Bella Thorne & Zendaya SHAKE IT UP!

Bella Thorne & Zendaya SHAKE IT UP!

New Disney girl Bella Thorne will costar with Zendaya in Disney Channel's teen dance buddy comedy 'Shake It Up!' for a fall premiere, according to Variety. Bella costars with Zendaya as best friends who become background dancers on a Chicago TV show. Creator Chris Thompson said: 'I wanted.. do a female buddy comedy for a new generation. It's my wheelhouse. I did 'Laverne and Shirley,' I did 'Bosom Buddies.' I know how to do a buddy comedy, and I wanted to go back there. I (wanted) to set it in the world of dance, because dance is in the zeitgeist.' Kenton Duty, Adam Irigoyen and Davis Cleveland have also been cast.


Fiona Fiona said:

I wore that outift for Halloween...

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Dead post..

Signal The Skies Signal The Skies said:

lol no one cares xD

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I wanna see this soooo bad. I love dance! Can't wait

lostboy lostboy said:

ok. well i love bella. i also think kenton is really cool on lost. so idk the others yet but i'm sure this is a strong cast and show. bella and kenton are good actors from legit shows. i will give it a shot.

kate kate said:

omg no one cares.... SPEEK 4 UR self cus I CARE i want to see it it looks really good!! goooo bella

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wasn't this show suppose to be called "Dance Dance Chicago"?

Dave Dave said:

Wasn't this show suppose to be called "Dance Dance Chicago"?
yes it was

Anonymous Anonymous said:

i feel happy for bellla! this show will replaced hannah monatana rigth?

carmie carmie said:

Congrats bella!

@Anonymous yeap, the show's name got changed :) And for the better, I think

Anonymous Anonymous said:

she is so hot! she show will be great,i love dance!

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