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Opera Desktop Team

Opera 10.60 Alpha 1: Speed, eye-candy, and bug fixing

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We are now preparing for a 10.60 release, which we aim to synchronize across all desktop platforms. This alpha will give you noticeable gains in performance, an improved user interface (UI), and lots of bug fixes.


Our Core team never rests, and we have noticeably increased Opera's performance once again. You should see performance improvements for both JavaScript, DOM and CSS.

UI improvements

In addition to the visual tweaks you have seen already, such as the Speed Dial facelift, we have also been making further UI enhancements. You will notice that the O menu button now says "Menu" for easy discovery, and instead of hard to read thumbnails for internal tabs, we have replaced them with icons. The tab hover previews have also received a facelift.

On Windows, we have disabled the Windows 7 taskbar previews by default, as they were causing frustration for people with a lot of open tabs. You can enable them from the Tabs sections of the Preferences dialog.


Following the major rewrite of the Opera Framework for 10.50, which replaced Carbon with Cocoa, we have gone back and removed as much Carbon code as possible. The few things that are left are loaded dynamically, which should improve performance.

Also for our Mac users, please note that Java only works if you have installed the very latest Java update on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6. There is no Java support on Mac OS 10.4.


For Unix users, this obviously means that there will be no 10.5x version. However, we are aiming for synchronizing the 10.60 release across all platforms, and Unix will benefit from all the improvements since 10.5x.

Known issues
  • Icon replacements for internal pages are stretched in the tab hover previews
  • Webfonts are broken on Mac and Unix
  • CORE-30259 (Text selection lost (breaks Quick Quote on My Opera))

WARNING: This is an alpha build of Opera. It is released for testing purposes, and there may be serious bugs and unfinished features.



  • Updated version number to 10.60
  • Use icons instead of thumbnails for some internal tab types, such as mail and downloads
  • Fixed DSK-239575 (Zoom box in email compose page is broken)
  • Fixed DSK-284115 (Mail not re-indexed after removing lexicon)
  • Fixed DSK-285118 (Tab chrome is missing for restored tab when new tab is opened in background)
  • Fixed DSK-288581 (MathML entities don't work in Opera 10.5x)
  • Fixed DSK-290704 (Make scrollbar knob bigger with big pages)
  • Fixed DSK-291718 (Minimized Opera not restored when opening external link)
  • Fixed DSK-292233 (Opera crashes on uninstalling widgets via the panel)
  • Fixed DSK-292307 (Can't remove widgets with Cyrillic name)
  • Fixed DSK-295244 (Inspect Element should not be the last item in Image Properties)
  • Fixed DSK-296724 (Crash viewing Opera skin images on a page while using the Omelion skin)
  • Fixed DSK-297250 (Opera crashes in Save As and Open dialogs)
  • Fixed DSK-297282 (Crash on right clicking Google Earth plugin)
  • Fixed DSK-297390 (Issues with focus in Google Earth plugin)
  • Fixed DSK-297560 (Missing toolbar after starting with new page if source viewer was previously active tab)

Speed Dial
  • Fixed DSK-293919 (Dragging speed dial entry to another position executes default action on target in addition to dropping)
  • Fixed DSK-297432 (Close button: Visual glitch)
  • Fixed DSK-297814 (Background of Speed Dial dialogs too transparent)
  • Fixed DSK-298063 (When Speed Dial is set Read Only, no titles are shown)
  • Fixed DSK-298098 (Visual degradation when setting opacity to a low value (disabling opacity for now))
  • Fixed DSK-298364 (Crash when hovering Speed Dial tab)
  • Fixed DSK-299663 (Buttons at the bottom overlap when height is reduced)

  • Fixed CORE-192 (Remove support for div nowrap)
  • Fixed CORE-1386 (MouseEvent and UIEvent interfaces not exposed)
  • Fixed CORE-14878 (0.01% height of auto in standards mode should compute to auto but doesn't (Picasa))
  • Fixed CORE-19575 (E-mail contact importer on triggers file download)
  • Fixed CORE-19880 (Don't differentiate between shrink-to-fit and table cell content width propagation)
  • Fixed CORE-20102 (Absolutely positioned element inside bottom absolutely positioned element doesn't redraw when moved)
  • Fixed CORE-20449 (--!> and --\s*> do not close a comment)
  • Fixed CORE-21628 (Scripts hang at (plugin related))
  • Fixed CORE-22498 (location.replace in iframe turns previously initiated location.href assignment in parent into a replace)
  • Fixed CORE-22761 (Address shouldn't have padding)
  • Fixed CORE-22879 (Cell width larger than that of table if cell has nowrap should be respected only in quirks mode)
  • Fixed CORE-23522 (HTML5: Add support for onhashchange events)
  • Fixed CORE-23560 (Negative clip left/top value, larger than elements widht/height hides element)
  • Fixed CORE-23989 (Navigating to a different WML card via element doesn't work)
  • Fixed CORE-25367 (After acceptation of certificate, SSL negotiation fails in some circumstances)
  • Fixed CORE-25463 (Combination of z-index, display, overflow, position and float hides content at Google Wave)
  • Fixed CORE-25786 (Reading empty cookie value still appends = (
  • Fixed CORE-26001 (CSS selector matching performance improvement)
  • Fixed CORE-26027 (Caret appears in the wrong position if put in an empty block beside a float (new reply on Google Wave))
  • Fixed CORE-26647 (Freeze caused by nesting positioned and non-positioned elements)
  • Fixed CORE-26674 (Content overflowing content edge but not padding edge triggers scrollbar for overflow:auto)
  • Fixed CORE-26824 (Mouse coordinates wrongly reported to Flash)
  • Fixed CORE-27299 (Zimbra: UI freezes when closing calendar item - history.back() causes unload event)
  • Fixed CORE-27385 (Can't install Skandiabanken CA certificate)
  • Fixed CORE-27402 (Navigator mimeTypes description is wrong)
  • Fixed CORE-27532 (liveConnect TCs show undefined until Reload)
  • Fixed CORE-27600 (Odd XSLT behaviour with (non-URI) ihost names)
  • Fixed CORE-27693 (Cant view Google Pistview - document.readyState can revert to "interactive" from "completed" when content is added to the DOM)
  • Fixed CORE-27730 (Nested positioned descendants of inline-block fails to redraw)
  • Fixed CORE-27774 (Float and clear tests regressed - empty line inserted)
  • Fixed CORE-27826 (Nested positioned descendants of inline-block with z-index fails to redraw)
  • Partially Fixed CORE-27877 (The separator between attributes and params should be PARAM:null, not PARAM:"")
  • Fixed CORE-27900 (Animated Harmonograph Experiment not animated)
  • Fixed CORE-28143 (Unexpected 14px offsetTop for page when close a inner window for
  • Fixed CORE-28213 (Danskebank not working - let document.domain affect frame navigation policy)
  • Fixed CORE-28444 (Windowless plugin desynchronizes with page after scrolling)
  • Fixed CORE-28845 (Don't set the focus on DocumentEdit when handling an onfocus event on the body)
  • Fixed CORE-28943 (Can't enable plugin by clicking arrow on this page (EnableOnDemandPlugin/EnableOnDemandPluginPlaceholder))
  • Fixed CORE-29028 (Optimize premultiplication of decoded images)
  • Fixed DSK-275537 (Chinese IME causes Opera to crash when typing on
  • Fixed CORE-30034 (Webstorage crash)

  • Fixed DSK-294923 (Disable taskbar thumbnails by default and make an option in preferences)

  • Fixed DSK-299441 (Drop JEP in favour of javaplugin2 (ns4) – more info)
  • Fixed DSK-299267 (Slow element reflow with some italic fonts)
  • Fixed DSK-298779 (Pinch to zoom gesture in compose screen crashes Opera)

Linux WebM Labs, minor update


Mark Gillespie 31. May 2010, 11:02

10.54 WebM Build(21868) vs 10.60 A1


10.60 Alpha is kicking out some serious potatoes, even over 10.53..

Tamil 31. May 2010, 11:02

Robin Schouten 31. May 2010, 11:02

Awesome! That came unexpected! :D

netwolf 31. May 2010, 11:02

Yeah, wow! Thank you :smile:

Frans 31. May 2010, 11:03


Florian Stahl 31. May 2010, 11:04

Very Cool

sabisan 31. May 2010, 11:06

Yeay !!! :cheers:

Comwan 31. May 2010, 11:06

The fix is in!!

PraetorianX 31. May 2010, 11:07

Best Monday ever! :up:

Daniele 31. May 2010, 11:10

nooooo! I can't believe it! Great!

Avola 31. May 2010, 11:10

Great! Hate the new menu button though.. :ko:

JohnnyWestlake 31. May 2010, 11:11

Is there an option to get rid of that menu text and leave it just as a menu icon? As well as looking ugly and out of place, it takes up room my tabs could be using =/

AnuaR Sh 31. May 2010, 11:11

That's why you were silent for over a week ... )

XenoAntares 31. May 2010, 11:12


Sandolf 31. May 2010, 11:13

You guys are crazy! :wink: THX :D

Abhilash L L 31. May 2010, 11:14

Amazing Changelog !

The htaccess prompts do not work as of now. Have they been fixed as well ? I do not see them in the changelog

Can somebody confirm please ?

GREY 31. May 2010, 11:14

I want my old O menu :frown:

nimu_chan 31. May 2010, 11:14

Oh ! Thanks :sing:

Abhilash L L 31. May 2010, 11:15

Originally posted by GREYchan:

I want my old O menu

+1 .. atleast allow me to select it :smile:

MaxFragg 31. May 2010, 11:16

nice, even though the menue button costs a lot of space, but the flatter button looks better for sure

TinoSLE 31. May 2010, 11:19

nice changelog :up:
and now testing :D

Avola 31. May 2010, 11:19

"but the flatter button looks better for sure"
I don't think so. Also, it's not set at the left edge of the screen anymore so you can't quickly throw your mouse up to the corner to click it.
Not sure if this is the new build, but I wasn't able to quote text here just now.

Karebear ツ 31. May 2010, 11:22


sirnh1 31. May 2010, 11:24

Will 10.60 support the webm (vp8) codec? Or is this intended for a different release?

"an improved user interface (UI)" --> any chance of a redesign for the preferences menu? (managing search engines is now considered basic, while things like 'make opera the default browser' options are under advanced...)

"We have disabled the Windows 7 taskbar previews by default"
Thank you! :D

Rijk 31. May 2010, 11:24

Originally posted by llabhilash:

The htaccess prompts do not work as of now.

In what way?

BTW, some regressions that showed up in the 10.54 builds are not fixed yet. We've got a bunch of fixes almost ready for those.

netwolf 31. May 2010, 11:25

@Avola: see Known Issues.

Crabman 31. May 2010, 11:25

Thx. New bug: I can't move a second tab to the left to "replace" the first tab.

Szymon 31. May 2010, 11:25

Abhilash L L # 31. May 2010, 11:15

Originally posted by GREYchan:

I want my old O menu

+1 .. atleast allow me to select it
+1 for that
BTW --> quote function not working... :worried:
(lucid x64)

Abhinav 31. May 2010, 11:27

can't wait for the final release for Linux/unix

Martin Križan 31. May 2010, 11:27

Avola: +1!
"Big red O menu button" should cover all the space in the upper left corner (= remove the line between menu button and the address bar - I use WinXP, not sure about Vista or 7) - easier to click and (IMO) better looking

yossariane 31. May 2010, 11:27

After upgrade over 3394 big crash and massage.
Opera crashed while trying to show crash dialog for previous crash. A crash log was created here: bla_bla_bla
Please send us this log manually.
???? Where???

Matheus 31. May 2010, 11:29

Good job guys!


bachokocho 31. May 2010, 11:30

I am happy to repeat myself:

Congratulations and good luck Opera Team! They say that usually the luck is with the best :wink:

jaybonline 31. May 2010, 11:33

wow! :hat:

Daniele 31. May 2010, 11:33

This is incredibly fast! How far can Carakan go? :yikes:
Please consider to use the new icons (mail, downloads, history...) also in other ways...they're really nice, but on my 13 inch macbook i can't always use the visual tabs to see them!:up:

K Y Ng 31. May 2010, 11:34

Is it possible for me to remove "menu" text beside the "O"?


porneL 31. May 2010, 11:34

Thanks for M2 reliability fixes!

Does this build include WebM video support?

Nico 31. May 2010, 11:35

So that was the reason why we haven't seen new Snapshots in a while :wink:.

I'm really excited about 10.60 and can't wait to try out this new snapshot after work.

Jan 31. May 2010, 11:36

Does Opera crash for anyone else on ?

Nathan Oyama 31. May 2010, 11:40

You guys are awesome!!! :yes:

Originally posted by GREYchan:

I want my old O menu

+0. I like the simple old menu too, but I agree that the new design would be better for novice users.

pieRr0Ur 31. May 2010, 11:41


adamthirnis 31. May 2010, 11:42

Ubuntu Lucid

crashes at

Also no smooth fonts yet? :wink:

K Y Ng 31. May 2010, 11:44 main page crashes this version...

Windows Vista.

matee 31. May 2010, 11:44

Wow, big changelog, thanks :D
But please add possibility to change "O" icon to the previous version, this one is too wide :frown: And background image when speed dial is hidden (like it was in few latest snapshots) would be nice.

eliotcougar 31. May 2010, 11:44

WOW!!! Isn't it the longest Opera changelog ever?..
I see the oldest CORE-192 fixed...
Can't wait to try... :smile: Even if it may kill my system... :smile:

BS-Harou 31. May 2010, 11:44

YES YES YES!!!! :hat: :hat: :hat:

shaneh 31. May 2010, 11:45

Great new build, thanks. Though I have to say, I much preferred the old button. This one isn't flush with the edge of the screen which makes it hard to use. The word 'Menu' also isn't very aesthetic for something that is there the whole time. Perhaps it should honour the "Images only" or "Images with text on right" button setting in appearance, such that it can be turned off.

Also... having the 'panel toggle' or any other button next to the 'menu button' is graphically wrong. It is anchored incorrectly.. a long outstanding bug.

The smooth change of tab previews is nice... but a bit jarring when resizing to a regular tooltip (for the active window) instead of a tab preview.

sabisan 31. May 2010, 11:45

"New bug: I can't move a second tab to the left to "replace" the first tab."

Cannot confirm this. Works ok here.


José Miguel Campos Aguilar 31. May 2010, 11:48

Oh Yeah!

I don´t like the new Menú.
¿For when can we expect Geolocation and WebM in the common Snapshots (instead of Labs Versions)?

Where can we see a roadmap like the 10.5X one in Opera Next?


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