SSMC: South Sound Mushroom Club


Forays are subject to change.  Be sure to read all the instructions if you intend to come!  Forays are for club members only.  If you're interested in joining our club, please contact us before the foray and bring $6.00 to the foray to cover your annual club membership costs.


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Capitol Forest - Day Foray

  • 9:00am - Meet at Westside Top Foods Parking lot, north end vicinity U.S. mail drops.  Form carpools as desired.
  • 9:15am - depart lot in convoy
  • 9:30am - approx the convoy will pass intersection of Waddell Creek Rd and Sherman Valley Rd (Delphi Entrance of Capitol Forest) for members coming from areas south of Olympia who may desire to join foray without going all the way to Olympia.  Plan is to drive in to search burn area about 4 miles up C-line Rd (see Capitol Forest Map)
  • 11:30am - Fall Creek Campground for lunch and to ID club forage finds.
  • 1:00pm - depart campground, member options
    • Leave foray and return to Olympia
    • Continue foray in Scatter Creek Wildlife area near Rochester (about 20 miles from campground).  Note that many wildlife areas require valid DNR Vehicle Use Permits (available at license stores for $12).  See permit info sheet.  Mushroom Limits sheet for forage limit information on State Lands.
  • 3:00pm - approximate end of foray

"Roslyn Roundup:" 5/21/2010 - 5/23/2010

Three days and two nights in Roslyn hunting morels.

Location and Foray Details

  • Two adjacent buildings, The Roslyn Inn and the Inn Between, have been rented for the foray.  The lodges together can accommodate 37 guests assuming all beds are used (many bedrooms have two or more double beds and club members must not “stake out” an entire bedroom for themselves when empty beds are still available in the room).  Members making reservations after the bed limit of 37 is reached will be advised to bring a bedroll to sleep in common areas.
  • Check-in is after 12 noon Friday May 21 and check-out is by 12 noon Sunday May 23.
  • Members are cautioned to be alert for other outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife crossing highways or forest roads.  Members are also cautioned that the Washington State Police and police forces of small communities along the byways to the Inn can turn a restful weekend into an unpleasant experience for speeding or reckless drivers.  One member paid a $95 fine for going 35 mph in the 25mph zone in Roslyn.
  • Members use Inn kitchen facilities to prepare their meals and store perishables.  Plates and utensils are available at the Inn.
  • Members are asked to contribute to a foray pot luck supper scheduled at 6pm Saturday evening (a Safeway is in Cle Elem 3 miles from the Inn).

Cost & Reservations

  • Members: $12.00 per night, per person
  • Non-Members: additional $6.00 per person for yearly membership
  • For reservation information, please contact Club Treasurer Melodie Gates at a club meeting or

Items to bring

  • Bedding (bedroll or sheets and blankets).  Inn has beds with mattresses.
  • Clothes and mushrooming equipment

Local Regulations

  • No permit is required when collecting mushrooms for personal use within the Cle Elem and Wenatchee River Ranger Districts of the Wenatchee National Forest
  • Collecting up to 3 gallons of any type mushrooms per person per day is permitted.  A permit must be obtained to collect over 3 gallons of mushrooms daily or to commercially collect mushrooms.
  • Collecting matsutake mushrooms is not permitted at any time
  • Detailed information is at


The Roslyn Inn