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Information for Home Buyers
A Guide Through the Phases of Buying Your Next Home
This website has been designed to help buyers understand the buying process and to make it easy for buyers to search online for their dream home.
How to Use this Website
Notice that on every page there are menu bars across the top and at the bottom. Buyer's Guide Links, School District Links, and Community Links are expanded in the side bars so that you can quickly access information from every page. Explore these sidebar menus and click on the entries to expand them. Then click on the drop-down entries to go into individual pages.
Search the Internet by Multiple Parameters
The strength of this website is in its breakdown of property listings by school district. However, if you would like to search property listings by multiple parameters, then click on either Search the MLS or Search cbTulsa.com. Each of these is a bit different. Try both and then use the one with which you feel the most comfortable.
School District Links
There is a large map of all the school districts in Northeast Oklahoma on the main School Districts page. You have to scroll down a bit to find the map. Click once to enlarge it, then click on any school district to go to a separate page for that school district.

Notice that the left side bar has arranged school districts and communities by county. Be sure to click on the County Index links to see detailed school district maps for individual counties. These maps can be enlarged to see streets and creeks.

On each school district page I have included the county school district maps so you can continue to explore listings in other school districts in that county. Please note that school districts cross community and county borders, and so for many school districts there will be more than one school district map.

Real Estate Listings are found on the School District Pages
Click on my interactive maps to enlarge them or to go directly to school district pages where you will find residential and vacant land listings for each school district. Then click on arrows to change the property display to ascending order instead of descending order. Note that Coldwell Banker listings are displayed before properties provided through the internet data exchange.

If you do not find listings in a particular school district, please contact me. Sometimes listings in our multilist are not made public. I can find them when you cannot. I know of many wonderful places that are in the multilist that do not show up in the internet data exchange because their brokers do not understand the full power of the internet in marketing properties.

Moreover, there are several multilists. If you want to purchase a property that is not in our multilist for whatever reason, please contact me. I will contact the broker or seller to assist you in accessing this property while allowing me to show and sell the property.

Community Links
In the left menu bar are links to Community pages arranged by counties. These are my work in progress, so keep checking back to see how these pages have been enhanced. Here is where I will be adding photographs and videos, restaurant reviews, and just about anything that seems pertinent.

Here is where I am providing links to other websites that provide census data and anecdotal data about communities. This is important because Fair Housing laws prevent me from steering you to or from individual neighborhoods and communities. Census data in these links will allow you to analyze the demographics of a neighborhood. Plus you will get a feel for the history and culture of a community.

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 Phase 3 Making the Offer
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 Phase 5 The Work of the Title Attorney and Closing Company
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