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DAIS 2010

"Applications and services for a complex world"

10th IFIP International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7-9 June 2010

DAIS Invited Speaker

Joost Roelandts, Director of Development Netlog

Distributed Social Data is an online social portal where young people can create their own profile, upload pictures and videos, create events, write blogs, play games and find new friends. It is created by Netlog NV, based in the heart of Ghent, Belgium. The site is currently available in 37 languages and has a daily increasing member count of more than 60 million. With 100 million visitors every month making up to 3 billion monthly page views all over the world we face a number of unique challenges every day. The vast amounts of user and usage data requires distributed solutions to ensure a fast user experience and to make sure the application is scalable and maintainable.

Explaining the technical challenges we encountered during the growth of the Netlog community will give an insight in the solutions our team created. The starting point will be our approach of vertical sharding in a fragmented European network (using mysql replication and memcached). The next phase in our evolution was to break the fragmentation and in the mean time increase scalability and performance. We achieved this by introducing a custom implementation of horizontal sharding and parallel processing on the application level. By introducing more ways of distributed data we also needed some tools that would enable us to easily push changes and bugfixes to our live environment. The combination of all this gives us a scalable and fast product but in the mean time keeps our development process agile.

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