Accepted Papers

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12th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7-9 June 2010

Accepted Papers

Entries are sorted by surname of first author.

  • Lucia Acciai, Michele Boreale and Gianluigi Zavattaro.
    Behavioural contracts with request-response operations.

  • Lorenzo Bettini, Ferruccio Damiani, Marco De Luca, Kathrin Geilmann and Jan Schäfer.
    A Calculus for Boxes and Traits in a Java-like Setting.

  • Francesco Calzolai and Michele Loreti.
    Simulation and analysis of distributed systems in Klaim.

  • Chien-Liang Fok, Gruia-Catalin Roman and Chenyang Lu.
    Coordinating Resource Usage through Adaptive Service Provisioning in Wireless Sensor Networks.

  • Jens Chr. Godskesen.
    Observables for Mobile and Wireless Broadcasting Systems.

  • K R Jayaram and Patrick Eugster.
    Scalable and Efficient Composite Event Detection.

  • Stephanie Kemper.
    Compositional Construction of Real-Time Dataflow Networks.

  • Andoni Lombide Carreton and Theo D'Hondt.
    A Hybrid Visual Dataflow Language for Coordination in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

  • Eline Philips, Ragnhild Van Der Straeten and Viviane Jonckers.
    NOW: A Workflow Language for Orchestration in Nomadic Networks.

  • Hubert Plociniczak and Susan Eisenbach.
    JErlang: Erlang with Joins.

  • KC Sivaramakrishnan, Lukasz Ziarek, Karthik Nagaraj and Patrick Eugster.
    Efficient Session Type Guided Distributed Interaction.

  • Somsak Vanit-Anunchai.
    Modelling Railway Interlocking Tables using Coloured Petri Nets.
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