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How can Alabama lose so many players and be considered #1. I think they will be a very good team, but it is almost impossible to repeat. Personally, I don't see an SEC team making it to the NC game.

Which two do you see making it? And, did you see an SEC making it the last four years; how about winning it the last four years? I am really only interested in an answer to the first question.

Ohio State vs Oklahoma for the title. And yes, I did think the SEC had a chance every year, just not always the team that ended up there.

Those are not bad choices, but you cannot believe that no SEC team has a chance again this year. Both Bama and UF are loaded, but they play in the regular season this year, and may meet again in the SEC title game.

that the SEC has a chance, always. However, the stars will have to align just right. I would love to see the SEC in it again, but there is nobody that totally stands out. Good coaching could prove to be the difference. Can't wait till it all starts!

As much the bile in my stomach wants to come up for predicting anything good for O$U, I anticipate this showdown too. O$U has assembled one of the finest teams money can buy (yes yes, mark me down buckeye fan. It sooooo hurts my feelers,) and the penance OU paid for last year by having to play Landry Jones and a new O-line will pay dividends this year. Also facotor in OU's very favorable schedule.

Alabama returns ALL of their skill players on offense, including the Heisman Trophy winner, along with Dont'a Hightower and Mark Barron on defense, both of which should be on plenty of pre-season All-America lists, along with the Defensive MVP of the NCG Marcell Dareus. Bama is LOADED.

Ohio State may well be there at the end, although I think there is a reasonable shot they will lose to Miami, Wisconsin, or Iowa, and if they lose ONE game they won't be in Glendale. But Oklahoma? Did you bother watching the NFL draft this year? Did you see all of those Sooner players going to the pros? Did you watch Landry Jones' efforts when Bradford went down last year?

Anyone can lose a game, but I'd love to hear your logic for how OU can lose the quality of players to the draft that they lost and still be so loaded that they will go from being a 5-loss team to playing for the NC.

Did you?

I see Broyles who could be the best WR in the nation, and Murray returning at RB for his Sr. year.

I see an OL returning 4 starters

I see a nasty LB corps, and a DE that had double-digit sacks last year.

I see a Landry Jones that got better throughout the year and was a demon in the Sun Bowl.

And last, but certainly not least, I see a schedule that totally falls into their favor.

I agree (with the Alabama assessment). They lost a lot of players, so it must be based on protential. Boise St returns I believe 18 starters back from a very, very good team, but SN would be out of their mind if they placed then #1.

College football is just around the corner!!!! Woot!

I think your list is complete crap, but I'm still excited for the season!

butt hurt over the #16 ranking i see

No, not at all #16 for USC is about right in my opinion. What I'm laughing at is Arizona St #97. Really? Utah State would be favored over Arizona St? I think not. Same could be said of a lot of teams that are ranked.

I know this is only the SN preseason top 25 and it does not mean a whole lot at this point, but LSU does play six teams in this top 25. I wonder how many other teams can make such a claim. I am sure some will still beat up our schedule, because that is what they do, this is still a pretty good schedule.

Can I ask you question? Don't you think its a bit strange LSU only plays 3 road games this season? I'm not trying to bag on your schedule, it's a tough schedule, but isn't that kind of weird?

LSU plays the same amount of home games we played last year, seven. We have four SEC road games this year, and we play UNC at a neutral site; Atlanta. I saw a site that showed the Arkansas game as a neutral site game, but it is played in Arkansas. So really, we play five road games.

Why don't you play the game at Arkansas home stadium? I just think it's strange considering by Oct 9th USC will have played 4 road games of 7 overall. I also see you guys play a D1AA team too, again why? I'm not trying to be an ass, but it really looks like LSU is purposefully cooking the schedule.

Arkansas is the home team, and they get to make the call. You think we can tell Arkansas where to play their games. I have not even looked it up, but my guess the game is in Little Rock, which is in Arkansas. If LSU wanted to play a game in the Super Dome, we could, and it would still count as a home game for us even though it was not in Tiger Stadium. When USC schedules six of their 12 games against ranked opponents, then you can talk about schedules from a position of strength. Until then, my guess is you are playing your usual three ranked teams and still cracking on other teams schedules. For a guy not trying to be an ass, you sure come across as one.

No, no. I didn't mean to sound cross I just didn't understand. Now I do. USC has never played a D1AA team and I just find it strange a power FBS D1 school like LSU would play such weak competition.

For the record I do have LSU vs tOSU in the BCS title game.

It's all good. McNeese is a 1AA power of sorts and at least make their playoffs just about every year. The only other time I remember playing a 1AA team was App State, and they were the defending champions. McNeese is on as a replacement because we have had to move several games around, and they were available, plus they are in state. I would think they would give Hawaii all they could handle, as Hawaii is not even in the top 100. McNeese has played several D1 powers, and given them all a tough game, and that includes Nebraska, Miami, and UNC. As far as LSU in the title game, I am not holding my breath on that one. If the QB steps up, then maybe. But, if he and the O line play like last year, we will probably finish like we did last year. I am most concerned about the trip to Gainesville and the home game against Bama. We can win both, but the odds are not in our favor. Maybe if we beat Bama and lose to UF in the regular season, but manage to beat them in the SEC CG, we will have a shot. Bottom line, I don't think our QB is too bright, so I have major concerns. I do think we have the best defensive backfield in the country, and possiblly the best WR corps, but that is not necessarily enough, especially if we can't get the receivers the ball. I think USC has a better shot at the NC game than we do.

Thats what you SEC people do is over hype every single opponent and crap on other peoples. USC plays an SEC team, OREGON!!!(this year with more potential then any SEC team), Oregon State(top ten team), Washington(good team with the number 1 pick in the draft, and Stanford with a solid team and solid quarter back. LSU most of their schedule at home and plays weak overhyped teams. Not to mention SEC doesn't make their teams play every single team in the conference. So please quit with your East Coast Bias crap it doesn't exist especially now that Alabama and Florida will drop off.

Thats what you SEC people do is over hype every single opponent and crap on other peoples. USC plays an SEC team, OREGON!!!(this year with more potential then any SEC team), Oregon State(top ten team), Washington(good team with the number 1 pick in the draft, and Stanford with a solid team and solid quarter back. LSU most of their schedule at home and plays weak overhyped teams. Not to mention SEC doesn't make their teams play every single team in the conference. So please quit with your East Coast Bias crap it doesn't exist especially now that Alabama and Florida will drop off.

The Sporting News is in St Louis, not exactly the east coast. LSU is in Louisiana, not exactly the east coast. According to the Sporting News, LSU plays six teams ranked in the top 25. When your only answer is east coast bias, you are grasping at straws. Oregon, Oregon St, and Washington are all good teams. That is three; and Stanford is a maybe, but not in the top 25. I enjoy Pac 10 football, but my point was that LSU plays six teams in the top 25, and other than UCLA, no one else comes close. For you to say that no SEC team has the potential of Oregon is downright laughable. But I understand the old adage on this site, "never let the facts get in the way of a good rant", so rant away.

FACT: Alabama and Florida are the only teams in the SEC to do what Oregon did last year.

FACT: Alabama and Florida two of the best defensive teams in the country last year lost most of their defense to the NFL.

FACT: Oregon lost a turnover prone quarterback and a DE thats it!!!

FACT: LSU IS in the south EASTERN conference.

Lastly this isn't a fact but you don't need to be on the East Coast to have an East Coast Bias and beleive every team in the SEC is great.

You also conviently missed my point how the SEC have two small conferences and neither of them are as tough as the Pac-10. Remember that Florida didn't play either Alabama or Ole Miss in the regular season because they were in a different conference. USC and Oregon had to play every team in the Pac-10 including each other. They don't get to duck each other because they play in two seperate mini conferences.

LSU is in the SEC West, and our six team "mini conference" has four teams ranked in the top 25. I believe that is as many as your entire conference. We play a championship game every year, so the best of the two sides will play at least once a year. So, what you are saying is that two SEC teams finished higher than any team in the Pac 10. And somehow, you wear that as some sort of badge of honor. The only fact is that the games will be played on the field starting in Sept, and just about everything else is speculation. I don't know how you can have so much confidence in Oregon if you think your coaches are absolute idiots for starting the wrong guy at QB all year. How do you know they are starting the right guys this year. A team from the SEC has won the last four national championships, while the entire Pac 10 has won "ONE" national championship during the entire BCS era. That is actually a fact. And, the FACT that LSU plays in a conference known as the South Eastern Conference does not change the fact that we are not in the eastern part of the country. Louisiana is in central part of the country, and they even have a timezone named for that part of the country. It is called central time. There is an eastern time zone for those in the east, and a pacific time zone for those in the far west. I would tell you about the mountain time zone, but that would just confuse you. No charge for the lesson today as I enjoy educating. Best of luck with your team and your anger issues.

You guys know my stance on the SEC. I believe all teams in FBS play should have to play the same amount of road and home games with zero D1AA or DII teams. Still, you have to hand it to the SEC for winning the title game the last couple years. Whatever it is they are doing it seems to be working for them. I'll I want is for USC to get a shot...that is my only wish.

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Dan I am honest. Are you?

I don't think you get it. All I'm saying is look at all the top teams last year. Ohio State, Boise State, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Oregon. Now I look at which team lost the least amount of players. I would say Boise St. but they won't make it to the NC. Next I would say Ohio State which will be in the NC next year book it. Then the 3rd team is Oregon I don't think Florida and Alabama will be the same as they were last year I actually like Arkansas in the SEC. Trust me between Geogia, Tennesse, and Auburn 2 of the 3 won't be ranked at the end of the season. Oklahoma is the Big 12 team I like by the way. Lastly Chip made Masoli the quarterback this year because he wanted to redshirt Darron Thomas (future star quarterback) plus Oregon fans loved Masoli and were blind to his fumbles. He played great in overtime in the Arizona game but remember he threw a pic 6 to let Arizona back in the game to begin with.

Pretty good analysis, along the lines of what I'm thinking. But look at the schedules, LSU is very favorable for a run. If they can get by UNC I like their chances.