasting support available today, as well as unique smartfeed technology that puts the information you need right at your fingertips.
  • Powerful, yet simple

    Feedreader provides users with a seamless and convenient experience - without the need for advanced technical knowledge - by delivering the broadest range of features through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Feedreader Connect

  • Analyze or Re-Publish News Anywhere

    If your corporation is in need of tool that can analyze/monitor a large number of newsfeeds or aggregate news and output the results to internet or intranet then Feedreader Connect Server is application to go.

Custom RSS development

  • If you want something special

    If standard Feedreader applications do not work for you then please send us your requirements. We are more than happy to develop special application that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Feedreader OEM

  • Completely Customized Solutions

    Deliver a truly unique, unified experience to your end users with Feedreader OEM. Media companies and other businesses can create and deploy fully-customized information portals - often in just one week or less!