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  1. Why What We Pore Over At 12 May Be The Most Important Reading We Ever Do 357,198 views

    By Tim Kreider [Big Books Feature, 9/24/2008]

  2. The Life, Death, and Life After Death of Henrietta Lacks, Unwitting Heroine of Modern Medical Science 124,865 views

    By Van Smith [Feature, 4/17/2002]

  3. Anonymous Takes On Scientology (and Doesn't Afraid of Anything) 114,267 views

    By Chris Landers [Feature, 4/2/2008]

  4. Or How Obama Won The Election, and I Spent The Night in Central Booking 92,586 views

    By Michael M. Hughes [Mobtown Beat, 11/12/2008]

  5. Lily Tomlin 88,144 views

    By Joe MacLeod [Q+A, 4/1/2009]

  6. Inside The Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Studies 67,980 views

    By Michael M. Hughes [Feature, 10/8/2008]

  7. A Possible Link Between Chemical Exposure And Autism May Have Been Overlooked In The Very Earliest Cases At Johns Hopkins 65,364 views

    By Dan Olmsted [Feature, 2/28/2007]

  8. A Guided Tour Of The Wire's East Baltimore 62,137 views

    By Gadi Dechter [Feature, 5/24/2006]

  9. The Right Now 57,828 views

    By Tim Kreider [Big Books Feature, 9/27/2006]

  10. Best Place You Don’t Want to Know People Skinny Dip 55,409 views

    In Baltimore Living [Baltimore Living, 9/22/2004]

  11. The Secret History of the Galaxy Tall Tee 50,569 views

    By Gadi Dechter [Feature, 8/10/2005]

  12. Rumors Of Carroll County Teen-Sex Parties Have Been Greatly Exaggerated 47,772 views

    By Chris Landers [Mobtown Beat, 11/29/2006]

  13. Baltimore's Transgendered Population Navigates A World That Only Sees Biological Male And Female 47,382 views

    By Laura Laing [Feature, 3/14/2007]

  14. The Year in Music 46,596 views

    In Top Ten [Top Ten, 12/13/2006]

  15. Inside Baltimore's Home-Birth Underground 43,448 views

    By Michelle Gienow [Feature, 6/25/2008]

  16. North Baltimore’s Lacrosse Mullet, and the Next Big Thing In Hair 43,430 views

    By Gadi Dechter [Feature, 4/19/2006]

  17. British Hype Bands Love Soft Rock, Baltimore Abstract Noize 43,420 views

    By Jess Harvell [Noise, 4/26/2007 10:16:43 AM]

  18. Playboy Cartoons Sell, Don’t Shock 40,759 views

    By Tim Kreider [Comics Feature, 9/29/2004]

  19. Searching for Assateague’s Clothing-Optional Beach 40,324 views

    By Rebecca Alvania [Feature, 5/25/2005]

  20. Teen Heartthrob And Pubescent Mogul Bow Wow Grows Up Graciously In Public 39,234 views

    By Bret McCabe [Music, 12/28/2005]

  21. Local Author Allegra Bennett Praises Her Years In Rehab—Home Improvement, That Is 39,080 views

    By Violet Glaze [Books, 5/31/2006]

  22. Nathan "Bodie" Barksdale and Kenny Jackson tell their versions of Baltimore's street life in The Baltimore Chronicles: Legends of the Unwired 37,533 views

    By Jeffrey Anderson [Feature, 4/29/2009]

  23. Best Deleted Scene 37,160 views

    In Baltimore Living [Baltimore Living, 9/19/2007]

  24. A Journey Through The Local Pinup Revival Scene 37,020 views

    By Violet Glaze [Feature, 1/2/2008]

  25. Best Strip Joint 35,734 views

    In Arts and Entertainment [Arts and Entertainment, 9/22/2004]

  26. Murder Ink 35,721 views

    By Anna Ditkoff [Murder Ink, 10/10/2007]

  27. What If I Spring a Leak in This? 35,631 views

    By Scocca & MacLeod [Funny Paper, 6/27/2001]

  28. Mr. And Miss Gay Maryland Discuss The Local Drag Scene 35,250 views

    By Jess Harvell [Feature, 6/14/2006]

  29. African-American Male Exotic Dancers Protect Their Rights in Don't Hate: Strippers Fight The Government 35,203 views

    By Violet Glaze [Film, 5/28/2008]

  30. Run the Road Brings the U.K.’S Hip-Hop Hybrid Across the Pond 32,829 views

    By Tom Breihan [Music, 4/27/2005]

  31. Top 10 Reasons Not to Cancel The Wire 32,333 views

    By Bret McCabe and Van Smith [Television, 1/12/2005]

  32. The Real Life Snoop Recounts Her Life From Jail to The Small Screen 31,987 views

    By Jaye Hunnie [Books, 1/2/2008]

  33. Best Ethnic Grocery Store 30,168 views

    In Goods and Services [Goods and Services, 9/22/2004]

  34. Extraordinary Bodies: Photographs from the Mütter Museum 29,693 views

    By Violet Glaze [Art, 2/22/2006]

  35. The Cake Guy 27,391 views

    By Michelle Gienow [Eats and Drinks, 9/18/2002]

  36. Crystal Castles, Health, Thrust Lab, Diagonal Buildings, Ottobar, March 23 27,301 views

    By Jess Harvell [Feedback, 3/26/2008]

  37. David Simon: The Wire Exit Interview 27,299 views

    By Bret McCabe [Feature, 3/12/2008]

  38. Best Gun Shop 27,203 views

    In Baltimore Living [Baltimore Living, 9/19/2007]

  39. Eucharistic Ceremony Highlights Local Women Ordained as Priests 26,836 views

    By Diane Reynolds [Mobtown Beat, 11/21/2007]

  40. The Wire's Fourth Season Is For the Children 26,234 views

    By Bret McCabe [Feature, 8/30/2006]

  41. Our Annual Compendium of Cool Stuff to Do and See This Season 25,856 views

    In Holiday Guide Feature [Holiday Guide Feature, 11/14/2007]

  42. Little Melvin Williams Is Not The Deacon He Played On The Wire 25,685 views

    By Van Smith [Mobtown Beat, 3/19/2008]

  43. An Emmitsburg Woman Receives Messages From Above. Not Everyone Is Happy About It. 25,091 views

    By Chris Landers [Feature, 12/24/2008]

  44. The Black Guerrilla Family prison gang sought legitimacy, but got indictments 24,601 views

    By Van Smith [Feature, 8/5/2009]

  45. What Happens to Your Online Self When You Die? 24,590 views

    By Ryan Boddy [Feature, 6/30/2004]

  46. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Maryland's Signature Dish But Were Too Hungry to Ask 24,536 views

    By Henry Hong [Feature, 3/5/2008]

  47. American Gangster's "Little Melvin" Williams and the Baltimore Hustle 24,368 views

    By Bret McCabe [Arts and Minds, 10/24/2007]

  48. The Black Panther Party in Baltimore: The Second of a Two-Part Series 24,182 views

    By Christina Royster-Hemby [Feature, 2/8/2006]

  49. After Three Seasons Shaping The Wire's Background Music, Blake Leyh Mines Homegrown Sounds For Season Four 23,958 views

    By Jess Harvell [Music, 8/30/2006]

  50. City Paper's Reader Valentines 23,874 views

    In Feature [Feature, 2/13/2008]




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