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Last Updated: May 29, 2010 11:41 PM

ALICE IN CHAINS Interviewed By VOICE OF AMERICA - May 28, 2010
A few months ago, Voice Of America's Larry London conducted an interview with Sean Kinney and Jerry Cantrell of ALICE IN CHAINS. You can now watch the chat in two parts below.

"Black Gives Way To Blue" (Virgin/EMI), the new album from ALICE IN CHAINS, has just been certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for shipments in excess of 500,000 copies. The CD has shifted 434,000 units in the United States since its September 2009 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The gold certification is the latest in a long line of success stories surrounding the band and "Black Gives Way To Blue" dating back to last October, when the record entered The Billboard 200 at No. 5 with first-week sales exceeding 125,000 copies.

In addition to national television performances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and "The Tonight Show", the quartet (guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell, guitarist/vocalist William DuVall, drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez) has supported the record with a string of sold-out international tours and recently announced that they'll be headlining BlackDiamondSkye, a monolithic triple bill featuring guest stars DEFTONES and MASTODON. The tour, produced by Live Nation, launches September 16 at the Charter One Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois.

Over the course of its remarkable career, ALICE IN CHAINS has garnered multiple Grammy nominations, sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, wrote and recorded 12 top 10 hit singles and had two No. 1 records on The Billboard 200 chart.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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posted by : RiotAct666
5/28/2010 11:42:27 AM

Good interview(s) Rock On AIC!!!

posted by : amongtheliving
5/28/2010 12:09:47 PM

i agree, i saw them a couple months ago and they were awesome i dont care what anyone says about duvall he sings spot on in my opinion

posted by : winterwar88
5/28/2010 12:57:57 PM

alice in chains had three great releases.

1- facelift (the best overall)

2- dirt (the best sounding)

3- sap ( the best for bongin' out to)

you simply can't replace layne staley.

that's like accept without udo or priest without halford.

it cannot be done.

COMMENT | winterwar88
posted by : slimebag
5/28/2010 1:10:43 PM

bitter much?

COMMENT | Winterwar
posted by : as i am
5/28/2010 1:24:06 PM

Don't be stupid. Everyone knows that Jerry Cantrell is Alice in Chains, not Layne. He's the one who wrote most of their best songs, and with all the harmonizing AIC does, he's half of their vocal sound anyways.

posted by : winterwar88
5/28/2010 2:46:57 PM

so according to you, everyone besides me thinks Jerry Cantrell IS AIC?

that's a new one to me.

so "We Die Young" would be what it is without Layne?

i guess "Love Hate Love" would be, as well.

i agree, Cantrell is the heart of the group, but Layne was the voice.

in most any group(key word), no single member is greater than the sum of it's parts.

i would never downplay the importance of Cantrell, but you've done just that, in the case of Layne Staley.

that, my friend, is just ignorant.

COMMENT | On the contrary it's ALICE IN CHAINS=The Terminal 5
posted by : AzrealNJ
5/28/2010 3:09:53 PM

What is wrong with everbody being so anal???This group is now in it's new phase honoring it's legacy.We're all lucky to have a fine gentleman like Mr.Duvall to step up to the Mic with with complete beauty and respect to deliver the classics we all have come to love and never got the chance to see live.That's the problem with most ignorant humans,they just can't be,and continue a harminous new road.It's thinking like that,that is completely blind and erases hope..................

posted by : winterwar88
5/28/2010 3:23:55 PM

i'm not bitter at all, and i did see them on the Clash of the Titans tour with the original line up.

so there...

i think alice in chains are the ones that are lucky that YOU feel lucky, and still buy into it.

that's all...

COMMENT | You're loss winter war88
posted by : AzrealNJ
5/28/2010 4:06:42 PM

It's your loss winterwar88 because now when you see them live you might catch me at a show where I channel Layne's ghost through band!!turning concert into ritual!!!Everyone in the room knows there's something spiritual.ultimately becoming an amzing experience,but judging by our attitude you will walk through life with no such experience,closing doors due to narrow mindness................

COMMENT | whoops
posted by : AzrealNJ
5/28/2010 4:09:23 PM

pleeze pardon spelling errors...............

posted by : winterwar88
5/28/2010 7:10:36 PM

i have absolutely no idea why you just said i was narrow minded.

that's really rather narrow minded of you.

i merely stated that to someone who saw the real thing, it surely wouldn't be the same to me.

if you choose to call that "narrow mindedness", that's fine with me, and good for you if you're enjoying yourself...that's what it's all about anyway.

i know Layne can't be replaced, and i'm sure "alice" weren't trying to "replace" him anyway...that would be impossible.

those guys wrote some great songs, feel like playing them, found a guy they feel worthy of the gig, and they're rockin' on.

Cantrell and Kinney probably could've retired after "Dirt" if it was all about the money.

i wish the 2 original members and the rest of the new version of AIC the best.

posted by : someidiotmetallicafans
5/29/2010 3:11:14 PM

I get tired of people saying AIC is nothing without Layne. He was a great singer, no doubt, and one of the defining voices of the 90's, but give Jerry some credit. He wrote the lyrics and the music to half the songs, wrote the music to all but four songs that I know of, sang lead on some songs and is a great guitarist. If other PROFESSIONAL and highly respected musicians are cool with the Alice name being used again who are we to say otherwise? And comparing it to Priest without Halford is laughable.

COMMENT | The debate will continue
posted by : Stone Cold True
5/29/2010 9:22:11 PM

You can't begrudge the rest of the band for wanting to continue under the "Alice" moniker. Let the boys get paid for what they have always done. It seems as though Jerry has always been the driving force behind the band and contributed vocals on many tracks, especially at the end of their run in the 90s. Duvall never claimed to "replace" Layne and has always been humble about how he came into the fold. I am glad he did. Saw them a couple months ago and they killed. Can't wait for the next round.

And by the way, didn't AC/DC continue without Bon Scott?

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