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ANOVOS Ready to Launch Initial Battlestar Galactica Offering

In September of 2009 ANOVOS Productions made their presence known on the web announcing their forthcoming licensed lines of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica uniform reproductions.  Their site promised a foundation built on meticulous research and original construction.

Since this official announcement we have been following ANOVOS on their Facebook page where they have kept fans and collectors up to date with product samples and research being done for their product lines.  It is clear to those following the updates that they are committed to replicating the items we have seen on the big and small screen to perfection.

This week,  ANOVOS will release their first licensed product available from their Battlestar Galactica (BSG) line and The MPPC is the first to announce it.  Starting Friday, collectors will be able to order BSG Insignia Pins directly from the ANOVOS web site.

The initial pins available on Friday’s launch are the Crewman pins.  These are best known to collectors and fans as the pins that were silver with green highlights worn by the enlisted personnel assigned to the Galactica.  Each pin set comes in a black faux leather pendant box with cut corners with a gold BSG seal in the background.  The Crewman pins will be available at $49.99 a set.

The remaining pins will be available in future releases with price points to be determined at launch time.  The second release of pins is set for Q3 2010 and will include the officer ranks from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Warrant Officer.  Additionally, this second wave will include the release of the Junior Pilot Flight Wings.  The final wave of pins, available Q4 2010, will include officer pins ranging from Colonel to Admiral in addition to the Senior Pilot Flight Wings.

The final wave of insignia pins also includes the Battlestar Galactica Dress uniform pin.  Personally, this pin is my favorite pin used in the entire series.  The level of detail and dimension put into this item is sure to please any collector.

The pins are manufactured in Canada to the exact specifications of the pins used during the production of the show.  I have had the opportunity to compare the pins from ANOVOS to the screen used originals and they are completely indistinguishable.  Not even Starbuck herself could tell the difference.

When NBC/Universal auctioned the assets to Battlestar Galactica, the uniform pins were some of the most sought after items.  Many collectors attempted to complete sets or buy the ranks associated with their favorite character.  However, to do this might cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.  I am excited to see that collectors will have the opportunity to fill the gaps in their collection with perfectly identical replicas at an affordable price.

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  • Jack Morrissey Jack Morrissey
    May 19, 2010
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    What is this ©Universal Nevtwork Television of which you speak, boy? It’s on all five images.


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