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The first of two ascents to the summit in ten days. The sign says, 4818 meters above sea level: the highest paved road in the world. Of course, there's probably a higher cul-de-sac in the clouds somewhere in China ... send along a photo of you leaning your bike against a fence when you get there!


* If you have trouble seeing the movies below, you can now access some of them including the 3-minute Peru trailer at

16,000 Feet on a Friday 3-min trailer 12 Mb | 5 Mb); 1-min trailer (5 Mb | 2 Mb)

The final ascent on Day 10 (5 mins) (10 Mb | 3 Mb)

Anyone for guinea pig a la King? (1.6 Mb) Peruvian National Dish

Peru Orphanage I (8 Mb) | (3 Mb) 85 great kids

Peru Orphanage II (7.3 Mb) Stills set to a Gal ballad


Shots from the ten-day expedition - by the Galfromdownunde


Part 1 of 3: PREPPING FOR PERU - in which I encounter Smith & Wesson bicycle and duck for cover.
Part 2 of 3: A LOITER IN LIMA - in which we ogle the hispanic splendor of this once-nasty city and marvel at how fast Lon can whip a Bike Friday out of a suitcase.
Part 3 of 3: 16,000 FEET ON A FRIDAY - in which I feel the weight of Everest bearing down upon my skull ...




Lynette at Wide Lake

In October 2004 author and bicycle traveler Lynette Chiang (The Galfromdownunder) biked the World's Highest Paved Road with 6x Race Across America legend Lon Haldeman on a Eugene, OR-made Bike Friday travel bicycle. This 500-mile, 12-day expedition followed the barren hills of Lima over the 16,000 foot Ticlo mountain pass, descending into spectacular terraced valleys to reach Satipo, a remote, inland jungle town. Local police proclaimed the group as the first 'gringos' to reach there by bicycle.

Lynette taking pictures

Lynette shot a 45-minute DVD video of this journey one-handedly, using a simple Canon ELPH digital camera tucked into her jersey pocket.

You'll 'ride' through peaks and chasms, visiting a remote Peruvian orphanage of 85 children whose parents were killed by guerillas 8 years ago, and who survive on the salary of the sole nun who cares for them. Lynette will be taking donations for these children and forwarding them to Lon Haldeman, who buys and personally delivers food and clothing to the Orphanage each year in October.

Lon Haldeman in the mountains small

The movie is set to music by acclaimed Eugene classical guitarist Craig Einhorn, electronic music composer Jon7 and Lynette, who will all be present at the showing. The movie was recently voted two-to-one Audience Favorite at the inaugural Boston Bicycle Film Festival in October 2005.

IT'S GREAT TO DONATE, MATE!: If you attend a screening, a donation of whatever amount you wish will directly benefit the 85 kids at the rarely-visited Ocopa Orphanage (See below).

Chalet House in Peru

ASK THE GAL TO SPEAK TO YOUR GROUP: Contact Lynette Chiang (lynchiang at yahoo dot com) if you would like her to speak to your group and show the DVD. There's a good chance she could be in your area as she telecommutes across America and beyond.

ORGANIZE YOUR OWN SCREENING: You can also purchase the DVD from Bike Friday (see below) and organize a screening for your group. The kids at Ocopa Orphanage will greatly appreciate your collecting a suggested donation of $5 a person and sending it to them.

DO THE TOUR WITH LON HALDEMAN: Read all about this and other PACTOUR on a Friday tours here.


16,000 Feet on a Friday DVD front cover 480 pix

16,000 FEET ON A FRIDAY DVD (Read DVD sleeve | see it in the Bike Friday Store).

The movie clips in this article are part of an action-packed 45-minute DVD movie, voted 'Audience Favorite' at the inaugural 2005 Boston Bike Film Festival, available from the BF online store or direct from the Galfromdownunder. A portion of the proceeds will go to the kids at the Ocopa Orphanage. How it was shot with a Canon ELPH digital camera

Email lynchiang at yahoo dot com to invite her to present this show at your local club. A generous portion of proceeds will go the Ocopa Orphanage.

ABOUT THE EXPEDITION The Galfromdownunder, in an out-of-body moment, signed up for the inaugural PACTOUR Assault on the highest paved road Peru expedition.

The first two days were 'a Baptism of fire' as tour leader and ultramarathon cycling champion Lon Haldeman put it, but after that I was doing 75 miles in jungle heat with relative ease. I consider this tour an excellent combination of great scenery, fascinating Peruvian culture, weird things to eat including guinea pig (cuy) and other small furry animals, excellent cameraderie and support, and challenging but do-able riding that will stretch you to the next level. And what an opportunity to ride with a legendary cycling authority and world champion, Lon Haldeman. Of course, it's even better if you do it on a Friday, like the Galfromdownunder's Bike Friday.


Peru Orphans with food

While the schoolkids in the first photo had nice uniforms, families and three meals a day, these 85 orphans deep in the remote Satipo jungle did not. You can take them much-needed supplies on the upcoming Pactour Peru Bicycle Tour (click on Peru).

A harrowing 3-hour drive from Satipo on a rocky track brings you to the Puerto Ocopa Orphanage, where a lone nun uses her scant teacher salary to feed 85 orphans living in a remote monastry. Our expedition took $30 worth of food as shown, which will feed them for about 2 days. There is no electricity - cooking is done over a wood fire on a cement slab.

The donations for Lon's main project, building a school in Iquitos, now embraces the Orphanage. As his site says:

"Our goal will be to raise $5,000 for these projects. Many PACTour Alumni will be contributing to this fund. The money will be split evenly between the Orphanage and School. The Orphans need basic clothing since each child only owns one set of clothes. A new t-shirt and pants cost about $5. They also need baking supplies like flour, rice, pasta and sugar. Their kitchen can feed 80 children for about $15 per day. The School needs classroom supplies such as paper, text books and learning aids. New books for the library (they own 14 books now) will be added to their collection."

You can join Lon's upcoming Peru bike tour (Highest Paved Road + Amazon Boat Ride to visit the orphanage) and experience the sheer joy of meeting these kids and bringing them supplies, or donate. I have been collecting donations at each of my presentations of my Peru DVD.

To receive tax deductible status, donations by check should be made out as follows:

Orphans in Peru head shot


Make checks payable to: "Christ Lutheran Church Peru Fund" (Lon's church instigated the project; all funds will go directly to the school and orphanage).

Send your check to: PAC Tour, P.O. Box 303, Sharon, WI 53585.

A tax deductible receipt will be sent to you from the Peru School Building Project Fund.


THANK YOU everyone who donated in 2004-05 including the Salem Bike Club, the audience at the World Cafe (Eugene, OR), Joe V, Irv H, George Tran, and the Cycle Oregon staff.

Amount collected: $293, taken to Peru by Lon Haldeman to buy supplies for the kids. Where did this money go? |Check out Lon's blog for the latest news


Peru school children with Lon Haldeman and Air Friday

The Peruvian kids loved Lon and vice-versa. His Air Friday gave him extra star appeal, if that's possible...

Read about PACTOUR on a Friday and register your interest for the next departure - call Lon on (262)736-2453 (BIKE),

Read about the Galfromdownunder's Bike Friday

Words and pictures Copyright 2004 Lynette Chiang,